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Oh Yeah  Oh Yeah Oh Yeah           Yes You Can Do It

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah            You Can Go Through It

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 


You put ‘em down                          never to touch them again

They keep on tempting you    

but they were never your friend


Oh Yeah  Oh Yeah Oh Yeah           Yes You Can Do It

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah            You Can Go Through It

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 

All You Have To Do Is Open The Door


wait 10 minutes and slap the ones on your face


this is the new "slap to quit "  method

don't take this lightly.

The fear of being without.

without what?

(You know all the good reasons why we should smoke don't you?)



You need  three days without smoking

You need to learn what you need to know here

And then
You gotta go four months and never look back

without a nasty cigarette!



it's not rocket science

keep them away from your face

we are here to help un-disconbobulate you


i've spent probably 12-15,000 hours on this and another quit smoking site since I quit over 4 years ago

i started out just like the rest of you.  i didn't have any of the knowledge i have now.

i had quit smoking for 2 weeks with no input whatsoever.

but in joining a site similar to this, i began learning about the whole process.

It is a process

I listened and felt how hundreds, thousands felt as they went through it.

i learned so much about things i would have never considered.

no mans land:, i learned about it just before i entered into it myself

i learned about the nicotine receptors.

All this knowledge passed down from the elders

i have heard every possible excuse for smoking there is.

i am here because i know very few people can spend 10 or more hours a day on a quit smoking site.

we old timers are here to help you circumvent the time it took us

to gain the knowledge we possess.

and we are also here because we enjoy helping and the love and care we share.

we smoked for years without a thought

so four full months is not a lot

put on a smile put up your clock

believe in you and never not

you'll have good days, you'll have some bad

like when you smoked, its not that bad

Tobacco will never be done with you until you are done with it!


will you play around with it another year or two?

will you just give up and let it kill you a day at a time?


this is YOUR LIFE we're talking about!

Do what needs to be done!

save yourself and your lungs!

bend over and let me cut off your heads

don't put yourself in the way of temptation.

it can go either way and its hard to start again.

your computer asks you to make a decision and you click both?

is that checkmate?

Does it dissassemble itself and creep away?

don't smoke

cook pasta as directed.

drain and add 2 cans fa*cy feats shrimp and fish feast while pasta is warm.

set on floor, hold your proboscis and stand clear.

geesh he's a hog.

I've gotta teach him how to twirl it on a fork.

Don't Smoke

quitstipation can make you wish it were so

my prescription for elimination is

a big juicy steak and 4 cups of strong coffee

that big knot you are feeling won't be there long!


respectfully yours.

sh*tten little

The smoking employer may realize you are gonna need more paid time with possibly less output to

feed your addiction  After all they smoke themselves. Maybe they are thinking of quitting soon themselves.

They might not want another smoker around to remind them daily  of what they are trying to forget. 

The non-smoking employer may just decide you stink right off the bat and not want to smell you coming

They may also feel that smokers provide less focused time per day and may not be willing to hire due to that

So, no matter how you look at it,  in a slow economy with an excess of people needing work  you may

be seen as less employable in many eyes

This doesn't even take into account the additional health insurance costs that they may have to pay

or contribute to.

Think about it and give your quit its best shot!

So, I woke up and was thinking about some breakfast as i was making coffee.

well, i was looking around and i spied an avocado and i saw a lemon right next to it.

the lights were flashing "avocado toast, avocado toast"

well my avocado looked absolutely fine but it was superficial.

i had not been attentive to my "cado" and it had gone past ripe.

(girls, don't tell me to throw my avocado until i've told my story)

there is a time after you've quit that you think you've got it made but it can be an illusion

your quit can appear to be protected by that knobby dark skin but can be going bad

from the inside without your even knowing it.

guard your quit like you would your avocado or you won't be quit or having avocado toast for


fortunately for me, after over 4 years, all i have to worry about is my cado.*



*if your cado is unruly for 4 hours or more, seek medical help immediately or squeeze some lemon juice on it.

A Distraction


So I went out a couple hours ago and took some pictures of Da Hood.

This is solely intended for recreational purposes

all characters, living or dead, are living or dead

I want to help keep you from going in circles

You do not have to want to quit but you have to have a feeling in your gut that it would be better if you did.

You have to be able to listen and do what I suggest

We are not checking ID at the door as I assume most participants will be in the newer generations.


Do you want to quit the first time?

we've been brainwashed to think its "most difficult"

Pshaw (impatience)

If you come with an open mind and willing to change it and your routine, you can do it the first time.

It may take a week or two to get up to speed but if your quit starts before that we will help you individually.

Aztec is going to help me get it off the ground.

