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Never heard of avocado toast?

Open your mind and try some.

Of course there are those who only use strawberry jam.

Ever had tomato preserves on a toasted onion bagel with cream cheese?


Now everyone's hungry


The point of this blog is to help you understand that if you can change your thinking and try

new things (not food things) when you quit, things that get your mind off the negative.

change your mind, change your life

The "carp" stands for carpentry


just sayin'



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 31, 2010

you can choose to go left or right.

to the left is a nice drive to the beach

to the right is the road to the garbage pit

don't let your choice to quit smoking be a trip to the garbage pit

you may not feel like yourself but isn't that the point?

starting anything new can be the biggest challenge in your life


joyful because your eyes are on the prize and you

are willing to weather the storms.

keep your eye on the prize. it is so worth it.


completing my 4th year tobacco free

"life is full of storms. some we can choose to step around"

That Empty Feeling

The whole lesson that needs to be learned in life is simple:

To accept the emptiness.

At the very core of life, emptiness is what IS.

Emptiness is at the center of all human experience.


We smoke and drink and spend money we don't have and pine for things and people and days gone by and worship our idols to escape from it, but it's always there.



Nothing left to do or say. "What now?" we ask. "How do I replace what's lost?" we wonder.


We quit smoking because it was killing us but we hate the empty feeling we have without it.


We leave abusive people and return to them, or someone like them, for the same reason.


We don't like prisons such as depression, guilt, our addiction to nicotine, alcohol, sex or our low self esteem but it's the only reality we know.


To deal with emptiness is to confront our demons and see them for what they really are. Nothing at all!


Emptiness is just the flow of life and reality as it really is.


Times change. Relationships end. Jobs are lost. Loved ones die. Old lifestyles change. Our children grow up. Addictions are broken.


We move on. We have to.


To not accept the emptiness is to stagnate. To look back is to turn to salt like Lot's wife.


The lesson to learn is to "Let it Be" as the Beatles said. To let go does indeed cause grief and suffering.


We cry for awhile and time passes and things improve. We look back after a few years at what's lost, and though we still feel a pang of grief, we see that we did manage to move on despite ourselves.


Life is dynamic! Like a river it constantly moves on. We can sit at the river's edge and watch it flow while we cry, or get a canoe and jump in it for the ride.


Imagine what all you'll see on the journey! "What's next?" we ask now with eager anticipation...

solutions for sleeplessness

you may have bouts of restless sleep or insomnia after you've quit.

this happens more often as we age, and, we're all doing that  aren't we?

If you aren't, you're already dead.

When I can't sleep it's usually because my mind is full of thoughts of the next day or the near future

what i do is get up and write down everything my mind brings up

it can take 10 minutes or 2 hours to declutter it but when i am through

my mind has no excuse to keep me awake.

By setting an alarm, i eliminate the worry of not waking up by a certain time the next day.

if you are tired the next day, take a 10 minute nap or whatever you can get away with

on an old smoke break allowance or on your lunch break.

as you get older, you'll find its easier to nap.

i often go to bed and wake up with a completed song in my mind.

melody, lyrics and chord progression never consciously thought out.

your mind is amazing thing. use it to your advantage. turn it loose.

There are plenty of people who have gone cold turkey here and been successful.

I can only relate my own experience with the patch.

I thought about quitting a month before and began saying, "dale wait a little longer"

I saw I wasn't buying cigarettes as often, which gave me a feeling of POWER

which in turn, got me to the last pack I bought one friday afternoon. I knew it was the last.

I quit the next tuesday at 7:15am.

In 40 years, I had never tried to quit before.

I had no knowlege of quitting whatsover except my experimentation during the month before my quit

with waiting longer between smokes,

So, I got the patch as a security blanket.

It was a great thing for me because I put my faith in it.

If I was feeling like I might smoke I always had one with me.

It was that belief in them that kept me calm, real or imagined

Like I said I didn't know anything before I quit so I was winging it.

