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If you go to the members tab a couple inches down from the top in the middle of your page and right click on it

and choose open in another page and then double left click on active, It will show you who is on the site in real


You have to refresh it to keep it current.

You see all your friends and members but also the new people.

That is the reason I am posting this

I think it would be good if we actually welcome them on their page

and tell them how to "move in" so to speak and get started.

Maybe something like this

welcome to the Ex
we are here to support you from start to finish. all you have to do is reach out. If you haven't read any info yet go to or you will learn much. we are your live moral support when you are ready to start. Fill out your page with your smoking history, No personal info. (phone or email addy) then go up to where it says blog and introduce yourself. That's where we hang out.

Each cigarette you smoke in your home or car leaves another layer of toxins on everything it touches. Just because you use a fan and cannot see the smoke being inhaled by your children does not make it so.

What is third-hand smoke? Is it hazardous?

Researchers warn cigarette dangers may be even more far-reaching

By Coco Ballantine


 BEWARE OF THIRD-HAND SMOKE Tobacco toxins linger in the environment long after a cigarette is extinguished.

Ever take a whiff of a smoker's hair and feel faint from the pungent scent of cigarette smoke? Or perhaps you have stepped into an elevator and wondered why it smells like someone has lit up when there is not a smoker in sight. Welcome to the world of third-hand smoke.

"Third-hand smoke is tobacco smoke contamination that remains after the cigarette has been extinguished," says Jonathan Winickoff, a pediatrician at the Dana–Farber/Harvard Cancer Center in Boston and author of a study on the new phenomenon published in the journal Pediatrics. According to the study, a large number of people, particularly smokers, have no idea that third-hand smoke—the cocktail of toxins that linger in carpets, sofas, clothes and other materials hours or even days after a cigarette is put out—is a health hazard for infants and children. Of the 1,500 smokers and nonsmokers Winickoff surveyed, the vast majority agreed that second-hand smoke is dangerous. But when asked whether they agreed with the statement, "Breathing air in a room today where people smoked yesterday can harm the health of infants and children," only 65 percent of nonsmokers and 43 percent of smokers answered "yes."

"Third-hand smoke," a term coined by Winickoff's research team, is a relatively new concept but one that has worried researchers and nonsmokers for several years. "The third-hand smoke idea—concern over that—has been around for a long time. It's only recently been given a name and studied," says Stanton Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco. "The level of toxicity in cigarette smoke is just astronomical when compared to other environmental toxins [such as particles found in automobile exhaust]," he adds, but notes that he is not aware of any studies directly linking third-hand smoke to disease [as opposed to second-hand smoke, which has been associated with disease]. asked Winickoff to explain exactly what third-hand smoke is and why it poses a public health risk.

How exactly do you distinguish between second- and third- hand smoke?
Third-hand smoke refers to the tobacco toxins that build up over time—one cigarette will coat the surface of a certain room [a second cigarette will add another coat, and so on]. The third-hand smoke is the stuff that remains [after visible or "second-hand smoke" has dissipated from the air]…. You can't really quantify it, because it depends on the space…. In a tiny space like a car the deposition is really heavy…. Smokers [may] smoke in another room or turn on a fan. They don't see the smoke going into a child's nose; they think that if they cannot see it, it's not affecting [their children].

Smokers themselves are also contaminated…smokers actually emit toxins [from clothing and hair].

Why is third-hand smoke dangerous?
The 2006 surgeon general's report says there is no risk-free level of tobacco exposure…. There are 250 poisonous toxins found in cigarette smoke. One such substance is lead. Very good studies show that tiny levels of exposure are associated with diminished IQ.

What do you consider the most dangerous compound in cigarette smoke?
I would say cyanide, which is used in chemical weapons. It actually interferes with the release of oxygen to tissues. It competitively binds to hemoglobin [meaning it competes with oxygen for binding sites on the blood's oxygen-carrying molecule, hemoglobin]. Basically people with cyanide poison turn blue…. [And] arsenic, that is a poison used to kill mammals. We [used to] use it to kill rats. And there it is in cigarette smoke.

