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I have a limited number of quit-smoking stem cells available.

i sell these quit smoking cells for $250* each, cheap even in this economy.

(that's less than 2 months cigarettes even at $10 a pack-1/2 a month for you 2 pack a day smokers)

*special<<< today only>>>2 cells for $400


Mail your cash to

No Brainer

Los Angeles, California

If You Believe You Can Quit, You Can.

Oh My!

She's on her way home after sheri-izing a large hospital, numerous nurses and, a specialist.

This isn't like "lifting" a book report off the internet

asking your son to take out the trash

looking over someones shoulder during a test.

this is the real deal



it's as easy as you make it.

Lose all those echoes of how hard you've heard it is.

Its worse thinking about it than just doing it.

Save yourself now. There may not be a later.

Whats worser than not having a cigarette on Saturday?

12 chips per serving...

Who can stop at 12?

Cigarettes..20 per serving..

again...who could stop at 20?



number of daily servings at 40 years...


You know they say quitting smoking increases your libido??


Do we need a club people?









If Someone Else Can Quit Smoking, Why Can't You?

1.     Because I'm Weak 

2.     Because I Have More Stress Than Everyone Else 

3.     Because The Air In My Tires Is Low 

4.     Because It's Supposed To Rain On Wednesday 

5.     I'll run out of toilet paper 


There are no good excuses. We tell ourselves there are but, do we want to pay for lying to ourselves later?

Many smokers are in such a rut and they gloss it over by smoking.

When you see what you can do by quitting you can tackle those things smoking has hidden.

Whether is be a bad relationship, or your own self image.

Quitting smoking is a win win situation if you focus on the power you have given yourself and use it

in all areas of your life.

Take away the smokscreen and gain your lives.

Listen To Your Body, Get A Hold In Your Mind Just Why You Smoke

Then You Can Win And Perhaps Do It An Easier  Way!

I started smoking when I was 17. I was traveling 100+ miles each way three times a week to rehearse with a famous group in Los Angeles. The competition was very high and it was very stressful rehearsing 14 hours at a time. The rewards were worth it, I did 8 Ed Sullivan Shows, Red Skelton, Johnny Carson, etc. Elvis asked me to sing with him... Anyway the "in crowd" of the group were all smokers and would go out on the porch and smoke on our breaks. That's when it started for me.

I traveled and sang and played professionally for many more years, smoking all the time. When I finally stopped 2 years ago, I had smoked for 40 years.

Now the How !

My best friends brother was a heavy smoker. He doesn't smoke nearly as much now and I hope it is partially from my example. Anyway my best friend had quit a year before. He was a closet smoker. Maybe 4 a day.

He said, I think you should quit smoking and that maybe if I quit , his brother would quit. I said I would consider it. So over the next month I just let the concept of stopping roll around in my mind. The final two weeks before I quit, I started considering waiting when I wanted a smoke. I learned I had some control and pretty soon I was down to 2/3 pack a day then 1/2 pack. The friday before I finally quit, I went to the corner store and bought a pack and I said, this is my last pack. It was. I saved one cigarette for the morning of my quit Jan 2, 2007.

I smoked it at 7:15am and I decided to go get the patch and try that as a security blanket.

Yes, I was more than a little frazzled because I had not yet learned how to get out of the "want one" syndrome.

The 4th day, I forgot to put on a patch. I could have freaked out and rushed back home to get one but, instead, I just thought, I am going to see what this is all about and not let it get the better of me. To get through that day without the patch made a light come on. I knew I could do it.

The next day, I was jittery and decided to use a patch.

But see, I was listening to my body from day one. Testing the waters. Seeing when I would have normally smoked, I began to smile each time I had a craving because I realized I was gaining control.

I used 10 patches over the first 14 days. The days I didn’t need one, I didn’t put one on.

I gained control in those two weeks. Then, I just stopped using the patch.

