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I wonder what their cigarettes look like and wtf is in them?


\Into A Cherry Boston Cream Cake

You have a friend...

they put a blindfold on you.....

hide your smokes and spin you around 30 times


you can't smoke and you entertain them all weekend



the maury show, two in a row.

"Just Quit Smoking"

when you quit smoking and you think about a smoke or have a crave, its best to be on the outside looking in.

most of us didn't think about why we smoked, we just did.

so when you want to smoke after you've guit, look at why from the outside-in perspective.

you'll realize that there was no real reason to smoke.

We just did it  then

and now we dont.

There are people still on NRT's (mainly gum) 6-8-15 years after quitting smoking?

Oh Yes, you can self medicate with the gum. Get as much nicotine as you want. Build your own dosage.


Gone from suckers to chewers.

watch yourselves.

I have seen this over and over in the years since I quit.






What is an NRT's part in my quit?


An NRT is and aid to take the edge off the physical withdrawal while you learn why, when,

and what drives you to smoke.

An NRT will not guarantee success without you doing your part.


Your part is not to be whining and feeling sorry for yourself.

Your part is you wrap your mind around the fact that you have some control

your power will get stronger as you learn about your habit and prepare yourself for a new way of life.


You gain momentum and ride the wave to freedom from both smoking and nicotine!

If you're going to use them, don't abuse them

Enough said?

people  constantly wonder when it will get better.

when they won't think about smoking.

when you just forget you were a smoker and live life.

i feel you have a good shot when you pass 16 or 17 weeks.

thats what happened for me.

i read on a medical site that 16 weeks was sort of a "graduation" for your body in the quitting process

and it so corresponded with my time of mental freedom.

so many have come back to me at that time in their quits and said "you were right"

i believe it is a magical time

so, lose the negativity, strive for it and see for yourself.

quitting is a chore but the freedom wonderful



1323 days

This will get you through the rough times and up on the hill looking back

How simple is that?

Don't give it away!

We gave away the power  from the time we started smoking

Don't let it work you! WORK IT!

Think about each memory that is driving you to smoke.

understanding the mental repetition and reflexes is the key to success



Grounded or fully afloat?

If It Tastes Like A Cigarette.....Do The Same!

 when you're reaching for one and they aren't there

and you don't care

you've arrived

and anyone can comment on my blogs

dove candy wrapper


or talk you out of it.



Trying to quit smoking without knowledge and support is like doing dishes in the dark.

Its hit or miss whether you get the egg yolk off the plates or keep your quit.

learn don't burn

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