Why are the risks associated with exposure to third-hand smoke different for children and adults?
The developing brain is uniquely susceptible to extremely low levels of toxins. Remember how we talked about the layers of toxin deposits on surfaces? Who gets exposure to those surfaces? Babies and children are closer to [surfaces such as floors]. They tend to touch or even mouth [put their mouths to] the contaminated surfaces. Imagine a teething infant.

Children ingest twice the amount of dust that grown-ups do. Let's say a grown-up weighs 150 pounds [68 kilograms]. Let's say a baby weighs 15 pounds [seven kilograms]. The infant ingests twice the dust [due to faster respiration and proximity to dusty surfaces]. Effectively, they'll get 20 times the exposure.

Studies in rats suggest that tobacco toxin exposure is the leading cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). We think it is [caused by] respiratory suppression.

What types of places or materials harbor the greatest amount of third-hand smoke?
Anywhere you see an enclosed space you should watch out for [it].


Can Do!

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 30, 2011

     No   Can Do!

just changing your mind and stepping around the smoking memories

will make you successful at this.



Have you realized  that you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome?

Our encouragement and tips to get yourself through to the other side are not for us.

Break your patterns.

Shake up your thinking.

You have to do something different if you expect to be free.

come here BEFORE you smoke and ask for help!

if you can't get here, stand back and detach yourself from the craving

before you have made it impossible and say "i want my life back

repeat it over and over

maybe thats another reason we smoked. whenever our blood sugar gets low we eat to raise it.

another negative is, diabetics who smoke are  creating many more health problems for

themselves by smoking.

he works out of the country, got a scratch on his elbow, infection heading to his heart.

in hospital. they are trying every antibiotic they have to stop it.

if you believe in prayer, lets lift them up

three groups

one group had a one hour music session per week

the second had a one hour session of laughter once a week.

the third group had neither

Groups one and two had dramatic drops in blood pressure.

Group three had no change.



This is within your power of choice. You can be happier than you've allowed yourself to be.

But I Won't Smoke Over It!

This will keep you from smoking


Get 4 15oz cans of black beans

Get 4 Large Jalapeno Peppers

Get a whole onion

Get Some fresh Garlic


Slice the the onion and put it in the cooking pot on high with 3 T of corn oil

Seed The peppers , slice them and throw them in the pot too

add 4 cloves of garlic sliced thin

add your 4 cans of beans drained

lower the heat to simmer

simmer and as the beans begin breaking down, start mashing them with your potato masher.

do this every  5-10 minutes until you have a nice bean paste with some chunks.


add salt to taste


serve with corn tortillas and cheese.

If your tortillas are fresh, put  the estimated number you'll use between 2 paper plates and nuke for 45 seconds

you can also use this as a dip with corn chips


Does Not Mean You Should Take Your Aggression Out On It!

Be Cool! Love Your Kitty!

Isn't that just the simplest thought?

before you quit

Each time  you say I'm going to wait a little longer before i light that next cigarette, you are learning you can quit.

after you've quit

Each time you ride out a crave, you've learned more about tackling the next one and sticking with your quit.

check this out.

do not answer her call by sending an email

she's probably passing out computer std's

I didn't go cold turkey

I used       childrens   adult jalapeno's

popped 'em like candy

couldn't think of smoking with my mouth on fire.

They had a test group sleep 4 hours a night for a week.

Then, they had that same test group sleep 8 hours a night.

Turns out when these people got  less sleep, they consumed 300 more calories a day..

Did the testers consider that more time awake just gave them 4 extra hours to eat?


I believe smoking is an adult responsibility.

We think we are adults because we do adult things and smoking was most likely the first adult thing we did.

By smoking, we were giving up our childhoods to be adults. What a concept!


