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They showed a group of smokers who had no thoughts or intention to quit smoking  a series of anti smoking

commercials while they were hooked to an MRI and smoking

They determined those that showed stimulation in their  PFMC significantly decreased the amout

they smoked in the following month.

Now they are trying to pinpoint which commercials were the most effective

So whip out your PFMC's and lets get started!

Don't worry. We won't hurt anything!

Mweh heh heh heh heh heh!

Give it everything you've got


Be Vigilant!

and had them focus their attetion on syringes full of heroin

But when he started squeezing it out they killed him

Yes they killed him (their adiction was stronger than he thought)

It wasn't such a great idea (to plant the visual in their minds and let it tease them)

I made a big pot of beef and barley soup from scratch and it started raining just as it finished

Perfect timing? Well yes because they said it would rain tonight

I was planning ahead just like for a quit!

And what you say is that banana cream pie for?

I was planning ahead Just like for a quit



It's Raining Here And You Know Where It Usually heads don't you?

That away>>>

Here’s how I post a picture or graphic

you need a free photobucket account then, (Flickr or Picassa Web or Live might work as well)


you need to upload your pictures from your pc that you want to use in order to obtain link codes which are the whole secret to this

If you want to get a picture from google or some other site, you need to download it by right clicking and then choosing save while you are hovered over it. (Sometimes the link codes are already accessible. Hover people, hover)

That downloads it to my desktop.
then I upload it to photo bucket same as before
then you hover over the top edge of the picture in photobucket and there will be a dropdown list

You select share then more options and then get link code. I use the second one down (direct link for layout pages] and left click holding down will highlight it in blue then you right click over it and choose save

That puts it on your pc's temporary clipboard. then you open the little icon on the right above the text area and paste it into the top open white space by right clicking and choosing paste.

then you size it so it doesn't take up the whole page where it says height and width. put your mouse in the top one of those two and it will show you the original size of the photo example 1024 x768.
you type the size you want in the upper of the two boxes say 400
and that will adjust the bottom number automatically,

then you choose save. Voila you see your picture in the message box
if it isn't the right size choose edit and hit the backspace button to erase that attempt. recopy the link from photobucket to the photo icon and try the sizing again. then you add any text you want and choose publish


Have a great weekend

I'm not going to smoke over it!


1. Don't delete a blog because someone didn't agree with you and then make reference to it.

It's a cowardly and underhanded way to promote untruth.

(besides some of us have already seen it. LOL and saved it)


2. Don't copy and post private messages on the main blog post.

Anything that was sent in sitemail is private. If someone sends you an innapproprite sitemail? Report it to Admin!

this is called life.

change your perceptions and expectations and jump back in as a non smoker

I have a close friend who quit smoking around 2 months after I quit.

I have known this friend for almost 4 years.

This person started smoking again (after a full  year not smoking)

It was because  they started dating a smoker. They smoked the entire time they dated this person

but fortunantly, were able to quit again a few months after the relationship ended.

I have nothing against smokers except they stink like I did

but,  If I were dating or looking for a life partner,

knowing how smoking controls every aspect of life including being

at the top of the list in importance?

Choosing a non smoking person would be at the top of my list.


This friend is now dating another smoker with the same name as the first smoker.

You just can't smell a person coming toward or away from you when you meet online


Is it a death wish?, fate?  a bad decision? just dumb?

I guess I'll find out someday.


Bad Choices Make Failed Quits!

Think about that!







Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 26, 2011

Everything seems to suck when we quit smoking.

This quitting may be the first time you really see yourself and circumstances

The curtains come down and we see things that make us happy about our lives and things that do not.

Try to dwell on the happy things.

Many of us masked our emotions with smoking.      Be emotional but don't kill no one

Fix the unhappy things or change your circumstances as possible.

Keep a positive attitude and a good outlook.

There is no more smokescreen of acceptance.

But it's a good thing


Well, most likely, our primary purpose for existing was not to smoke tobacco.

There has to be more to life than that.