There were 4 days (and not in a row) during my first 14 days that I forgot to put on a patch.

I could've driven home and put it on if I needed it but rather, I just experienced those days without them..

I began to laugh, chuckle or smile each time i craved from the 3rd day forward.

You see, I realized smoking was just a decision each and every time. That gave me POWER.

I listened and my body and mind came to the agreement  that I no longer needed them

after the first two weeks. I found a quit smoking site after I had stopped using the patch.

I kept one in my wallet fot the next few months like a teenager who thought  he  might get lucky.

I never needed it but it was always there to calm my mind.

So I say, It's all in what you believe. Your mind is where the power is.

Get the idea that luck is going to help you in this right out of your head!

Our own stupidity brought us to this point in life and its time to get a LARGE portion of wisdom to beat this.

I was a slave just like you until 4 years ago

you won't if you give yourselves ANY excuse to smoke.

We can't slap it out of your mouth your tie you up when you get a craving and

are ready to light up.

we can't make all the people who are just quitting succeed.

people will fall by the wayside. accept that.

all of us who have quit for years know we can't save everybody.

if we thought that, we would have gone crazy years ago.

if you let yourself down and we have time vested in your quit, it hurts us too

but, it hurts you alot more.

love yourself enough to be honest. there are no excuses to smoke. NONE

people who don't smoke don't have to make up excuses to somke when life hands them a turd.

you don't either!

The Craves The Craves

When you get a crave....

#1. feel the weather with your eyes closed.

Go outside close your eyes face the sun. take a couple of gentle deep breaths


Go outside in the blizzard, turn what ever side you desire to the weather, and, let er rip.


#2. If you are at a social occasion and the smoke is driving you crazy?

Insert one chilled shrimp in each nostril and breathe through your mouth.

You can size them at the buffet, just don't let anyone catch you.

(Vicks works well under the nose also)


#3 If you want to go on the offense or just be plain offensive with your new found *****?

Wear a name badge that says "I hate smokers! Get too close and I keel u!"


#4 you can't smoke while you sleep !

there's a drink called "ankles in the air" that will knock you right out!

Better Google that one.


Did you realize you've wasted 25-30% of your valuable smoking time sleeping!

"New Year Quit"


I was never much good with new years resolutions so I never made any.

I quit on the 2nd to keep my no year resolution record.

I start my 5th year quit on Jan 2.

This isn't rocket science people and it isn't nearly as hard as we were led to believe.

You decide once and for all and you honor that decision with yourself.

The first 3 days without nicotine are the hardest.

You push that first month and then keep up your guard for the next 3 and you can be free for life.

Put on a happy face, ride out the craves and smoking memories. they usually only last a few minutes.

I laughed each time I craved. It helped me get my mind off the actual crave and find the source of the crave.

Quitting won't kill you, SMOKING WILL.


4 years

If you didn't know the right way, you would be wise to watch someone and learn how,

not experiment, and botch the job. I've hung some hand carved doors that cost $1600 each

so it is with many things in life including quitting smoking. Certain things work, others don't.

How many doors are you willing to ruin to do it your way?




BEWARE: As A Door Is One Of The Most Skilled Things A Carpenter Does, So, This May Run Long.

If  I can do it , you can do it!

Merry Christmas

The most important thing is to not create unnecessary anxiety by stressing out about


Do not base this quit on past tries.  If you do  you may fall into the

“I couldn't do it before and I can't do it now” mentality.

You need to start fresh without misconceptions or ghosts in your head.


Quitting is about deciding to quit and honoring that decision nothing more.

You will be uncomfortable for awhile.

You cannot smoke and quit.  It’s one or the other.

Our smoking created things called nicotine receptors in our brains.

When nicotine hits these receptors they trigger the brain to release dopamine

This is like self made heroin. the “runners high” etc.