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

– George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish Playwright and Nobel Prize Winner


The other day, I was answering a blog post and I realized that you all had covered all the bases

and provided all the links so I just put "I'm just here for the fun of quitting"

Some of you may think I'm flippant with my comments.

The truth is, I am constantly trying to derail the thoughts that lead to failure in a playful way.

(and I don't intend to stop)

Playfulness means being able to explore and to do things, for the sheer delight of doing them. It means relaxing, being spontaneous, and allowing a situation to carry you where it will. When we have a playful attitude, learning and discovery are fun, and even hard work can fly by.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that playfulness actually accomplishes things! When children play, they become smarter because new neuron connections are formed in their brains. Play has been described as the work of childhood, the place where the greatest learning occurs. Great scientists and spiritual leaders often are similarly playful.

Playfulness reduces stress, and brightens the atmosphere. It engages people to do things that make them more connected with other people. It makes people happy.

So I say, anyone who wants to be a stick in the mud, stick on!  But, excuse me if I don't join you.




Mine is:

OKRA. Gods Gift To The Commode.

(may they go right through you)

I Wouldn't Smoke Over It!

don't be afraid to be here

hacking is when someone plants a small program in your computer that gives them access to your info,


I'm not sorry I gave it to you


I wish I had it now


don't smoke

I did some work on a project last year

The contractor hired by the owners had no field experience.

I had taken the tools I would need for the work originally shown me.

well, lo and behold there were other things he wanted us to do while we were there.

So I told him, I only brought the tools for the job at hand.

He said "well I have tools in my truck"

He went out and got them (some nice cordless tools too)

Anyway, they were pretty much unused and low on charge.

So If you have all the tools to QUIT but don't use them, how are you going to succeed?

We at the Ex have the tools and knowledge.

Please, Use it all!


These are two of hoggie's brothers.

Dusty is holding his brother because dusty knows he is dying of cancer

this went on until his brother passed away two weeks later



We are here for you. All of us.


We've heard about genes and their providing dispositions towards our addictions.

What about environmental factors?


If someone in your family or more than one person is an addict and they smoke and drink and beat the kids,

isn't that the greatest influence of all towards the generations that follow doing the same things?


Do  men who beat their wives normally have a father that beat their mother?

Does a child that smokes have parents that smoked more predisposed to smoke? or drink?

Isn't this sort of like monkey see monkey do.

If we've never found a way to cope with our fears and anger differently, it just seems like we keep banging our

heads  against the same walls.

and not being ruled by



Don't Put Them Shovels Away!!

of carpathian orgin

Near Future Headline

     Sadam Hussein     Gadhafi  found hiding in hole with billions but smokefree

neither made to their local tobaccanist


I will not smoke over it

i hope not.

we try to give you the unvarnished truth about quitting smoking.

your choice of cereal is up to you

 Wher'd My Money Go?

Gettin' close to a grand and I'd like it im my hand

swhat I saved from no butt's, nowa havta make a fuss.

It's not here it's not there, I don't see it anywhere

where did my, money go?  Well I guess I'll never know

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now,

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

Doesn't seem like a lot but it makes me really hot

cause my gadget reminds me,  of something I can't finz

Oh but, lest I forget I could refund my nicorette

But I only have 6,   Dey won't take 'em back I bet

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

you can too if you follow the instructions below

no smokey

no smokey

no coffin-g

no chokey

many more years to do hokey pokey



that's what it's all about

When i got off the road, I started cooking.

And I like food and I love to cook.

anyway, I gained 30 pounds in 3 months from my cooking. LOL

So i went to an accupuncturist. He placed a little needle with a hoop to keep it at a certain depth and put over it.

the nerves are in your ear. Not in the actual canal but just inside.

The one in the left ear was for appetite. The one in the right ear was for stress/tension.

When you started to get stressed or hungry, you would gently stimulate the tape with the needles beneath and

your hunger and tension would go away.

I lost 30 pounds in a month.

No diet plan. Just the accupuncture.

I'm sure they may be able to help with stress.

Check It Out!

