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Because they complicate quitting with excuses not to.

Would not ever going back to the store where you used to buy your smokes

remind you you don't smoke anymore?


It makes you stop and think so DON'T GO THERE ANYMORE!!!

Get Simple~~~~Get Smart

And have no Quitfart


The Truth

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 30, 2011

You gotta have it to succeed.

Someone just wrote a blog about how they had been quit for 7 months

and started back.

I asked them if they had not had even one puff during that time.


I don't know the answer yet and it only matters to that person but,

if you have one here and there you are smoking.

You are either smoking or you are not. There is no in between.

Every time you have one you make it harder to quit the next time because

you allowed yourself to give in.

It becomes a huge ***** in your armor because you gave yourself permission

to have one and brushed it off like one didn't matter.

It does matter because you are the only one who can do this

Be honest or fail

This is a place to learn how to live life without tobacco.

You can earn 12 badges in a week You can facebook everyone on the site

You can ingratiate yourself with everyone on the site and be their best friend.

You can throw parties.

You can try to see how many responses you can get on a blog.

You can do all these things and still choose to smoke in a bad moment.

I've seen people who did all these things and then drop off the radar.

So, remember what this place is for.

I just did a turkey noodle casserole.

Turkey Tacos tomorrow. Need the recipe?

I also created a drink called the turkey casserole

1 part crown royal

1 part peach snappes

3 parts pomegranate juice

Over Ice in a tall glass

What happens if you have all 12 badges and you relapse?

Are your badges taken away if you've started back smoking? Do they have a 13th badge for relapsing?

If I had 12 badges and was smoking again, I would be too embarrased to admit I smoked.

And what about the "pillar of the community standing" 12 badges gives you in the eyes of someone

who has just joined the site?  They don't know you've started smoking again.

They can do everything to us and our pages and slow this site to a crawl but they can't stop the spam.


What's wrong with this picture?

Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo


Pass me a Vicodale

You build your entire day around when and where you can smoke

You won't go places you can't smoke

You'll leave your family in a restaurant to go have one

You'll get up and walk out of church to have one.

You'll miss your childs birth, home run, or dance recital to have one.

What's your friggin problem?


The sooner you realize what you are missing, the sooner you can take your life back!

No one else can do it for you and no one else can take it from you

why can't you filter and block key words like Ugg, nike and le boutan?

The same cannot be said for a piece of coal.


Choose the coal


Many happy returns and may you never

(return to smoking)

But he asked santa for the cat grass







1 badge




1 badge




1 badge




1 badge




1 badge




1 badge




1 badge



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This Is Hoggie's New Catwalk Addition. The existing was the area under the stairs and landing with the red ceiling and the walkway to the window. The addition allows him to get to the sun at the end of the deck

You must understand.

I have only been quit for 5 years. 

I have only been here for 4 years.

But alas,

I only have six  eight badges.

There are those that have been been here for 6 months who have that many badges

and those that that have been here 2 months who have 12.


Anyway, I simply do not feel right giving advice with so few badges.

Woe is me

woe is you

I need a badge

cause I feel like poo



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 20, 2011


whomever had this hair up their *** should have had it removed.

1. Who Changed My Friggin Clock Badge

2. WTH happened to the videos on my Page Badge

3. How about a 5 year quit badge?

4. How about how do I get the badges off my page badge?

5. My  hate spam badge.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 20, 2011

When someone hasn't posted or is inactive for a couple or three months, I start to worry that they are smoking again.

Check on your friends.

Let them know you're still here pulling for them


and no one around who can delete it




but i'm not going to smoke over it

It's free



meal planning

Does anyone know where I might find some CHEAP UGG BOOTS?

Lest We Forget !

You are all bundled up in your quit and suddenly some memory makes you believe smoking is going to make something better and you excuse yourself from your promise to not smoke.

Smoking doesn't solve anything

You can't undo yesterday so please don't use what you did yesterday as an excuse to smoke today.

Carry Moonbeams Home In A Jar?

Or Light Up And Inhale Some Tar?

Hey!  You Don't Really Need That Smoke!

Have an ALLIGATOR and bite that crave's head off!

Shutters on the windows, chains upon the door
Sleepless nights spent waiting for an answer
Dreams of heaven falling, panic in the town
Lonely men with fingers on the future
When all is said and done, you are the only one

Follow on
For the open road is waiting
Like the song
We will welcome what tomorrow has to bring
Be it fair or stormy weather
Take my hand
And we'll walk the road together
I won't mind
If it turns out that we never find the end
For all I ask is that you want me for a friend

Days of beauty calling, vanish through a haze
Lost inside some spiral with no ending
Still you bring me loving, heal me with a touch
Lead me out to greet the calm descending
When all is said and done, you are the only one


When all is said and done, you are the only one


Say It Out Loud When You Are Tempted!

I have done no research but when people use this sites recommended quit date, the date is always

2+ MONTHS DOWN THE ROAD. Personally, I could forget about wanting to quit smoking in less than one month. LOL

People come into quitting with expectations and some leave in revelation but

" its the place you put your head where you'll succeed."

If you are focusing on what you are missing, your head is in the wrong place.

if all you think about is smoking and quitting you are overthinking.


You don't have to cut back and track and count cigarettes until you are tortured.

No wonder people get frantic.

They are always thinking "ok, when is the breaking point where I really feel the withdrawal"?  When's it gonna hit.? I'm freaking out waiting for it.

Maybe I'll just create it by thinking about it? (You Can You Know)

Its easier to let it happen if, over the month before you quit. you start saying I'll wait a little longer  to smoke that next one and just flow with it until you know it is time.

If you are even a little serious about quitting, you will know when you are ready. It's much easier to stop smoking if you take control and don't get uptight about worst case possibilities that most likely you've created in your head.

That you never saw so clearly before.

Some Good, Some Bad.

Smoking Hid Much. Wake Up And See Reality.

A Cigarette Won't Help But Taking Control Will.



If You're New In Your Quit

Try to limit the brew

Inhibitions fall away

With the hard stuff too!

This should be your new war cry when you think something will make you give in.


You already decided.

Why would you go back to it ?

Polar Hog


Remember the old shows when people were on the 2 way radio when you finished your sentence they would say "over" so the other person knew when they were done talking?

Next time you get a crave, say "OVER" out loud. If you are still craving, say "OVER"  out loud again and again. Think about what you are saying. LOL

This is so SIMPLE a distraction IT HAS TO WORK. Try it please and report back.

This is extremely humorous when you are on the phone with a friend too. They will fall right into it and you will laugh your asses off. (don't do this to the bank or the police) 

For Amusement Purposes Only

Addiction Roulette

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

Read, Ask, Listen, Learn.

Hoggie was attacked and pinned down by a coyote this morning.

Just got back from the vet.

He's the luckiest cat in the universe.

They said they've never seen a coyote attack survivor.


It's been a daily struggle but, I've not purchased over 400 pair advertised here so far and I don't intend to.

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