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Very good movie,

some f words in one spot but you will understand why

when you see what he's been through.




It's about Thanksgiving

I highly recommend it to touch every emotion you have.

A special treat, I guarantee it.

8 thumbs up

      My Dr. recommended an over the counter medicine with alginate in it.  He said they've done tests where it makes sort of a raft that floats on the top of the contents inside your stomach and prevents acid from backing up into your food pipe while you sleep. You can't buy it at stores here. You can only buy the one with much less alginate content. So, I bought it from a seller in Egypt on ebay.  

      FYI They came from Amazon but Amazon apparently blocks my VPN.


      I start calculating, $27 for 120 tablets you're supposed tp take 2-4 at a time is going to go fast. If you took 4 at a time before each meal and before bed, POOF of $27 a month.   After calculating the costs, I get the idea to just order the pure alginate powder and mix it in water.

      After trying 2 mint tablets before bed the past two nights,  I can report "You have to chew them well and they become like glue to get off your teeth," then drink water.

      I found a pound of the powder through WM for what they were selling 4 ounces of   for the same price on ebay.

      I put a teaspoon in one of those liter water bottles last night and start shaking. It didn't mix so I keep shaking and shaking and shaking and shaking and all I'm getting it big globs.  I look online it says to use a hand mixer for 15 minutes.

      I gave up and chewed 2 tablets. It took me 20 minutes to tongue them off my teeth.

      Anyway, the gist of this tale is I poured the bottle of water into the pan I was cooking a roast in just now. OOPS!

      It was the gel. It had transformed while I slept. It was so clear you couldn't tell the difference.


      Sometimes the answer to a problem comes to you all at once, sometimes an entire song comes out during one sleep, and sometimes, TIME SOLVES THE PROBLEM, ALL BY ITSELF.

Time is what distances us from smoking.

Memories made as non smokers are what distance us from smoking.

Allowing the time to separate from smoking is our greatest promise of freedom. 

It's between your ears

Within it are your

Hopes and fears

You say you'll quit

But just like that

You change your mind

and go right back


Right back to get your fix

My you've learned all the tricks

You've said a hundred times

that this one's gonna stick


Lets face reality

It's still not too late

whether you smoke or not

the stress will be the same


This quit is mine alone

I'll not throw it away

I'll honor me this time

and I will learn my way


From those ahead of me

I'll hear just what they say

this time I won't get lost 

like all those yesterday's


This time I'll love my quit

Smoking? I'm out of it.

But it was only a day


      As I was going to take Hoggie out, I was putting on a jacket and thought I felt something in my shirt pocket.

      When I reached into the pocket, there was nothing there.

It threw me.

I knew I felt something


      So I start feeling around and I found an ekg pad stuck to my left side and another on my right shoulder.   


Only took me a day to notice them.


The driver who took me to the hospital yesterday and dropped me off and said

"Have  good day," and I replied, "I guess that depends on if I make it out of here. " 


here's something everyone should know


I'm back

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 17, 2020


      My throat and esophagus feel very tender and I'm still full of the air they use to inflate you with during the colonoscopy.


      They took me into the operatory much quicker than usual after they ran me through  the verbal questions and the vitals tests.

      The Dr. hadn't even arrived at the hospital and I think it must have been 20 or 30 minutes before he entered the room.


When he walked in the door I sang

Let's go scopin' now

Down the throat and up the bowel

Come on a seefari with me

Ala the Beach Boys.


      I've been having these procedures every 4-6 months for over 6 years so I'm pretty comfortable mentally with all that goes on.


Something new.

He recommended an over the counter product that makes a "raft" that floats on top of your stomach and prevents reflux.

The secret ingredient is alginate which comes from seaweed. They don't sell it in the US, perhaps because it's more effective than the expensive drugs but I was able to buy it on ebay this morning.

If you have heartburn after you quit smoking, (many ex smokers do) this might be of great help to you.

It's called Gaviscon Advance.

There's lots of seaweed around here. I wonder if I could make my own? 



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 16, 2020

Can I trust him?

Can I trust him not?

He went that away>

I took him out

He has his own mind

Can I see him?

Can I see him not?

I try to follow him on the security cams

      His mind was to go smell every shrub and bush at the neighbors and, after every one in their front yard he slithered between a fence post and a wall and was gone. I believe the reason is because all of that area is in his field of view at night and he sees all the critters go by and likely, they're smelling the bushes too.


Don't let your quit go the way of the cat.

It's your responsibility. It's yours and no one else's.