Is that a good excuse to smoke?

Not For Me


They say Japan is about the same size as Montana.

What the heck is going to happen if all those reactors just blow?

No more Japan?


Looks like the two Koreas are right across the gulf too.

This is getting real crazy.

Do you want to be helped?

truth = the right glue

About 5% of people who try to quit smoking make it one year.

It's very difficult odds.

And its difficult to see all the "I caved" posts but, it's just in the percentages.

Now, why we care and what we do.

This is not about willpower or strength.

I personally try to change a persons mindset and get them thinking differently so they succeed.

Some people listen and get it but  some just want to fly with one wing and a string of failures.

whether you like me or the other old timers or not, you need to make something work to quit.

coming back here every couple weeks or months and saying I caved is not going to get you into the 5%.

You need to learn from your mistakes and some of ours.

we can't be with you to warn each of you 24/7 that  you are in danger. You have to police your own brains

and watch out for landmines

You make sure you come here and post BEFORE YOU SMOKE!

if you are the easter bunny? the easter bunny makes you smoke!

nothing makes you smoke except you!

the nicodemon is a figment of quitnet

you are your own enemy, you

you make the decision to quit, you

nothing will make you fail at this but you

stop trying to connect a figment to your quit and connect yourself

make believe demons are for make believe quits

This is like wishing and hoping and good luck. None of which will help you quit.

just keeping it real

There is no in between.

if you reserve certain emotions or feelings to smoke again,

neither the attitude you need to succeed nor your quit will last.

They Are All Hiding in The Timeout Room






"yeah. it's on my nightstand.

got a couple in the living room too."

Smokng Will

He's the insane charlie sheen of Libya but he's not just hurting himself


Hey Mr. Kadafi, I'd poison your coffee

check your attitude

feel some gratitude

every day is new

do more than just get through


they came in millions strong and drown from a lack of oxygen due to their sheer numbers



I'm not gonna smoke over it

Starting today, it will be illegal to smoke in  outdoor dining areas throughout Los Angeles, including at restaurant patios and  around mobile food trucks.

Bars, nightclubs and buildings hosting private events are exempt from  the policy. Those who violate the smoking ban -- diners and business owners  alike -- face fines up to $500.

The state already prohibits lighting up inside restaurants and bars. The city is expanding the smoking ban to within 10 feet of outdoor dining areas,  including food courts; and within 40 feet of food kiosks, food cars and mobile  food trucks.

the coffee gremlin is "WINNING"


I Doubt It


I was soaking my hand and my cell phone slid off my chest into the bucket of hot salty water.

works either way , eh? Well

we'll see if it works after being in that Calfornia sunshine plus a serving of mojo and

two helpings of prayer.



My monday

On the way home from the grocery store the street had become blocked with the entire load of garbage

from a big garbage truck.

Evidently they couldn't tow the truck for repairs loaded with garbage so the filled both lanes of a

street and put some yellow tape across each end to let us know something had happened. LOL

City workers RULE



Exercise People!

We can never forget we were smokers but we remove it from our daily lives our routines by quitting.

We all have the chance to get another dance with the devil


doing dishes for one...not so many dishes

it only takes a few moments to derail a crave. add what works for you

1. laugh or talk to yourself-verbalizing is a great way to stop a crave short.

that way they don't sneak up and seem overpowering.

2. go outside and turn your face to the weather and close your eyes for 1 min.

3. keep a rubber band around your wrist and snap it to snap you out of the crave.

4. open the freezer door and let that blast of cold hit your face for 10 seconds

5. crank up some music you love, play an instrument, paint, busyness.

6. go on youtube and watch  vids

7. love on your pet.

8. love on your s.o. but no biting

9. bite into a lemon

10. climb a tree

had to get my thumb opened and drained.

its been killing me for three days.

the good part is the dr wants some work done.


I saw a survey about women, their body image and sex this morning


51% said they would give up sex to lose their excess weight.

30% said they would gain 30 pounds to have good sex.


