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I feel the bonding is what makes this place and others like it so effective.

We come with the same purpose and much of the same experiences.

In some ways, 2D is much more real than 3D.
We don't allow ourselves to be so free and caring in 3D because
we are afraid of being taken advantage of.

We are here and can respond without the distraction of someone standing 2 feet away speaking while we try to formulate what we will say next and listen at the same time.

This place teaches that its great to help others in a non threatening setting.

Yes we will lose some people due to what can transpire from years of smoking but,
isn't the power of giving stronger than dwelling on the negatives?

Hang tight and love those who need it.

forty days and forty nights 3 times. 3 times


(repeat over and louder and crescendo at bar 68..Everybody got that?

Find It

holes or crumbs?


(crumbs. You can wash the shirt)


those cherry hole burns are hard to patch

Get Out Your Dumbbrella And Protect Your Quit

(Lobs a rock through a plate glass window)


Quitting's as hard AS YOU MAKE IT!

Open the toolbox and get to work.

Your life is your next project.

biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy biddy bum......



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 19, 2010

Your Choice

You're Doing It Wrong

But I won't smoke.


You Neither!!!!

It's all in how you look at it.

Easy or Hard, You Make The Decision

Keep it Clean!

If You Can't You Won't

If You Want, You Can




Give Em Up!

Can Do It For Ya

With You

Did you hear about the woman who had her fingers bitten off while petting a bear?

She used her bear hand



Smoking Kills.....Don't Smoke

Get smoking off your brain

You Have To Make Changes To Crawl Out Of The Pit.

Take smoking off it's pedestal.....


you've given your lives to it and didn't even know it.


(we all did)


take your lives back

Everyone knows it's Guilia...


Congratulations Friend!!!!


Thanks For The Sincere Help And Care You Freely Give!

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