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The Zooper Dooper Squozer Of All Time?




Who can turn your quit to solid gold?

why you!  consider now that you've been told!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jul 29, 2010

there is hope.. in the smile of your child

don't give gets better in awhile

just hang on for a moment more and i'll toss you a rope

the one thing you don't give up on is hope

Hold down the     faht  fort


1300 Days

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jul 25, 2010

Never Saw A Banana Peel I Couldn't Step Around

wouldn't it be nice if they gave a couple people the ability to do it?

it would still be on the server so they could make sure people weren't deleting blogs for their own ends.


Its just rediculous to come here to pages and pages of crap



Not so Intrepid no more!

Be True





clear signal you're an addict.

Some big blue band across the top 10%.


Not even a marching band!


I Swear I Didn't Do It!


i thought we were able to design our own pages?

guess snot

You don't feel better until you get all the misconceptions and crap out of your head





That's Not A Small Penny...It's A Big Ear!


I've been growing it for over a week.

It's tentatively promised to Kate pending her Dr's input and providing it's not too large for her head. 

What do you think?


Quitting just never affected me that way.

I've been quit for 3 1/2 years.

the dust has piled up big time.

post a picture if you have one

Cost of both is becoming astronomical.

I can go without cigarettes but onions? $1.79 a pound?

greedy growers? I think not.

Greedy tobacco companies? Well, that's a given.

1289 days smoke but not onion free.

You have to take your chance to get away or it will get you



Meet me on the no smoking beach

She has a grand attitude and wonderful quit going.


Unlike This Pig Out In A Field

your power.

you are so much bigger than smoking

ok, we've heard a lot of bad things about tar lately.

ex smokers have their own reserves in lung lung land.

we have these little cells with tails (cilia) that wave the bad crap out of our lungs when we sleep.

they are paralyzed by the nicotine when we smoke but, a month after you quit, they begin the cleaning process.

its has to go somewhere right?

well you swallow it and it works it way through your digestive system and comes out .

so if you get the sticky sh*** , you've been informed

I had this blog all written out about when you quit how you get this little patch of ex-smoking hair

and also explain why not hacking out tar might stick you to a toilet seat


then POOF

that you have a choice.

there's no excuse.

no one puts it in your hand, lights it, puts it in your mouth

and squeezes you like an accordian.

you built your whole existence around it and didn't even realize it


know no more


So Think Happy ......

It makes all the difference in the world to your success in this

it wouldn't be any fun at all....

Get Rough Right Back At It!

Meatloaf Tacos with avocado

new people!

put a face to the handle or not, and jump in.

we can help you



But I wouldn't  smoke over it

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