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Each tme you get a craving, laugh. This is what I did and I swear it works.


4 years quit on jan 2

the beginning honeymoon phase of quitting is over

and you may think you've got it made

but, now is the time you put the work into your decision to stop smoking.


This is the "on the edge" time.

You can actually go either way.

this is why a small % of people make it through 1 year.

They keep waylaying themselves in no man's land.


You got what it takes?

Let's Go

You can make it less unpleasant with a positive attitude

Laugh each time you crave. Within a week you will do it automaticly and realize you are winning

one crave, one day, one week at a time.

you may not know us yet but just read and glom onto a successful attitude or two and hold on for the ride.

ask, emote, listen.

cogitate in your sleep.


it is uncomfortable the first couple of weeks. you have to start relearning life without smoking.


let's get started

make sense?


it will

How about you?

Life can hand you a second chance too but you have to take it. It's your choice

I believe we all have the choice and free will to smoke no matter how long we've stopped.

But honestly, after nearly 4 years and being on this type of site all that time, I know if you can decide to smoke


Go 130 days as a non smoker and I say the monkey will have moved off your back.

You can do that. You smoked for how many years?


I'm so thankful!

Can we each make up a word for the Oxford Dictionary?




I'll see you at the table tomorrow. I'll be the one with 2 forks and a small shovel

You have to do your qut your way and roll wth the craves. We all had em.


You can do this!!!

Turkey Tacos Here


Corn Tortillas

Leftover white meat shredded like shredded beef but not fine more coarse

Romaine lettuce shredded

corn oil

rice vinegar

Shredded cheddar cheese


Fry up as many taco shells as you want and you'd better make extra (fresh is 1000 times better than preformed)

This takes 10 minutes. put 1/8 inch oil in a 12" skillet.

Put one shell in  and then flip it and fold it  Do the same with another and another

Three shells are cooking at once. Drain on paper towels

Shred up some lettuce a little larger than coleslaw and soak in rice vinegar and oil.

I use corn oil because it doesn't add alot of flavor of its own

Just warm the leftover turkey slightly so it isn't cold and shred it slightly with your fingers

Ok-Assembly Time

 load some shredded turkey in the shells

Add some of the soaked lettuce

put some shredded cheddar on this.


If you're bored or feeling weak

A friend once here told me she read evry single one of my blogs from the day I got here.

That's a little extreme. LOL

But for all the rest of us...

WE have the choice to not keep any around.

And trust me a simple trick in avoiding temptation are easy if you have some

stumbling blocks set up ahead of time.

If you feel like you just have to have one. Drive 2 states away


have someone hide your keys


tie you up.

Have a no smoking sign posted on your fridge and bathroom mirror


whatever it takes

If you are unhappy about quitting you need to turn that around.


There is absolutely nothing bad about quitting.

you may be uncomfortable but that beats the other extreme.


Stop giving up on yourself. This can be your last chance or your last quit.

Which will it be?

from day 30 to around 100 there is a period where the romance of quitting is wearing thin..


This can be a very difficult time in your quit.


You start trying to remember how it tasted and how it felt.


It's fools goild friends.


Guard your quit as your life. IT IS

The whole lesson that needs to be learned in life is simple:

To accept the emptiness.

At the very core of life, emptiness is what IS.

Emptiness is at the center of all human experience.

We smoke and drink and spend money we don't have and pine for things and people and days gone by and worship our idols to escape from it, but it's always there.


Nothing left to do or say. "What now?" we ask. "How do I replace what's lost?" we wonder.

We quit smoking because it was killing us but we hate the empty feeling we have without it.

We leave abusive people and return to them, or someone like them, for the same reason.

We don't like prisons such as depression, guilt, our addiction to nicotine, alcohol, sex or our low self esteem but it's the only reality we know.

To deal with emptiness is to confront our demons and see them for what they really are. Nothing at all!

Emptiness is just the flow of life and reality as it really is.

Times change. Relationships end. Jobs are lost. Loved ones die. Old lifestyles change. Our children grow up. Addictions are broken.

We move on. We have to.

To not accept the emptiness is to stagnate. To look back is to turn to salt like Lot's wife.

The lesson to learn is to "Let it Be" as the Beatles said. To let go does indeed cause grief and suffering.

We cry for awhile and time passes and things improve. We look back after a few years at what's lost, and though we still feel a pang of grief, we see that we did manage to move on despite ourselves.

Life is dynamic! Like a river it constantly moves on. We can sit at the river's edge and watch it flow while we cry, or get a canoe and jump in it for the ride.

Imagine what all you'll see on the journey! "What's next?" we ask now with eager anticipation...

author unknown

So don''t send any more because I'll know who it is. LOL


(Oh and the message from her? I didn't think it was particularly nasty)

If You ever Feel Low or tempted to smoke  Post here 3 times and wait for responses after each time.


You will get through

Try It!

Then decide if  that's how you want to spend years of your life

This can just be from the stress of getting everything together that has to be done BUT

It can also be from the loss of a loved one when it dawns on you that they will not be with you

to share the joys of being together.


This can affect new quitters as well as those with longer quits so

Be Aware.


This is YOUR new non smoking life.

Life happens but nothing can force you to smoke except a bad choice in a weak moment.



You have to start thinking differently about quitting.