Every time you smoke after you've quit  you re-awaken the receptors.

That’s the physical part of the addiction.

Now The Hardest Part

The memories and emotions connected with every cigarette you ever smoked are rolling

around up there in your subconscious mind. 

This means you need to relearn living without smoking so that those old memories get

replaced and don't  drive your desire  to smoke anymore.

It takes a good 4 months of no smoking to be in a place where you don't think about

smoking on any type of regular basis.

That's pretty much the whole process.

It isn't as hard as you think when you understand this and don't let it fluster you.

I didn't even want to quit.

My best friend suggested it. I mulled it around in my mind over the next month and

began  to say, "dale, wait a little longer"  I never deprived myself, I was learning the

power i had over it so when I quit, I  already had some confidence.

I used the patch (10 in the first 2 weeks)

I started laughing each time I had a crave and that made me catch them  before they

festered into pure temptation. They would dissipate after a few minutes and i would

figure out what memory had triggered the crave.

This is how I beat it. I stopped using the patch after those first 10.

Don't make this more than it has to be.

You Can Succeed!




4 years Jan 2

40 year smoker

I have created a number of them including H-H-Humorous Corruptus, Music To Distract You, and, Cute Things.


They've kind of been neglected but the content is still there, waiting to be added to.


There are also many other good clubs here strictly for quitting. Seek them out.


I know we cover most everything on the main blog but if you come here in the middle of the night and no one is


here, these are fun


You can also just go to youtube and watch videos that are very good distractions.


Anyway, if you feel like it join a club onsite and have some fun with your other exers.


I'll start adding to them, and you are welcome to add your favorite music or videos and humor or cute things.


Love You


Merry Christmas





H-H-Humorous Corruptus Was Migrated To "Laughter Is The Best Medicine" On January 24, 2017

"Just Keep Them Away From Your Face!"

now you know the  ystery LOL

I only had one smoking dream and that was in the first month of my quit.

well last night

I had two packs in front of me and had smoked 6 before I woke up.

Boy was I feeling dissappointed after 1450 days.

So either those 40 years of memories are ice skating in my brain

or I spend too much time here

or maybe those mushrooms from the front yard.

It's still a choice.

I would certainly not smoke if you put cigarettes in front of me.

still smoke free


Your brain to quit


You don’t need snow to make you stop

And rain can turn your world to slop

To stay inside ain’t such a pain

Use your friggin brain


Can’t clean your ear with your elbow

They say that’s what to  try you know

A cotton swab works better so..

Use your friggin brain


Don’t use your hand, use toilet paper

Then drop it in the bowl below

You still need your hand you know

So Use your frigging brain


You ask what’s this to do with quitting

We’ve covered ears, we’ve covered ****ing

Your ears are clean and you don’t stink

You used your friggin brain


So when you quit and when you crave

Just know those craves will go away

You’ll live to see another day

Push on  and use your brain

my hog likes to go outside WHENEVER he wants.

well these record rains are putting a damper on his activities.


He woke me 3 or 4 times last night to open the door

then he would go tearing across the yard

like he could outrun the rain and come right back inside

at the same rate of speed


it was all in his head folks. >he got a little damp

but he did it and he didn't SOAK.!

you can do it too!

Quitting Soaking is all in your head!

Talk about a BIG seller


someone please find me someone who will do it.

i want one white on black and one red on white

this really works. It  gets your mind into a place you could  never get.

laugh each time you crave. You will know you are winning each battle and the crave will go away.

Its just a simple mind change but it really works.


laugh each time you crave

you will be amazed


I was singing that all the way home from in and out burger.



Don't Smoke!


i'm not gonna smoke over it

they said something about brandy. i'm jonesing for a St. Bernard with a neck cask.

anyone seen him?

Yes You Can


It's In Your Hands


Don't Give Up

Don't Give In

Fight The Fight

'Till you win !