And Yet, it sure was easy to blindly build our lives around smoking.

When we get out of that hole there is light and understanding.


Get out of the hole. Our hands are reaching out to you.

If Not?

Change Your Attitude


You have the choice and power within you  to make this whatever you want it to be.

Don't get bogged down in bull****


(nothing to do with your method of quitting)

common sense?

First of all Chris, you know nothing about quitting smoking.

You came on spouting off that vaporizers are the way to go for anyone who has a hard time quitting.

And you posted two blogs about this and you deleted both of them.

So the only one who looks chickenshit here is you if you persist with this nonsense.

Non smokers don't have active nicotine receptors in their brains.

We're special. We were able to grow a whole field of them and keep it watered with every puff.

We are so special that when it needs "watering" we have a tad more than a desire to do it.

So when that movie seems half over, or that dinner out is nearly done, or any number of other things that last

over an hour come our way? Its just easier to not make plans because we know the garden will need tending.

Fughet about plane rides. Too long without without smoking.

Society's trying to eliminate where we can get our watering done. Damn them anyway.

Our bodies know as long as there's nicotine, there's dopamine.

And isn't that what we all want?  To feel good at all costs even if we don't fit in?

I didn't know about these nicotine receptors until about 4 months into my quit while I was on another site.

It really dissappointed me. I felt like "what's the use"?

About 4 months later I learned   they have a lifespan and begin to die off when we don't "water" them.

It's our choice to garden or not to garden.

Are you committed to being a non smoker?

Have you planned for it?

Do you know how you will defeat the cravings to smoke?

Do you have any offsite support?

Do you have friends here who can support you if the site goes down?

(exchange  phone numbers and  personal email

There is no excuse to fail.  Only you can allow yourself to smoke.

There is no one nor anything else that force you backwards.

Get a positive attitude, this is a positive thing you are doing.

If smoking wasn't a bad thing, you wouldn't be knowing you should stop.

Don't give up. thats what RJReynolds, etc want.

Stop Being A Slave, Don't Cave.


now she wants to sue?


how about taking some personal responsibility for your actions you silly litigious *****

and looking where you walk.


anyone got a bus this woman can text herself in front of ?

sorry, i just had to vent.


IT'S YOURS   Do not ever forget this.


We're here to spread spam and love and help you make it through the tough times.



It's yours

only you can choose to smoke again


I promise I won't smoke over it


(I might not want to move to NYC either)

we called the one that hid in the closet and under the bed the "so-so" and feared it many a night.

it took awhile but we finally grew out of those fears and came to the realization that we had created this in

our minds.

so what is keeping you smoking, the smo-smo?

would you have us believe it comes and jams a lit one in your mouth and squeezes you like an accordian

forcing you to smoke? 

so exactly what ungrounded fears keep you fearful of quitting?

it's just not that bad my friends

anyone can do it. its just a choice


Funny part is it's always used by people who have had the worst luck at quitting


So when does this "luck" kick in?

People who believe in luck for quitting better get some knee pads.

Pure Stoooooo-pid


Life Is

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 19, 2011

Hills and valleys  ups and downs

just enough positive to get us through the negative and

when there doesn't seem to be enough positive, we lean on faith.

life is balance...... smoking tips the balance

get-yur pet, and just start petting it

read-and soon, you will be getting it

don't-think of the stanky smelling now

Go air-out your clothes and dwelling now

Tell yourself it will be easy soon

smo-king, I am finally done with you

This message was approved by "Hoggie" , VP of Lift The Ocean (Send Snow Please)

its the first thing you see on my page.


because people come here mentally defeated

dwelling on past unsuccessful attempts

listening to all those who perpetuate the negative and difficulties of stopping

even if they need not be true.


change your thinking and change your life

not that i know of anywhoo!


i could be wrong. i've reported this person at least 20 times.

i feel like the little boy who cried denali because they won't or can't seem to get rid of them

Yeah, I know I'm at an airport. But which one?

from being comfortable in your own skin?

from living in the moment for more than an hour at a time?

from being near the one you love when they need you most?

from having relationships like you've never known?

from sticking around  when things don't go your way

from staying warm on a cold winter day

SMOKING has kept you from experiencing all of the above and the fullness of life.