So yes, I used an NRT to give myself some control over what I was feeling and as a security blanket those first two weeks. It enabled me to get a handle on the true drive of the smoking addiction, MEMORIES.

We smoke when a child is born, a parent dies, when were happy, when were sad.

There is a feeling behind every cigarette you ever smoked. Its all rolling around up inside our brains. This is what we have to see to quit. Why we keep smoking.

So I was on another quit smoking site for my first year. Met a lot of friends. Watched people come and go. Succeed and fail. I saw it all, everything. I learned, I talked, there was a lot of compassion for one another to kick this beast in the ash.

I heard about the Nicodemon. (This is all Easter Bunny stuff) your quit is between you and yourself. It’s your decision.

Anyway, the site had stages and feelings described during the first 100 days of a quit.

Hell Week

Heck Week

Weak Week

No Mans Land

What I learned for me was that after 17 weeks, I was not thinking of smoking on a daily basis anymore. I knew I was past it, DONE. I would reach for a ghost pack on the front seat but I really didn’t want to smoke, it was just a MEMORY!

I Hope This Helps Some New Quitter Attain Freedom.


You are 1 month and 3 weeks beyond the carp 4 month, 1 week milestone.


How do you FEEL????

Cigarettes  & Bowel Movements
There is a clearly distinguished relationship between cigarettes, bowel movements and laxatives. Many people find difficulty at bowel movement after they quit smoking. The good old reason is that nicotine contained in cigarettes stimulates receptors in the intestines making it easy to move things through. When smoking is halted this hyper-stimulation is not available for the gastro-intestinal tract to make speedy movements. So your bowel movement (which has gotten used to the speed track by now) stops altogether or delays.

Smoking Stinks Like Broccoli Gas

Chemical extracts from cigarette butts -- so toxic they kill fish -- can be used to protect steel pipes from rusting, a study in China has found.


Yellow Cake Mix



Can Of Peaches


Use peach juice instead of water called for in cake mix

Blend Cake Mix, Oil, Egg, Peach Juice in mixing bowl

Put batter in 9 x13 cake pan

Stir in peaches

Bake at 300 for 6 hours.

"Chewy Peach"

Serve with warm cream in a bowl


Stop It

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 9, 2010

when you put one between your fingers and reach for the lighter...

that's the moment you have to seize.

It only takes one time to really quit.

Get your head around that and make one stick

You can't smoke with peanut butter in your mouth.

And, who would want to?


(this product was processed in a plant that uses peanuts)



From tc_guy 5/7/2002

Peace to all who read this.

  No Man's Land is a dangerous and scary place... and it is a lonely time during a quit.

I call No Man's Land that period of time between about 1 month and 3 or 4 months into your quit, or about the time from the end of your first month until you become an Elder. This is a time when many people slip and go into a full relapse and have to start over... if they can start over, that is. I have some observations that may help some of you who are literally hanging on by your fingernails... or who may find yourself there tomorrow.

The first month is an exhausting but exhilirating experience... you are locked in nearly daily struggles and you get the satisfaction of successfully beating your addiction that day. You go to bed a WINNER each night (as Troutnut would say), and you are justifiably proud of yourself. Your friends and family are also supportive as they see you struggling each day to maintain your quit. And you are being constantly supported here, whether or not you post... just being here is good for your quit. And so, the battles are won and it actually becomes easier and the battles occur less often as you finish 30 days or so.

Around 60 days, you're starting to have some really good days, with very few craves and some nice insights about yourself... but then again, you still have some bad days. Those bad days can really be depressing... you begin to wonder if you're ever gonna be able to relax. Your junkie is whispering to you, telling you that 'just one' won't hurt. You've conquered your daily triggers, but now you start trippiing over the occasional ones... a death in the family, unexpectedly bad news, money problems, health problems, going on a long car ride, a trip to the bar, or whatever. You have a strong crave and you begin to doubt your ability to keep your quit.

