Old Gunsmoke Joke....See If You've Heard It

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 12, 2011

One day Chester came running into town naked and Marshall Dillon quite shocked, asked him,

Chester, what are you doing running around nekkid?

Chester began his story with that stutter M-M-M-Mr Dillon, M-M-M-Miss Kitty asked me to hook up the

buckboard  so she could take a ride in the country. then she asked  M-M-M-Me to drive her.

Well M-M-M-Mr Dillon we were about 5 miles out of town and she started taking off her clothes

and asked M-M-M-Me to to take off M-M-M-Mine and then she looked at me and said

Chester! go to town

"Well Here I Am!"