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Ready ?

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 16, 2018

I was ready when I quit.

I wasn't quitting for any existing health reason so,

(there was no pressure to quit )

I was prepared but I never focused on the preparation.

(just told myself to wait a little longer in those 4 weeks before I quit)

I knew I was buying my last pack when I put the money on the counter and not before .

In getting down to five a day without any negative thoughts ever, no counting, no denial

(I had proven I didn't have to smoke just because I thought I did.)

I told the store owner who always pulled out two packs when I'd walk through the door I was done.

His jaw dropped. (his kids weren't going to college because of my habit?  :-)  )


How much more ready could I be?


Quitting doesn't have to be mentally stressful.

It's the not doing what you're used to and, not getting the nicotine, that is uncomfortable.

Most of the negative things we contemplate, never happen, yet, we created them.


It's unlearning the connections

It's not scary

Hate of smoking may not be the answer.


It's time and willingness

to let it go


Make yourself ready to allow it to happen

         When I got off the road, I was in pretty good shape. Playing 45 minutes, 5 times a night kept me there.

         I've always loved to eat, and cook, and eat.

After being off the road for 6 months, I had gained 30 pounds. Searching around, I decided to try accupuncture.

         They place little needles connected and projecting from a circle about 1/8 in diameter into certain nerves in your ear. (I was told there are 300 nerve endings in your ears and the same 300 in your feet and they are all related to different body functions.)

         One was for tension/stress and the other was for appetite. They are covered with a thin tape so they don't fall out and, when you get stressed and hungry, you rub them gently in a circular motion to stimulate the nerve endings. You go in once a week to make sure the placement has not changed.

         After a month, I had lost those 30 pounds, but it would not have happened if I had just thought about rubbing the needles. I actually had to rub them.  :-)


         You will get a lot of different advice here USE IT.  We are here to spark your thought and we hope something we say will turn the switch on for you.


Acupuncture Ear Points for Weight Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM 


Ear Acupuncture Sedates Anxiety Study 

Yes, I kicked the "fi" out of it. I simp-fied it! 


There's something about getting to the point, 

so I will.

Simplifying any problem is the best way to find its solution.

Right From The Start

Quitting smoking is


No Need To Resist.

You build new non smoking memories and, in time,

they overtake the ones connected to smoking.


This applies to the psychological addiction only,

which is why I believe people go back to smoking after they've been quit

and, off nicotine for 6 months or more.


The physical addiction is more of a choice than unlearning.

It is a matter of getting it out of your system while replacing the dopamine with other choices and activities so you don't miss the physical

"mood/mind lift" you got from nicotine.

      Did you ever draw on your cigarettes to taste for freshness before you lit them?

      I did this.  I smoked an off brand, sales of which, were probably slower. The distributor likely had them warehoused in San Bernardino where the heat inside those facilities drew the flavor out of them.


     Being the Macgyver of my own head, the solution was to order them straight from Kentucky, which I did.


               I didn't like to smoke much.  :-)



How did you go out of your way to be a satisfied smoker?

Good Morning!


      The place I lived the longest in Los Angeles area was a house about 3 blocks from where they made Gone With The Wind and The Wizard Of Oz. I lived in this house from September 1991 until March of 2009.

      It had a porch with no roof, just a valley where the roofs met which is really not a smart design when it rains. :-)

      I loved running out under the gnarly tree that though the rain got through slightly, it never hit my cigarette.

      The Picture Above Is From 2015 And The Tree Was Where The Red Circle Is.

      Life seemed good. Sheltered to smoke.

      I had my last cigarette under that tree and never needed it's shelter again.

This was today's sunrise. As You Can See, I Was Still Under A Tree

But I'm Not Smoking

Some people liken

the  frustration

                             of quitting smoking to

common core math. 

Calm Down,

You Are Simply Relearning Life

Without Smoking.

Give It Time!

Time Is The Healer!

Happiness is different for each of us but

we're all gonna have ups and downs in life.

There will be times when we feel "stuck"and just don't know

how to change our mind and move forward.

Your answer to this dilemma is there, within that line.

Most of us think we know what makes us happy and what doesn't.

When you begin to change your mind you'll realize it's not things that make you happy but the feelings you've created and attached to those things.


If you stick your quit out and get past the initial discomfort

of not doing what you've been used to for so long,

your eyes will be opened to thoughts that nicotine

and the ritual of smoking kept from you.

      In the beginning, what is needed is to

replace the dopamine you were getting from smoking.

That's a big part of the reason people get stuck and fail.


      You can get it from music or exercise, or, a hobby or craft, volunteering, a sport, or playing an instrument. Not only will these provide the dopamine, they keep your mind busy and thus, not thinking of smoking or not smoking.

(This really works. I played guitar at a friends house 10 hours a day my first two weeks as I was between construction projects)



I Forgot To Include Food, Sex And Chocolate.  :-)

(I didn't actually forget, I was avoiding the ones that add calories)

A recent study says the dopamine is actually released when we think about the food even if we don't follow through and eat it.

(There are plenty of pictures of food on the net)  :-)

Are You Still Telling Yourself You Want To Smoke?


What Do You Think Is Going To Happen With That Thinking?


It's Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

Why Do This To  Yourself?


Are You Listening Here? Are You Reading?  Are You Learning?


Will You Make Yourself Suffer And Say You Tried Again?

It's not so complicated if you'll simply focus on that.


You Control Your Hands And Your Mouth.

Earn It! Don't Burn It!

What you have is not what you own.

It's more like punishing   :-),

but, it doesn't last long and, you get used to it.

When you've not smoked for awhile, you'll realize you don't want to smoke.

And there you have it.

Then you have to give it time.

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