How much of your life have you given tobacco?

Could you give yourself 4 months without it?

You deserve the opportunity but you have to allow it to happen.



Why don't you ask that person how much luck was involved.


They were smart in how they quit, not lucky

they decided to quit and they did it.

They weren't silly and non protective of their goal.

They didn't let temptation lead them back to smoking by going and getting drunk.

They took it one day at a time and grew even stronger.

Life evened out for them because they weren't dependent upon nor consumed by the habit.

They realized they need not fear life without a cigarette

I wish you honesty and perserverence, not luck


So your quit fell right out of your head already?  Quit Doesn't Happen  **** Happens

And You Let It Throw You Right Back In The Tobacco Blender

So Now What?


How much time do you think you still have before you've done irreversible damage?

And, just how much physical damage are you willing to give to this "pleasure"?

Have you started looking at oxygen tanks?

You may want to start paying ahead so it isn't such a burden later on.


Tobacco wll NEVER be done wth you until you are done with it!

Just one more unlucky-bonus: Think about how much of your thoughts an attention smoking demands of you.

Oh right. We  never think about that do we?

You can't  pretend you didn't read this. Funny thing is, your hearts already knew everything I've said.

many of us smoked a very long time and have the memories and emotional connections of every

cigarette we smoked stored in our grey matter.

Is it any wonder we sometimes feel it is impossible to give it up?


i believe you get past the main pitfalls and dangers at 130 days quit.


that is 4 months

please don't give up on yourselves in the first 4 months

you life can be yours


there's always that choice to smoke unless you're dead

Don't We Have Better Things To Think About Than When We Can Smoke Again?


I Do


Do For You!

Did anyone hear that?






I could sweat if I felt like it.


Be Accountable




A site outage is a good reason to get some friends here's phone numbers or emails.

This doesn't happen much but when it does it can be scary to a new quitter.

Press on.

My truck ignition could do no more than spin freely when I tried to start it

"Poop" I say. "I'm not going to smoke over it!

About 10 years back it became so stiff it was breaking keys so I started using a screwdriver.

Well I had the cylinder replaced today and guess what?  It uses keys.

so the first thing I reach for to turn it off? yes the screwdriver

then I realize the key is in the igition.

It's like driving a new truck.

Now I have to get the screwdriver out of the cab and relearn how to key an ignition not scr*w it.

And you're halfway through the most exquisite meal. Everything was created to perfection

and you are suddenly interrupted by a call.


You know you turned your cell off so it isn't that.

AH!!! You have a call in your brain for another fix.

Immediately,  all you can think about is how to sneak away to get that fix!


So you're "out here" and they're "in there" enjoying the meal you interrupted to go get your fix.


If that is not being enslaved to something...WHAT IS????


We can't recover the time we lost but, we can live fuller more enjoyable lives  when we aren't dwelling on cigarettes.


GO !


And I have not smelled smoke so I am congratulating her 9 hours early!!

Congratulations Linda!!!!

You're doing it wrong!

(Subtle Hint Follows)



You can't take 'em with you!

so don't expect Gabe or Pete to light you up.

I'm knot

you don't have to be.

In tobacco smoke, nicotine "rides" on small particles of tar. When the smoke with this nicotine/tar mixture gets to the lungs. the nicotine is absorbed quickly - nicotine reaches the brain about eight seconds after the smoke is inhaled. American cigarettes contain about 9 mg of nicotine, but because much of the nicotine is burned off, a smoker gets about 1 mg of nicotine in every cigarette.

I bet I got more than 1mg. I was a deep smoker.

I see lots of people falling on their butts.


You know how they teach you to look 1000 yards ahead when you drive a car?

That would be advisable when you are trying to stay quit.



Creamy or Chunky?


