so. what's it worth to you? (this almost looks like a peggy blog) lol

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 17, 2011

i was cooking for my daughter sunday.

well, i started the pilaf and came back to my laptop

(guess where i was online?)

i forgot about the pilaf and about 20 minutes later i smelled something burning.

i live way in the back of a house and the stove is about 50 feet away.

i was choking on dense black smoke all the way to the stove. i turned off the fire and grabbed

the pan and ran outside, set it on the concrete and put some water in it.

it took a couple hours to get the smoke out of the house and i used alot of air freshener but this story is

about the pan and your quit.

the pan sat outside for two days in its same position,

i brought it in the third day and yes, it was really bad.

i did a trial run with an sos pad and barely touched the burn. but i did see a glimmer.

i told someone about it and they said toss it.

today i spent 5 minutes and another sos pad on it. got 80 percent of the burn out.

more glimmer

i can see the end in sight.

next time more glimmer and another sos pad

don't give up on your quit.

yeah it takes some work but you can't afford to throw it and your life away.

love you all