I mean we are brainwashed by society to think that we have to be svelte and thin to be sexy but

doesn't it seem that you would want to be sexy to be attractive to someone else for sex? So what are those

51% thinking?

its natural to hide pain, perceived rejection and such thoughts in busyness or addiction

maybe there is a way out of the circle

Maybe you need to start unwrapping what needs to freed in you but, do it in a positive way.  

let's call it "love of self"

as it has been said you can't love anyone else until you love yourself.

we all have good and bad, light and dark.

we all have the choice to dismiss the pain of past decisions and move on. 

but will we?

it's the only way to break free of the circle we each get stuck in.

quitting smoking opens up all kinds of realizations of who we can be

be good to yourselves

Not everything in life is going to be exactly what we want.

Our biggest fear is believing the worst is going to happen.

That is rarely the case and the worst is never as bad as we thought it would be.

Believe me I have been there.

Two years ago I was asked to move out of the house I had lived in for 19 years with my family

Trying to get all my tools instruments and office together and in storage while I found a place to live

was daunting. Splitting up the relationship, pets etc   Traumatic

I was sleeping on a workbench in a cabinet shop for the first week after we were out.

I found a place and it was great but I had to move from there 4 months later.

The human spirit and endurance is much stronger than (what you think is) the worst that can happen.

Believe it.

There's only one place to go when you're down, UP

it's sort of a brackish green and slimy but it should hit your (spammy) spot

help yourselves but you're on the honor system so only one cup per spammer please!

tomorrow night we'll be offering "grow a heart" cookies with your cough-ing

Watch for our special on Saturday. We are serving spamgetti prior to execution to the first 100 spammers

who step forward.


who said spammers don't have integrity? ME

there's       always   usually someone here with an answer.*



*If you come in the middle of the night we have spammers taking up the slack.

they don't help much but you can take out your quit smoking anger or agression on them.

They love this. Makes them feel wanted.

let them have it!

When we started smoking, we developed these little sensitized nubs in our brains

that demand nicotine like a baby wants your attention.

When they get their nicotine, they stimulate the release of dopamine, the body's natural heroin.

This keeps you coming back every hour.

The most basic human instinct is the "feel good" state.

So you have to step outside yourself and see things for what they are.

Most of the smokes we had every day were not consciously enjoyed.

Maybe we took the time to enjoy one out of 20?

So it isn't so much that you enjoy smoking as that your brain needs its fix.

Tobacco companies know this. That's why they have been increasing the amount of nicotine in cigs.

It takes about three days without nicotine for the physical cravings to diiminish

Then its the memories and emotions and learning to live without smoking which takes about 4months.

The receptors eventually die and are replaced with ones that are not sensitized to nicotine (a year)


will you let big tobacco win or will you take your life back?

That just glorifies their power over you. You are their slave and they love to make you run to the car to


it's much better to keep them not around so you can't sucker yourself into smoking


And Men  that's where the rub comes in.

sometimes cigarettes will wear lingerie, very sheer lingerie, to get you to smoke.

you never know who's been in your car.  (or maybe you do)


that's where we come in

We Decontaminate Your Vehicle

$40 per panel and we do the counting.

I've never seen a vehicle with over 192 panels so the most it would cost is $7680.

are we ready to get started?


Please call De-Tam-Con-Man Inc.  DTCM




If this had been a real event your lmfao would have fallen off!

<Crazy M Sheen standing in for jonescarp>

is your google out?


i can't get to gmail or google




Here's a bonus recipe:

Chicken Divan

get a couple pounds of broccoli crowns cooked

1 1/2 cups of cooked diced coarse chicken

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 C milk

2 T curry powder

8 oz grated med cheddar

lay the cooked broccoli in a 9 x 13 x 2 pan

scatter chicken over broccoli

Whisk the two soups and one cup of milk and the curry powder in a bowl

Pour sauce evenly over chicken broccoli mix

Put grated cheddar over top and bake at 350 for one hour

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