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Do You Smoke When You Are Asleep?


If you can go those hours without smoking,


What makes you think your waking hours are any different?




Think about it.


We have been brainwashed into thinking it is difficult or impossible to quit, yet,


you quit everynight.


You Can Do This! Don't psych yourself out.





Until you make the decision to quit and stick with it, tobacco will never be done with you.
Will you let it play with you another year or two?

Outright kill you with a slow miserable death?






This is YOUR life. Do whatever it takes.





This site is different from other quit smoking sites because, many people here have not actually quit smoking yet.


They may have considered quitting but they have no plan. Many give up before they start.
Smoking's a tough thing to give up

But, you wouldn't have come here if something or someone wasn't urging you to save yourself.


This may be the first place you've come Test The Waters.
Test The Waters AND Get Ready To JUMP IN!



A Perfect Relationship With Your S/O?

Big money in the bank?

The Kids Graduating From College?

A Beautiful Sunset?

Quitting is never about things in your life being in alignment and perfect.


Quitting Is Learning Living All Over Without The Butts!

Nothing is perfect.

The Butts Stop Here!

Enjoy the sunset...


without the cigarette.

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