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Do You Smoke When You Are Asleep?

If you can go those hours without smoking,

What makes you think your waking hours are any different?


Think about it.

We have been brainwashed into thinking it is difficult or impossible to quit, yet,

you quit everynight.

You Can Do This! Don't psych yourself out.


We all started smoking, never even thinking of what we were doing.

We were young, some of us with addictive personalities, or living with smokers around at home or being pushed by peer pressure, many reasons.



We were invincible?


Consequences? What consequenses?



The Bad

There are pleasure receptors in our brains that are never sensitized to nicotine unless we start smoking. The nicotine is carried from our lungs in our blood to these tiny little columns that the nicotine gloms onto.

As it pleases us, we need more to be satisfied.

If we ever start smoking, these receptors crave nicotine.

This is the physical part of the addiction.




Now, The Good

I have heard that just as your body regenerates and repairs itself, these receptors die and are replaced.

If you don't continue to smoke, the new ones are not sensitized to nicotine. (I will look for the documentation but you might google it yourself and do a search on nicotine receptors)


This means that after 1 year or so, your brain could be clear of the sensitized ones.



Keep them away from your face

one moment at a time.





UGLY are the times you start to give up on yourself and your quit.


Settling For Less? Have A Smoke


Can't Relate To Others? Have A Smoke


Ignoring Truth So Simple? Have A Smoke


When will we wake up and see the jokes on us?


Killing lives with smoke, Tobacco road

Our Excuses Have Nothing To Do With Smoking Or Quitting Smoking

They are just reasons we allow (or did allow) ourselves to smoke.

Did Smoking EVER helped SOLVE any the problems we use(d) as our excuses?

Did It? Does It?

Are Your Problems Gone When You Smoke?

I think they are right back in our face when we pick up that next cigarette.

I think they can be a reason we pick up that next cigarette

So how long can we hide if we know everyone else sees anyway?



Don't Worry So Much About Quitting

All you really have to do is


Everything seems to suck when we quit smoking.

The curtains come down and we see things that make us happy about our lives and things that do not. dwell on the happy things.

Be emotional. Many of us masked our emotions with smoking

Fix the unhappy things or change your circumstances as possible.

Keep a positive attitude and a good outlook.


There is no more smokescreen of acceptance.

Until you make the decision to quit and stick with it, tobacco will never be done with you.
Will you let it play with you another year or two?

Outright kill you?

This is YOUR life. Do whatever it takes.

If it doesn't fit...You musta a quit

It takes committment to get to the end of the road with smoking.


To be able to say no more and mean it.


To never back down when you are tempted.


To realize you can't go back.


Are you there yet?

You can be.

It's 95% mental

Where did you or where? will you smoke your last one?
Mine was 7:15 on a Tuesday morning. (Day after New Years Day.)

I was out front huffing away
by the trash cans outside the house and, just a tad bit apprehensive wondering if I would have to stop and buy a pack on my way to get the patch, 4 blocks further away or, actually not smoke for an hour more.
That was over 20 months ago.
Never Stopped Again!

That Empty Feeling
The whole lesson that needs to be learned in life is simple:

To accept the emptiness.

At the very core of life, emptiness is what IS.

Emptiness is at the center of all human experience.


We smoke and drink and spend money we don't have and pine for things and people and days gone by and worship our idols to escape from it, but it's always there.



Nothing left to do or say. "What now?" we ask. "How do I replace what's lost?" we wonder.


We quit smoking because it was killing us but we hate the empty feeling we have without it.


We leave abusive people and return to them, or someone like them, for the same reason.


We don't like prisons such as depression, guilt, our addiction to nicotine, alcohol, sex or our low self esteem but it's the only reality we know.


To deal with emptiness is to confront our demons and see them for what they really are. Nothing at all!


Emptiness is just the flow of life and reality as it really is.


Times change. Relationships end. Jobs are lost. Loved ones die. Old lifestyles change. Our children grow up. Addictions are broken.


We move on. We have to.


To not accept the emptiness is to stagnate. To look back is to turn to salt like Lot's wife.


The lesson to learn is to "Let it Be" as the Beatles said. To let go does indeed cause grief and suffering.


We cry for awhile and time passes and things improve. We look back after a few years at what's lost, and though we still feel a pang of grief, we see that we did manage to move on despite ourselves.


Life is dynamic! Like a river it constantly moves on. We can sit at the river's edge and watch it flow while we cry, or get a canoe and jump in it for the ride.


Imagine what all you'll see on the journey! "What's next?" we ask now with eager anticipation...



You will never see or enjoy smoking in quite the same way again.


You will quit or you will keep trying to quit.

Succeed friends, don't torture yourselves.

Make It Happen For You`

Just decide and git 'er done!


Let's all be EX's and live life without smoking cigarettes.


I can do it, you can do it, we can do it.


I was talking with my daughter a few days back.

She is turning 21 within a week.

I never smoked in the house or in front of her.
About 9 years ago, when I was recovering from a real BAD construction injury, I used to crutch outside and sit on the hood of the car and smoke.

One night she came out and saw me.

She was in shock.

So the other night she said,
I thought the smell of smoke was related to construction because she always smelled it when she came to the jobsite and at home. That's sick isn't it?

Well you may be able to fool some of the people


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