      I get a little fearful when Hoggie's out ever since that coyote got him when I first moved back down here. If it hadn't been for my neighbor seeing it and chasing that coyote with Hoggie in his mouth until he let him go (self preservation) I would have lost him 9 years ago.


Your quit is not a unruly cat.

It's yours. You control it

Don't throw it away

He came back

dreading the prep like it's today.

Not looking forward to hours on a toilet

But after Monday, I'll be okay.


      I'm going to get some root beer floats and chili cheese dogs and go by Steve's later. He hasn't been out since he got home from 2 weeks in the hospital.


I'm going to live it up.

I don't have to start the prep until 3pm tomorrow. 


Keep your quit

You'll get through

though there may be

days of poo.

         To me , this represents an almost, if not perfect example, of

smoking memories 6-10 years from the last puff. 

As you can can see, life is much larger than those weak memories.


"Smoking is a choice. Unchoose it."

If I asked you how to make an inside out T-shirt right side out

would you have to think about how to do it 


would you physically have to do it to remember?

Do you see how deep and automatic smoking is/was?


(MY T-Shirt solution  You pull each arm through the neck one at a time, then,

you pull the body through the neck, shake and fold.

Hoggie was watching me and I was trying to imagine his thoughts.)


Took a ride Tuesday.

I love that green color at the top of the wave.

and Brenda_M, thank you for my alien commemoration.

I will get back to you with some answers when I do my life's story.


1. Have A Plan. See 2-10 Below  

2. Set Boundaries. (Self Contract-See Below)   

3. Shop Places Other Than Where You Normally Bought Cigarettes.

4. Start Making Little Changes To Your Routine Before You Quit.

5. Say "I Don't Do That Anymore" When You Think Of Smoking.

6. Stay Away From Alcohol And Situations That May Risk Your Resolve.

7. Put Some Vicks Under Your Nose When You Must Be Around Smokers.

8. Quit For Yourself.

9. Reward Small Victories With Healthier And Less Addictive Things.

10. Find A Hobby Or Do Something That Replaces Dopamine.

11. Don't Forget The Lemon And The Refrigerator.  



1. Don't Buy Cigarettes.

2. Don't Borrow Cigarettes.

3. Don't Dwell On Thoughts Of Smoking.

4. Don't Give Up Too Early. Over Time, New Memories Will Replace Smoking Connected Memories.


      Most of these points are obvious. Let's look at number 2,


Before I quit, I considered what scenario might push me to smoke. Now I really pushed myself out there when I considered a Highway Patrolman at my door telling me my wife and daughter had been in an accident and were gone. That boundary was so high it was pretty easy to keep. You see what I did there? Making bargains with yourself can cement your thinking and tether your quit. Putting those specific thoughts of loss, despair, and pain as the only reason I would smoke, set my quit in STONE.

Shortly thereafter:

Another Bargain

      When I stopped using the patch at two weeks after forgetting to use it two days in a row, I put one in my wallet with the promise I would put the patch on and wait rather than smoke.


      There's no reason anyone can't set boundaries and make bargains with themselves.

These ideas drove my truck.

"The law of parsimony says

the simplest explanation of an event or observation is the preferred explanation." 

{For every event there is ALWAYS an outcome.}


Simplicity Works

This is why I say time will distance you

This is why I focus on the first 4 months.

This is the time period I saw most give up.

This is why I get to the point.

"Keep Them Away From Your face"

Bite into a lemon.

Stick your head in the freezer.

Say "I don't do that anymore."


Simple tools

that make

a task simple.

but I knew they were. I'm not much of a betting man.

See how long they are?


You never want to bet on your quit.


If you find yourself in a hairy situation.

Get up.Move out.

Take a break.Tell a joke.

Just Don't Smoke


It only takes a change of mind

to avoid smoking every time

...when the site was so buggy this morning to see if this website was working for her.

I emailed management twice with screenshots but maybe this is their day off?   


      I've gotta make some spaghetti sauce in the morning

I made 4 jars 2 weeks ago and usually, I can put my sauce back in their jars hot, When it cools it makes a seal and doesn't go bad sitting on the shelf. I thought it was from the acid in the tomato and the heat making a vacuum seal.

      I went to heat some and hour ago and there was no "pop" when I opened one. 

      No POP from all three jars. I had to throw them.

      I don't feel up to food poisoning right now.


      NO POP???  Maybe the sauce wasn't hot enough when I put it in?


      This time I'll plan to refrigerate or freeze the leftovers,


Live and learn

not to burn

Cigarettes Cigarettes

and freeze or refrigerate sauce.

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