Look Up!~ Its a Bird, It's A Plane...It's Superquit!

i was cooking for my daughter sunday.

well, i started the pilaf and came back to my laptop

(guess where i was online?)

i forgot about the pilaf and about 20 minutes later i smelled something burning.

i live way in the back of a house and the stove is about 50 feet away.

i was choking on dense black smoke all the way to the stove. i turned off the fire and grabbed

the pan and ran outside, set it on the concrete and put some water in it.

it took a couple hours to get the smoke out of the house and i used alot of air freshener but this story is

about the pan and your quit.

the pan sat outside for two days in its same position,

i brought it in the third day and yes, it was really bad.

i did a trial run with an sos pad and barely touched the burn. but i did see a glimmer.

i told someone about it and they said toss it.

today i spent 5 minutes and another sos pad on it. got 80 percent of the burn out.

more glimmer

i can see the end in sight.

next time more glimmer and another sos pad

don't give up on your quit.

yeah it takes some work but you can't afford to throw it and your life away.

love you all


can it?



Do you see what we do? we decide we can't do something before

we've given it a unbiased attempt.

This thinking is exactly what defeats you when you "try" to quit smoking.

Of course you can get your news from other channels.

Its been so long since you’ve seen the news on any other channel

that you have no idea whether they’ve changed personnel or whatever it is you didn't like about it.

You decided you can only get your news from one channel and you decide it's just too hard to quit.

You will make that your reality until you change your mind

Give yourself a chance people.

You can do this if you can get around your old thinking

Are you defeating yourself with negative thoughts?

start talking to yourself.
start saying "quitting smoking isn't that hard" and do it often
This simple repetitive action should begin to counter the negative and fearful thoughts and move you forward

you have to break those thought patterns to get out of the circle of quitting and move forward.

So,  Where is your head?

Have you decided you will quit without reservation?

Thats what its going to take

And that means Not One Puff Ever

If you are here to "do this" and never decided you couldn't, this may be the place for you

I will leave it up for a week to see how much interest there is. if there is none, I will simply shut it down

So, if you are interested, click on the link and join

I realize we've been brainwashed to think its "most difficult"

Pshaw (impatience)

If you come with an open mind and willing to change it and your routine, you can do it the first time



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 16, 2011

when you get down

and don't think you can do it.

laugh out loud

and you'll get through it

there's something about laughter

that will lift you up

from the lowest place

when you're full of fear


give it a chance

it will change your path

there is so much power

in a smile and a laugh

We're All Stronger Than Tobacco     I Believe It's True

Don't overthink what you are doing.

Focus on living, not quitting

don't smoke

you know what that means don't you?

Sounds like another  pretty good reason to quit, yes?

There is a scoville chart that measures the heat of all foods.

I think we ought to have a chart for spammers and dole out punishment in volts based upon their position on the chart

With that goal in mind I present the following for your review:

Small Fry                  1 short blog    
80,000    volts for 2 minutes

Meejum Spidiot      2 or more blogs in an hour    
200,000  volts for an hour

Super Fry                5 or more blogs in an evening        
500,000  volts>just leave it on

Their remains can be shipped to *****-mel for processing

I won’t smoke over it but I’d like to see them “smoking”            
Before they’re canned.

There was a story in the national news yesterday  that said singing originates in the (creative) right side of the brain

But  that singing stimulates, connects and strengthens the left (cognative) side of the brain.

who knew?

Can't we all just sing along?

there's a video about 2/3 of the way down the page

you have the power to ride them out like a surfer rides a wave

If you don't magnify them they have no power



I don’t do that anymore

Put my lips on butts..I don’t do that anymore
Chain smoke ‘till I’m nuts…I don’t do that anymore
Smoke and drive my truck…I don’t do that anymore
I just don’t do that an….y…more

Coughing out a lung…I don’t do that anymore
“Gee I gotta run”…I don’t do that anymore
Smoking ‘till I’m numb…I don’t do that anymore
I just don’t do that an….y…more

Have a smoking fit….I don’t do that anymore
Gotta have my fix….I don’t do that anymore
Where’s my flickin' bic?…I don’t do that anymore
I just don’t do that an…y…more  

You may ask me how?  I don’t do that anymore
Choose to quit right now and don’t do it anymore
You can think of Mao or you can mop your kitchen floor
Just don’t do that an…y…more

you can youze da patch

or youze can sit and scratch

but until your head is right

it may seem as dark as night

so go find your happy smile

and live that for awhile

it isn't what you think

quitting doesn't stink


its sunday


If you don't?

You may barely be able to feel your breath in your hand or walk up the stairs

But if you open your mind and discount all the negativity you've heard about quitting, I can.

It''s only as hard as you make it in your mind.

You can go through it with some bouts of ucomfortableess or you can build it up and make it pure torture


What's it going to be?

Your Choice

Put On A Happy Face And Don't Smoke For Four Months And You Can Be An Ex

Not Even Think Of Smoking Except Rarely

Isn't that where you want to be?