In addition, the 3D support that you used to get is pretty much gone... non-smokers figure you should be 'over it' by now, smokers don't like to hang around you much because they feel guilty and addicted (remember that feeling?), and people who have quit may not remember just how much love and support you need well into the first few months. They all think you should be 'over it', you think you should be 'over it'... and the temptation is to have 'just one' to see if you ARE over it.

But of course you're not over it, are you? That 'just one' whisper becomes much much louder and becomes 'just one more'... and each time you give in to that whisper, the craves come harder and sooner. The one way to guarantee that your craves will never go away is to light up, to slide that old cigarette needle into your arm and shoot up. Those craves will be back and keep coming back. But if you protect your quit, your craves will eventually weaken and become even fewer and farther between.

As you get to around 100 days or so (some will be a bit longer)... you will begin to really get a healthy perspective on your addiction. You will see the huge role that smoking played in your life, you will see clearly what that addiction really cost you. And you will understand that it was a very high price to pay... the loss of your confidence, your emotions, your self-control... your SELF. All enslaved to your addiction.

And you will begin to see that you can look forward to a non-smoking future without romanticizing your addiction. You see it clearly for the life-stealing evil it was... and is. You see a much different future for yourself than your past has been. And it no longer scares the crap out of you to think that you are done smoking... in fact, you embrace that thought with joy every day.

But you have to get out of No Man's Land first. How can you help yourself? And how can those of us who have been through it help you?

First of all, you need to understand that you aren't alone. If you haven't already done so, make a pinky-finger promise with 2 or 3 good quitbuds and exchange phone numbers with them. Promise to call them if you're ever in trouble, and make them promise the same. These are your 'life and death' quitbuddies... you are literally trusting each other with your lives. Then call them... often. Just to see how they are doing, and to tell them you're doing well too. Be totally honest with them, this is life and death.

Second, understand that you're going to have some unexpectedly bad days... but they are going to be further apart. Shrug them off, laugh your way through them, call your quitbuddies... whatever it takes to get through them without smoking. Some battles will be easy, some will be hard. Come here and post, send qmail, exercise, learn to cook, take up a new hobby. Whatever it takes, keep going to bed a WINNER each night.

Third, ask some of the older qsters to keep an eye on you... to contact you to see how you're doing. I have been asked to do that for several of you recently and I am happy to do that, as I am sure that others are too. We know that you just need to hold on a little bit longer and change your focus just a little to make that breakthrough. And then you will OWN your quit, and it will be a very comfortable thing.

Last, take a deep and honest look at your past life... your life as a smoker and compare it to what your life is like now... and what it will be like in the future. You have to develop that vision of your future, of the person that you are going to BECOME now that you have freed yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You have to love yourself enough to deny yourself your addiction.

No Man's Land doesn't have to be so lonely and scary and dangerous. You need some company and some courage and some faith in yourself. And when you emerge from it, you will not be the same person that entered it.

Never never never question your decision to quit! This is the most loving thing that you will ever do for yourself. A few days of discomfort in exchange for a lifetime of freedom. You will never find another deal like it.

Unless You Decide And Do It!!!


We Gotta Stop It!!


One Ex At A Time

 Wher'd My Money Go Rap?

Gettin' close to a grand and I'd like it im-my hand

s'what I saved from no butt's, nowa havta make a fuss.

It's not here it's not there, I don't see it anywhere

where did my, money go?  Well I guess I'll never know

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now,

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

Doesn't seem like a lot but it makes me really hot

cause my gadget reminds me,  of something I can't finz

Maybe I should forget    go refund my nicorette

But I only have 6,   Dey won't take 'em back I bet

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

he had a hairy quit

he just could not get it

and then he shaved

and no more craves

it's how you look at it.


trick your'll do fine

It don't matter.

You need air either way


Don't Smoke!!

Wear A Blindfold and have someone hide your smokes.

You won't be able to light up and you might be very entertaining.

Thats my spiel of the hour.


Back at lunchtime

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