It May Be Wise To Remove such information from your page


Cutting down from a certain amount a day to 0 a day is like torture because?

Those first three days without nicotine are the hardest part of quitting the physical part of this addiction.

The nicotine receptors you created in your brain by smoking want want want, need need need.

non smokers never had them because? THEY NEVER SMOKED

So what you are doing is starving them a lot  longer than just the three days.

this is called torture in perpetuity. Most people trying to quit can NOT withstand this long term agony and just


makes me wonder if they are all ghosts and spammers


save yourself and your wallet (read clothing allowance) while you can still get through a doorway.

plastic straws are non caloric if you must have something in your mouth

candy straws aren't

substitution is not as powerful as realization



thanks for your continued business

Omar The Tentmaker

he'll keep the wish part a secret....

the silent killer-diabetes

many people don't even know they have it.

it tears up every organ, your circulatory system, causes blindness, loss of extremities.

did you know that smoking is one of the worst things you can do if you are on the fringes of

or have been diagnosed with diabetes?

i was diagnosed with type 2 a year after i quit smoking.

what about you? are you playing with a loaded gun and don't even know it?

wise up while you still have a choice

when you have those smoking thoughts, try to figure out whats driving them right then.

Is it something you're doing now that is reminding you

that you smoked when you experienced these same feelings in the past?

its ok to experience those feelings without smoking, yes, you need to relearn those feelings without smoking

but, don't let them bring you down to the point of smoking or you haven't learned what it will take to quit for good.

You may have to do something to get you through thse few minutes of temptation.


keep a rubber band on your wrist to snap yourself out of it.


splash some water in your face


stick your head in the freezer for 10 seconds.


You must learn to step outside yourself to relearn living without smoking

Or stick it under my nose....

                          I don't  enjoy a roomful of people smoking...

and i hate the stench on people who smoke..Reek Reek Reek


So there are some memories that may never go away but that shouldn't make us smoke.

They are memories, not orders from a higher power.


I saw my counter turn over at 1444 days 44 minutes and 44 seconds this morning.

who would want to go back?

Our addiction is the enemy!


Sorry To Burst Your Bubble.


Stay Out Of Trouble


Step Over The Rubble


Oh, incidentally, the easter bunny is the nicodemon for you springtime quitters and then the tooth fairy takes over in between.

I like the dropdown Menus where the old becomeanex scrolling skyline used to be.


anything else that's better?

and the white background is blinding


and I need a beer


but I won't smoke


Or $10 for every one I didn't smoke in these past four years.


Either Or will work.

Thanks Santa

For information on which half of the apple to use?

mail 5 pounds of snow to:

Lift  The Ocean

PO BOX  5438

Los Angeles,, CA

It's 80 here.


The loss of loved ones

additional stress to be places and geting things ready for those places to be.

Lack of money


Realize it and make the right choice each time you are teetering and tempted.

ps this would be a good time to get a couple friends phone numbers just in case




1440 days, never a puff

Big tobacco has hit upon a brilliant strategy. Reynolds American Inc, maker of Camel cigarettes, is planning to buy a company that's helping people stop smoking
The manufacturer of cancer sticks is apparently in talks to buy Swedish maker of nicotine gum Niconovum AB. Now what could that mean?

  Niconovum says its products are designed to give people better control of their cravings. What's in it for the tobacco company. Cigarette sales around the world have

fallen 10%, and while the tobacco companies are still making profits off making people sick, it's a declining market. Buying Niconovum would give Reynolds access to the nicotine products market, like special chewing gum.

And because it will keep pushing cigarettes, it will be able to service its customers at both ends.

She Made This For Me Last Christmas

When she finally caught me out in front of the house one evening we had a talk about it.

I thank God she never started

Thank You Admin!

They did a study where one group imagined eating M&M's one at a time and the other didn't

Each person in both test groups were then given 30 real M&M's.

the group that had visualized eating the M&M's ate half the amount of the real M&M's compared to the other group.



