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Day and Night
If you are considering quitting smoking, you might want to re-address your perceptions of quitting.

We have heard over and over that quitting is hard and next to impossible.

BUT, please try to grasp this concept,

"It will be as easy or hard as you make it in your mind. "

What your mind believes is reality for you.

You do not have to want to quit BUT, You DO have to DECIDE to quit.

You will be emotionally uncomfortable for awhile at those times you would have normally smoked.


I believe it is our memories that make us keep smoking.

Sure, the nicotine keeps us coming back every waking hour but, the memory of every cigarette we ever smoked is rolling around in our heads.

Yes, that means the ones you snuck out of church to have....

The one after every meal....

When your kids were born....

When your mom died....

We continue to smoke without thinking.

Every cigarette you smoked is associated with a memory and feeling.

When those individual feelings come back, you want to smoke.

Does that make sense?

To successfully quit, you have to break the pattern for awhile each time you would have normally smoked, and you learn to think differently.

This is actually very easy.

I realized that quitting smoking was just a decision the third day of my quit.

Once you grasp these concepts, and, make them what you believe, you are on the way to changing the habit.

Each time you don't smoke strengthens you knowing you can stop smoking.

So Do It!! It is in your power!
Happy Holidays To Everyone!!!
But I didn't have any desire to smoke and I took the 10 breaks with a smoking concert pianist.

Stinky Stinky!

Not My Pinkies!!!
I quit the day AFTER new Years instead of New Years Day.

Some people quit on a birthday.

Some on New Years Day

Some on Christmas.

It doesn't matter what day you quit as long as you stay quit.

You don't even have to want to quit.

You say, I'm not smoking any more and you honor the decision.

Could anything be simpler?

Don't make it seem harder than it is.

It is what you make it.

Make it easy!

Did you realize there is only one way to quit smoking?

It is to stop!

We have all these subconscious memories and recalled feelings that keep us blindly smoking.

You have to start thinking about why and when you smoke to break the cycle and the addiction

Read my page for the truth and different ways to look at this choice to quit.

One way friends, one way.


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