What To Expect The First Four Months (REPOST FOR NEWBIES)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 22, 2011

You can choose to be anxious and fearful to quit smokin but it is not required.

Sure, you will have some rough days in the beginning trying to shake the addiction

and the daily habits of smoking. We all did.

You will feel "out of it" like something is missing or not right.

The memories of smoking are strong because of how long we smoked.

It is a process. After being on this and another site for 4 1/2 years an average of 10

hours a day listening and watching and helping,  I see it as a very definable process.

You begin to understand what is happening by learning and you must keep making the choice to not

smoke as you daily live without smoking. You will be building new memories that don't include smoking.

After about 130 days you will not be thinking of you as a smoker anymore or of smoking but very rarely.

So give yourself that amount of time without giving up on yourselves.


Here Is The Timeline Of What You Can Expect

1st week toughest

second week better

third week a little better

4th week better

5th week You think you got it licked.

The next three months are the test because you will get urges out of nowhere and they can be strong

they can last an hour or a few days, but they are rare.

because they are so surprising is why they are dangerous. they aren't any stronger than anything you've

already experienced.


You smoked for a long time.

Give yourself 130 days without giving in and you will rarely think of smoking.


and....laugh when you crave (chuckle in church)