This is how you get through to the other side


Be Joyful 

The Uncomfortable Feelings Pass If You Will Stick With This!


Guess what's for breakfast?

those messages on my page were left by the person whose account was deleted.

so I say, fuhget aboutit!

it'll all get straightened out.

love y'all


I think who in the F**** could pronounce it?


We all like to say we’re fine pretend we have no cares
But then there’s the other side that we guard like a bear
Our lives unravel constantly just as each day is long
So if you’ve tried your best and you’re still up against a wall know

There is hope    In the smile of  a child
Don’t give up… it gets better in awhile…
Just hang on for a moment more And I’ll throw you a rope
The one thing you can’t give up on is hope



I Slipped

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 17, 2010

and used Ultra Brite instead of Preparation H.


Gleaming "smile"

Stop feeding dislike dischord and pain.

and stop writing downers to each other on your pages.

You just keep feeding it. and pushing more buttons

Same thing with quitting smoking.


Get your head on straight and everything will stay in the pot and you won't have lost your efforts.

Take it somewhere else.


This isn't the Place.


And to not allow people to post on your blogs makes you appear to be a female Hitler

Hello World

Traffic crawls   Cell Phone Calls  Talk radio screams at me through my tinted window
I see a little girl, rust red minivan  She's got chocolate on her face
Got little hands, and she waves at me, yeah she smiles at me.
Well Hello World   How you been?
Good to see you my old friend Sometimes I feel, Cold as steel  Broken like I'm never gonna heal  I see a light, a little hope in a little girl, Well HELLO WORLD
Everyday I drive by a little white church,   its got these little white crosses like angels in the yard
Maybe I should stop on in, say a prayer  Maybe talk to God like he is there  Oh I know Hes there, Yeah I know Hes there
Well Hello World   How you been?   Good to see you my old friend,  Sometimes I feel as Cold as steel
And broken like I'm never gonna heal  I see a light, a little grace, little faith unfurl.  Well Hello World
Sometimes I forget what living's for, And i hear my life through my front door,
and I'll be there,  oh I'm home again  I See my wife, little boy, little girl, Hello World
Hello World  All the empty disappears I remember why I'm here  Just surrender and believe
I fall down on my knees Oh Hello World, Hello World, Hello World

Don't keep any around

Don't go to the store you used to buy your smokes

Toss those lighters and firestarters

Tie your hands to the steering wheel

No crispy duck for the first 6 months


I made a chicken and stuffing casserole.

Hell No!

WE need some new ones people!


Come on, submission time.


I'll start..."my cat liked the smell of cigarette smoke"

(well he got used to it, i think)

No more cherries on my shirt

burning holes and leaving dirt

I don't need no pockets now

Don't you wonder how?

What dio you think?

If fear and  fear of misery and  death could make people successfuly quit, there wouldn't  be any smokers


The govenment also says that 4000 children a day try their first cigarette.

I remember at 4 months I was driving to a job I had worked on while I was still a smoker.


As I was going up the winding roads into the hills above los angeles,  I instinctively reached 

over on the seat of my truck for my pack of cigarettes.


I laughed. I thought," nope, not anymore". I KNEW I was done forever.

Unchoose It, Dis-Choose It.



Its Your Choice EVERY TIME

You aren't losing anything but gaining everything smoking has kept from you


Take what you leave and eat the rest


They unclutter dirty air.  That's why you feel so good after a rain.

It rained all night but the sun is out.

I think I'll bask in the negativity of the ions.

You're all invited to dinner.




Did I say that?

Happy Smokefree Monday!

Your Smoking Finger


(the yellow stain goes away about a month after you quit)

Can Drive People To Smoke Just To Mask The Pain.


I'm smack in the middle on a number of fronts.


I didn't say MAKE people smoke I said drive toward....


Don't let it take you down..Its always a definitive choice

They did a long term study on smokers, those who smoked a pack a day or more for many years.

They performed low level CT scans and found they could spot lung cancers years before they would have

been big enough to see. One woman had a tumor discovered 9 years ago that would have killed anyone a few

years back and has gone to the North pole and continues to live a full healthy life.

I had a neighbor who had quit smoking 20 years and all of a sudden there were spots on her lungs

and 1 year later, she was gone.



and what's left?

How to unlearn smoking on the fast track


When you crave you are thinking about smoking so

you need to take your mind someplace else.

What I did was laugh or chuckle  every time I had a crave

you can even smile in church and the pastor will think you are getting the message.

The point is, you are taking your mind off smoking


After a week, you have retrained your thought pattern as well as learned that you are in control.


That's what I'm talkinabout!

or someone tripped on the server power cord and pulled it out of the wall.

well, for what it is.




I was thinking about having a goof laugh with God someday.

I'd ask," God why did I have to be put through so much?"

and God would look at me and say,  


"because I felt like it.".

fughet aboutem

Stop Being A Slave

Smoked for 40, Off for 4





When I first quit, I asked myself what could make me lose my quit & smoke again?


My answer was if I got call saying my wife and daughter had been in a bad accident.

that was it, my one and only excuse.


Well that didn't happen.

But, I've had to move twice

this economy has been horrible to me and it started well over a year before anything hit the media.

i'm on an emotional rollercoaster but...


The fact is friends, nothing can MAKE you smoke

It's only a choice. Always has been.

Once Again>>>Nothing can MAKE you smoke

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