Remove Temptation By Thinking Moment By Moment

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 1, 2011

If you fall or slip or any such sh*t?  You just might be the cause of it.


Come here first and post three times for help before you smoke and wait for

someone to respond to each of your posts for help.


get phone numbers from a couple of friends here and call BEFORE YOU SMOKE!


And Now Thinking moment by moment

if you are going to smoke there are alot of steps your mind has to go through before

you actually smoke

If you bought a pack you had to think about getting out the money to pay for it you had to wait till you got 

outside the store to light up. These were your moments people. The moments you can't choose to ignore.


was a friend smoking and you asked for one or were offered one?

well gee. you had to reach for it and light it up.

Once again. Two small moments you can turn it around and keep yourself from smoking.

It's always a choice You choose to smoke or you do not.

Keep Them Away From Your Face