The Bad And The Good (And The Ugly)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 26, 2008

We all started smoking, never even thinking of what we were doing.

We were young, some of us with addictive personalities, or living with smokers around at home or being pushed by peer pressure, many reasons.



We were invincible?


Consequences? What consequenses?



The Bad

There are pleasure receptors in our brains that are never sensitized to nicotine unless we start smoking. The nicotine is carried from our lungs in our blood to these tiny little columns that the nicotine gloms onto.

As it pleases us, we need more to be satisfied.

If we ever start smoking, these receptors crave nicotine.

This is the physical part of the addiction.




Now, The Good

I have heard that just as your body regenerates and repairs itself, these receptors die and are replaced.

If you don't continue to smoke, the new ones are not sensitized to nicotine. (I will look for the documentation but you might google it yourself and do a search on nicotine receptors)


This means that after 1 year or so, your brain could be clear of the sensitized ones.



Keep them away from your face

one moment at a time.





UGLY are the times you start to give up on yourself and your quit.