As smokers we often accepted the status quo. It was right up there alongside "smoking makes me happy"

Your untapped inner power guarantees your success.

Use it!

When "it" slaps you in the face say  EFF U!

when "its" sitting on your shoulder brush it off.

"It" will listen to you after a short time and you will KNOW you can do it!





I Wish You A Wondeful Day! 

Be Happy

So Just Stop It  !!!



And Stop Romancing It !





If you haven't yet had your share, please close your eyes and  hold out your hands.


There's plenty to go around whether you were a smoker or not.


And Thus, We may as well stop killing ourselves and deal with life as ex smokers.

That Empty Feeling

The whole lesson that needs to be learned in life is simple:

To accept the emptiness.

At the very core of life, emptiness is what IS.

Emptiness is at the center of all human experience.

We smoke and drink and spend money we don't have and pine for things and people and days gone by and worship our idols to escape from it, but it's always there.


Nothing left to do or say. "What now?" we ask. "How do I replace what's lost?" we wonder.

We quit smoking because it was killing us but we hate the empty feeling we have without it.

We leave abusive people and return to them, or someone like them, for the same reason.

We don't like prisons such as depression, guilt, our addiction to nicotine, alcohol, sex or our low self esteem but it's the only reality we know.

To deal with emptiness is to confront our demons and see them for what they really are. Nothing at all!

Emptiness is just the flow of life and reality as it really is.

Times change. Relationships end. Jobs are lost. Loved ones die. Old lifestyles change. Our children grow up. Addictions are broken.

We move on. We have to.

To not accept the emptiness is to stagnate. To look back is to turn to salt like Lot's wife.

The lesson to learn is to "Let it Be" as the Beatles said. To let go does indeed cause grief and suffering.

We cry for awhile and time passes and things improve. We look back after a few years at what's lost, and though we still feel a pang of grief, we see that we did manage to move on despite ourselves.

Life is dynamic! Like a river it constantly moves on. We can sit at the river's edge and watch it flow while we cry, or get a canoe and jump in it for the ride.

Imagine what all you'll see on the journey! "What's next?" we ask now with eager anticipation...

author unknown

You are now able to do the things and be the person smoking denied

Don't screw it up!

Look ahead!

Be Free!

Be Proud!



Over 4 years free

You Heard Me Right!   Fermer La Bouche.

It's Foolproof

Try It At Your Own Risk!

They had quit but fell into some emotional quicksand and couldn't get back into the quitting frame of mind


they quit the end of the year and made it almost two weeks.

they had a week between one major event and starting another semester in school.

I told them "If you don't start your quit before you start back to school, you won't want to do it until

the whole semester is complete"

They kind of questioned me as to why I believed that and I said. "because our excuses to keep

smoking are usually logical to us. If they weren't, we wouldn't believe them.  And because you are starting the

semester smoking, you will not be able to give up the crutch until you are through the semester."


Killing yourself IS NOT LOGICAL. So why do we choose that over what we know as fact  in addition to just plain

common sense?

It's like saying I'm going to quit in 10 months, or by the time I'm 30, or whatever.

You won't do it until you quit putting it off.

are you gettin hungry?

I've determined if I wear a jacket I could give away 20 degrees a day.*

Surely there is some area in this country that could use another 20.**


The catch?

We still need to fill the ocean.

Please send snow to

"Lift The Ocean"

PO BOX 936

Santa Monica CA 90315

*first come first served

**While supplies last

There was...

1. To Smoke a regular and then have your banana split?

2. To Ask for a one meter cigarette (3+ ft)  and make them wait?

3. To have a months head start and someone to get you over the wall


Not Smoking Was The Correct Answer.

There was no excuse to light up after all.  (there never is)

Don't Focus On Quitting

Focus on keeping them away from your face

Guard your quit but don't let it dominate every thought.

Relax with it.

Your job is to focus on learning to live without smoking.

Once you go through a few craves? Just know they aren't going to get any worse

unless you focus on them and magnify them. (they are much easier if you remember this)

If you got through them be confident you can get through any in the future..

If you fall or slip or any such sh*t?  You just might be the cause of it.


Come here first and post three times for help before you smoke and wait for

someone to respond to each of your posts for help.


get phone numbers from a couple of friends here and call BEFORE YOU SMOKE!


And Now Thinking moment by moment

if you are going to smoke there are alot of steps your mind has to go through before

you actually smoke

If you bought a pack you had to think about getting out the money to pay for it you had to wait till you got 

outside the store to light up. These were your moments people. The moments you can't choose to ignore.


was a friend smoking and you asked for one or were offered one?

well gee. you had to reach for it and light it up.

Once again. Two small moments you can turn it around and keep yourself from smoking.

It's always a choice You choose to smoke or you do not.

Keep Them Away From Your Face

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