The Long Blog Full Of Short Thruths For The New Or Soon To Be Quitters

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 6, 2011

You new people don’t know me and I don’t know you but, I understand what you think you’re going

through and the confusion at the starting gate

I smoked for 40 years myself so I’m no novice to the habit or the addiction.

I've been on this and another site at least 15,000 hours so please trust that I know of which I speak.

Once you stop ingesting nicotine it leaves your body in a few days but

the habit is the hardest part to overcome because smoking was such a huge part of  our daily lives.

It was our solace, our reward, our comfort.

Or so we thought…

The addiction part of smoking is that of the nicotine. The nicotine hits receptors in your brain within  seconds of your inhaling the smoke. This is an instant chemical gratification that triggers the release
of dopamine, our body’s own heroin. 

We all want to feel good. Is it any wonder we keep coming back for more?

So, when we want to feel good, we smoke.

Now, lets talk about the costs of smoking beside the addiction to nicotine.

We all know the monetary and health costs that result from smoking so I won't belabor those.

I've never been a believer in trying to scare someone into quitting. They can watch a loved one die  from it

and they don't get it because they are outside the the hospital or mortuary smoking right afterward.

Let’s talk about what smoking steals from our lives and our families.

Let me provide you a few personal examples.

I was in a worship band for 10 years and devoted two days a week to it plus time finding the songs and

transposing, arranging and teaching them to the group.

On Sundays, I would be in front of the congregation leading worship but as soon as we finished, I was

outside smoking. Now, I wasn’t thinking of having a cigarette while I was in worship but the addiction

made me uncomfortable enough that I didn’t feel I could sit and listen to the whole message so, I would

come back after the message to close the service.


I can’t count the number of times I was outside smoking while the bill was being prepared leaving my

family sitting at the table without me.


My daughter was heavily involved in drama and music in high school.

Where was I at the end of every act?  Outside smoking of course.


Do you see how we put smoking above everything else???

Smoking comes first. We don't even choose it. It's Automatic. It's Addiction

Smoking is a thief on every front. There is not one good thing attributed to smoking.

The addict in us gave it that power.

Now let’s talk about the habit.

The habit is created by smoking for so long that we don’t think there is life without it.

I believe every cigarette we ever smoked and the memory or emotion tied to it is rolling

around in our heads. 

It’s repetition driven by these memories and emotions that make us believe we cannot quit.

That and all those brainwashed into believing they can’t do it by all those who failed.

See, these people never had a clear vision or known timetable to lean on.

They never had a place like this to help make them believe they could succeed.

I’m here to tell you there are definite, timed phases we all go through when we quit.

I’m here to tell you that if you believe in yourself and relive life without smoking for 130 days straight

You can be free.

There is no starting and stopping. It takes 130 days from your last puff.

Give yourself this gift. Promise yourself this amount of commitment.

You will finally be in control again.

Not only that, you will learn how to deal with life on its terms rather than slink into a corner to smoke.

There is no luck. Luck is for the lottery.

Much love to every one of you as you head to freedom.

We are here for you every step of the way.

Do not be fearful. Ask. Post. Learn.