(I'm stickin to skip*y superchunk)

You can't leave it...

Stop smoking now and your lungs will begin cleaning themselves out.

Right after the cilia lining your windpipe become deparylyzed from your smoking

This is where you get in trouble.

Because You are "thinking" up an excuse

and opening the door to one more failed "attempt"

Your circumstances and life situations are no less sucky than the rest of ours.



Enter the Arena and Conquer Your Captor


IRTS (I refuse to smoke)

it's what you make it

you control it, not the other way around

It  H-"IRTS" Everyone Around You When You Smoke!

I hung a door yesterday

I normally don't work on Sundays  but it had been set up a few weeks ago and the client changed it to last Fri.

because of all the rains we had

I woke up with a splitting headache Friday so I called and said, let me know which day of the weekend you

prefer. They said Sunday.

I was there from 9-2:30 and I had given them a price of $200 when I first met them.


Do you know they gave me an extra $100?

5 years ago, I would have been most interested in going to my truck for a smoke.

I didn't even think of it.

I saw that check for $300 and that was all I needed to be happy.

So why tempt yourself?

someone emailed me this morning and said she could not get on

this is not a new helpful feature? is it?

done with bad thinking

clothes that were stinking

and each excuse i made to keep on smoking

ooh  ooh all over this land

And it does, you know. When we smoke, we are always thinking about the next one.

Every waking minute until you choose to drop it from your life.

It's just a choice. you are more powerful than cigarettes. you just haven't discovered it yet.


You need to look at it this way instead of telling yourself it's an impossibility.

Many succeed but you have to get started.

We will help you save yourself but you have to decide

Congratulations !!


Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo!

Needs a swim back to diaper town or whereever it came from


I had a major problem on a project a few years back that required a major solution.

The city required that we connect two buildings because we did not have enough parking spaces

for the number of bedrooms and we could not gain any.

There were two major problems created by this requirement..

#1 the buildings did not line up 

#2 We couldn't change the headroom at the stairwell

    to the back building and that was the only access to the 2nd & 3rd  floors of the rear building.

The architect submitted a plan to the owners and it just plain sucked. That Saturday morning the roofers were

re roofing the front house while the drywallers were hanging sheetrock inside

I sat down on the bottom steps in the rear stairwell and I thought, "There's got to be a different way to do this."

I studied it from all angles and finally  it came to me. We could we could do a roof with the ridge beam angled

(Skewed) to one side so that the rafters cleared that stairwell headroom and the window on the other side.

I had it drawn up in 3D with CAD so  the owners could grasp the concept.

They approved it and here are a couple pics.


Are You Ready?

Here's a couple Of Nearly Finished Views

See How It Appears To Float Off The Roof Of The Front House?

Please Consider your Biggest Triggers and Craves this type of challenge..

Sit with yourself and say, "there is a solution". I will do this" because friends,  you won't  find it until you try!

Change your minds, don't close your minds to any possibilities when you quit smoking.

That is how you find the solution and get through to the other side..


I made a blueberry crumb cake for breakfast


But I'm Not Smoking

Nicotine releases dopamine in your brain


The other reason?

Because you've been brainwashed to think you can't either by society,

Or people who didn't think they could so they pass their negativity on to you.

and now,



when does that end?


It ends when you approach it with a clear, open, mind!.

And how much can you charge for sushi and still make a profit when you paid $1000 a pound?

I promise not to smoke over it

1. You need to keep your ID on the dashboard

2. You need a friend from where you are departing

3. You need a friend at your destinatin\on

4. You need a roll of duct tape

5. Have your first friend tape your hands to the steering wheel and the second cut you free.

Your id is on the dashboard in case you get stopped.

See? Simple If you have enough gas in the tank or don't have to pee.

I'm not going to tell you to order the burger without the bun. I won't preach that but

Laughing really helps!

Laugh when you get a crave!

It Can Be Your Last!


It's funny how much i get from trying to help you. Immeasurable.

