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If It Were Complicated?  I wouldn't know nuttin honey.

Trust in yourself. This will be one of the greatest things you will ever do.

We will help you all the way.

You CAN and we will help you. Post HELP as the title of your blog and watch us come arunnin'!

Wait for responses and do it again.


I am finishing up the framing on my place today

My twin is coming in tomorrow to wire and we will start drywall Friday.

Probably finished and moved in by the first of Sept.





ps I'll be back on a daily basis in a couple of weeks

4 Years and 8 months ago after 40 years of smoking I just decided to quit.


If you are interested in how I did it, go read my first blogs.

Don't wait until you have to quit. That means the damage is already done.


Do it.

We will help you every step of the way.

It Only Takes Moments To Let Someone Know They Matter


Don't Give Up!  

Quit!  :)

And its better for you in every way.

You'll get there.

Have a little faith.


love you all

Stopping smoking is about learning to live life in whole new ways.

So, learn to relax with this.

Nothing can make you smoke except you.

You have the power to say NO every time.

You Better Not Be!!!

 And you Spammers?  Clear the decks.


I'm OK. I'm in Oceanside and sorting through all my "stuff" to thin it down and then building my space.

It's going to take a month or so before i'm settled. I'll try to check in about this time every day or two.

I can't reply to your messages because i DON'T YET HAVE INTERNET ACCESS WHERE i AM STAYING.

I am living in a really nice place fully furnished while i am doing the above. Even has a baby grand.

I wrote a song on it yesterday "Heaven On A Hilltop"

If you want to stay in touch or need help send a private sitemail with your regular email address.

I can see messages but not respond on my phone but I can text and email from my phone.

Thanks for all your care and well wishes.

Love you muchly


if it doesn't work.....force it

if it breaks? it probably needed to be replaced anyway.


always get it done by sundown.

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