Use It!!!

their main point?

"10 weeks and you're free"

Using the patch does not guarantee success

It is up to you.

It may help in the beginning

but your decision to quit and keeping it alive when you're tempted or down

is the most important part of quitting

Stroke was outed by COPD.

All those who haven't quit

It''s time to quit smoking

Just jump In.

The water's fine.

Join us here

now's the time!

if you get in trouble

we'll throw you a line

but don't delay

this is your life

Also says second hand smoke can do the same thing.


That should be good enough as your reason to quit.

What are you waiting for?

you reach for the ghost pack but it isn't there

but because you don't smoke don't even care!

go 4 months feel so free

free from tobacco's slavery


A Butter, Sour cream Potato equal mix


You got the last seat on the bus

Th is a rap I wote for the weight gain syndrome.


Well I quit smokin' ciggies cause I thought that it was right

Well it is, yes it was, but now, I'm really getting wide

Now I'm squakin' yeah 'n talk-in on this cold December  night

It's osmosis, not ketosis that is splitting out my sides

Chocolate syrup on potatoes, No I never liked before

'Stead of steak with tomatoes Now my ego's getting sore

Now my Butt is so big that it takes up half the floor

Cannot get into the bathroom have a giant doggy door

Any diet, I will try it

Carbs & Calories No More

Cause my butt is as big as a truck,

and I'm 4lorn

Ok, I'm gainin' like the Goodyear Blimp

I'm really getting grand

I am huge, really big, I makes a shadow on the land

I can't stop, soda pop, mashed potatoes in both hands

shove it in push it down

Give me more old Nico fans

Any diet, I will try it

Carbs & Calories No More

Cause my butt is as big as a truck,

And I'm 4lorn

Decide that you're done

Stop Smoking!!!     YOU'RE DDNE

Laugh When You Crave

be calm and don't rave

Go 4 full months

Step round the bumps

There are no more bars

Reach For The Stars!

i was just on the main page looking at the stay forever blogs

changing your counter, mobile alerts, etc.

well i clicked on the authors of the posts and found that the writers had no activity in 6 months or more

and most of their friends were no longer actively quitting either.

these are the "give ups" they didn't believe in themselves enough to succeed.

i would rather be a doo doo than a don't do. how about you?

doo or don't?

Friction>                    Frictionized>                       Frictionizing



He growled when he couldn't smoke....his brain was "frictionizing"

Actually, No One Makes The Rules.

The idea is that you are able to quit smoking and stay quit.

Granted there are some of us who have been on quit smoking sites for years

We have seen and heard everything people can throw out there as an excuse to smoke

We have seen people who come and succeed and people who fail again and again

We can only guide you and call you on bullshit

I believe rationality and common sense make the rules for each one of us.

So, use your common sense. Don't put your quit in jeopardy by taking chances with it.

(Drinking, Etc before you are solid in your resolve)

again use your common sense. Smoking doesn't solve anything. NOTHING

Remember that this is your life, your quit and, your promise to yourself

Much love to all of you

or in a jar.


you will be surprised how fast it adds up and it will be a positive affirmation that is visible to you.

then, plan something special with it.

hey breakin the chains, didn't you do this?

I never could figure out where mine went. I guess it kind of dribbled out unknowingly.

Anyway when I got to about $1000 in money I should have saved, I wrote a Rap out of frustration called

 Wher'd My Money Go?

Gettin' close to a grand and I'd like it im my hand

swhat I saved from no butt's, nowa havta make a fuss.

It's not here it's not there, I don't see it anywhere

where did my, money go?  Well I guess I'll never know

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now,

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

Doesn't seem like a lot but it makes me really hot

cause my gadget reminds,  of something I can't finz

Maybe I should forget    go refund my nicorette

But I only have 6,   Dey won't take 'em back I bet

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

You can give out that info to people you trust through the sitemail.


It's true

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