Now when I meet anyone in a social setting and they ask me what I like to do or enjoy doing,

I always include that I try to help people quit smoking tobacco as well as writing music.

So I want to thank not only the other elders here for all their hard work but, each one of you for allowing us to

guide you out of the addiction we have all been held captive by.

Make your quitting all of our reward.

People scan these sites for personal information. please remove any personal information from your pages.

This has been a public service announcement

What if it was sleeping on your chest?

or chained to your face?




We've heard them all!


Open a window and move on!

The Three Post Rule


Post your frustrations and wait for a response from someone here.

Then do it two more times.

the crave will pass.

right below their picture is a list with add a friend at the top.

We're all here for each other in any case.

have a great Monday

(I'm off to clean my tongue)


I didn't write it. LOL

But this is my own arrangement

This morning at  7:16 am will mark day one of my fifth year as a non smoker after 40 years of smoking. These damn clocks never let you forget.


Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Some think I am harsh, some think I’m humorous.


I like to get people on the right path so sometimes I come off harsh. Thankfully, there are plenty of others who come right after me and soften what I say. I am so greatful for them. We are a great team, all of us.


I suggest laughing when you quit for changing your mind in an instant. I write entire songs while I sleep. I think the two go hand in hand. Our minds are incredible if we learn to let them work for us. But we have to let them. We can’t be so trapped by our past thinking that we refuse to grow.



Some of you may wonder if I ever actually enjoyed smoking. I assure you I did.


There was one tree I could run under to smoke when it was pouring rain.   It was my sanctuary in bad weather. I very much enjoyed running out barefoot to have a smoke and watch it coming down all around while I was dry and enjoying my smoke.


I actually liked the taste of my brand. A couple years before I quit, I was ordering them straight from Kentucky because the tasted so much fresher than the ones they sold at the store that had been warehoused for 6 months or more.  You could draw on them without lighting up and the taste….well, enough of that.


I’m here now, starting my 5th year.

I have never regretted giving up smoking.


I do have a few regrets that I didn’t quit sooner.

About 11 years ago, a ladder I was on tipped over sideways. I had a nailgun in my hand and was over reaching and there was no clear place to jump down because we had had major rains and there was lumber stacked in piles everywhere, including under and around my ladder. My leg was broken in 80 places when it snapped on one of those lumber piles. My foot didn’t even look like it belonged to me. They put it all back together that night. I was in the hospital for 11 days so this was not a simple broken leg. And yet, I would crutch to the hospital stairwell to smoke even though it hurt to get there and back.


I surely regret I smoked while my severed leg healed because the ankle bone died and I have no ankle motion in my right foot. Yeah, stupid me. I didn’t pay attention when the orthopedic surgeon said don’t smoke and, I paid with 5 surgeries and 3 years straight in a wheelchair and on crutches, most likely because I didn’t pay attention. I continued to smoke those entire 3 years. 


But I did quit.


I still like the smell of a cig wafting through the air at the beach so people, there are some things you just may never forget but, none of those memories would entice me to smoke again.



Because I am a different person. One who values life from a new perspective. Not just mine or my family but yours too.


I’ll never go back and I’ve still got a lot of fight left to help you.

I value each one of you and each of your quits.




Don't play head games with yourself.

If you do you will give up and go right back.

Load up on the knowledge you need to get through a crave.

Realize they don't last long unless you dwell on them.

You need to distract yourself when you get one. This is called BM

Behavior Modification.

You do something else when you would have smoked until it becomes natural to do

when you are reminded to smoke


Try not to replace one bad thing with another.

you can change your mind without "rewarding" yourself with another bad habit.

Be good to yourselves.

Happy New Year

Don't Do It!!

This is your shot..

If your quit starts at midnight and you are drinking and smoking right up until 12

you might just say "well what the Hell. I'll just finish this pack and then quit"

You will have already started on a downward spiral if you make that choice


you might just undermine your resolve by cutting yourself slack in that way.

It's your quit.

Don't Be Stoooopid.

Have some Deer Beer

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