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Free entertainment

      Here's an example of the links available if you type "Elvis Presley full movies" in the search box.

      Copyrights typically last 50 years so there's a wealth of public domain entertainment available.





      This is a great hobby and you can get a decent starter digital camera for $200-$300 or use your phone. The best part is you don't have to pay for film and developing costs.


A Pro’s Quick 5-Step Guide to Travel Photography 




Try something you've never made before

      Can you remember when two men ran behind the garbage truck emptying the cans into the back?  Things certainly have changed.

      Or, when there was only black and white TV and those cigarette commercials?

Jimmy Durante Show : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive 

      How about the first time you saw someone smoking and questioned what they were doing and why they were doing it? And then, the first time you smoked?

You smell smoke it starts you thinking

You start talking yourself into

Giving up the quit you worked for

Just five minutes to go smoking


First puff's not what you remember?

Then you ask, why did I do this?

Tastes like crap, it's pure displeasure

You weren't forced, you gave permission


This is how a quit is lost and,

Deep inside You know it, don't you?

So why do you choose to do it?

You should ask yourself the question.


A decision's what is called for

Sounds so simple but, it's true

You can try to quit forever

'Til you decide to see it through.


Look Up!

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 11, 2020

If you're always looking down,

it's hard to see where you're going!


(I bet you were thinking I was going to say "teeth.")

It's an extended process

You must adjust your ropes and pulley's as you go but if you persist, you will


my fingers and clapped my hands to the music, because,

music triggers a dopamine release!


                   you can too!

"To treat in an indulgent or overprotective way."

I'm not a coddler.

Is telling someone it's okay they failed actually helpful?

I don't believe it helps anyone quit smoking in the long run.

There are more than plenty of coddler's here.

I'm here to deliver the straight scoop.

People may not like what I'm saying.

The decision to quit must be yours alone.


Help or hugs, it's your choice.

Without a decision to quit, neither mean nada.

Me Do's

Baked Brie

Bloody (Virgin) Mary With Celery

Rose Parade


Me Don'ts

Nicotine Addiction


How about you?

Leads to good or bad outcomes 

Doesn't everyone speak to themselves internally throughout the day?

Don't we actually tell ourselves what to do?

You can't blame everything else for a failure

you talked yourself into.



9 Toxic Mental Habits That the Most Emotionally Intelligent People Avoid 

Have you considered

It's your choice to think that way?



No one makes you smoke!

Feel free to step out of the self imposed darkness.


We create our own reality. We are a collection of our own thoughts.


Why choose to be anxious over something you have the power over with a simple choice?

    Merry Christmas


I wrote this back in the late 70's for a film that was never released. (An Act Of Faith)

The intro is supposed to be a brass/horn section.

The bracketed words are the background singers

I recorded this and added the photo montage in 2018.

There comes that day when you realize "Hey, I'm doing this", and you're all in.

You get there by not focusing on quitting.

You do that by accepting that you've quit.

When you get to that point where you know you can do it, it clicks.


You have  to make some changes.

Go easy on the wine/whine

You have to give it time

but you'll be fine


Get through the first four months

Those seem to be the hardest and when most people give up.

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