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      You are the only one that can make you give up. Figure out what's ahead and move forward.     

      I didn't know anything about quitting when I quit smoking 10+ years ago.

I spent 4 weeks telling myself to wait a little longer when I wanted to smoke.

At the end of those 4 weeks, I had proven to myself that I didn't need to smoke just because the thought had come into my mind.   I had also gone from a pack a day to 5 a day with no problem whatsoever because I never denied myself a smoke.

      I bought a box of patches and off I went.

      My second week, I realized I had forgotten to wear a patch 2 days in a row so I quit using them.  I put a patch in my wallet with a promise I would use it rather than smoke. 

      A couple days after I stopped using the patch I realized I knew nothing of what I was up against.

      I researched the internet and found a fairly user friendly site called Quitnet.

I asked my questions and got the answers from people years ahead of me and I didn't stop asking questions until I was content that there was an end to the initial feelings of emptiness.

      I spent my first year+ on that site and came here to help others in August 2008.

The Only Way Out Is Through.

Time Is The Healer.


What To Expect In The First Four Months 

To Decide

      You Can Say You Want It, You Can Blame Everything Else But Yourself For Wanting To Smoke After You've Quit.  You Can Build Up Your Willpower, and You Can Talk A Talk But, If It Becomes The Wrong Talk:

      Just Where Is "Oh I Can Have Just One" Leading You?

Those Thoughts Show Indecision.

Indecision Leads To Action

Those Thoughts Don't Appear If You Have Decided.

I Never Once These Past 10 Years Thought, "Oh, I Can Have Just One."

There Was No Denial. Quitting Smoking For So Many Is About Denying Yourself And That's A Damn Negative Thought

      The Choice To See Quitting With That Viewpoint, Is The Quitters Choice.

No One Else Makes That Choice For You.

      The Happiest Quitters I've Seen Over The Past 10 Years

Weren't Denying Themselves Anything By Not Smoking.

For Breakfast

While Opening A Can Of Beans Is Momentary

Making Enchiladas Takes Time And Planning.

Get My Drift?  




Hoggie Will :-)

Well, isn't that why we smoked?

why would you go back to smoking?

I had my three hardest days in a row in the 50's

I was still looking for some thought of comfort from smoking.

You need to look at what's contributing to those feelings and building them.

Don't start blaming them on not smoking because you would have them whether you were still smoking or not.

Those feelings are the guts of your predicament


smoking won't fix them. 

Is Smoking Reward Now, Pay Later?

Think About That. What Else Could It Be?

Will Smoking Be Your Pre-Reward

For Killing Yourself?


Is Door Number One Labored Breathing?

Is Door Number Two A Heart Attack?

Is Door Number Three Lung Cancer?

Which one will be your choice if you keep smoking?

And, what will your quality of life be then?


I can eat

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 14, 2017

And I don't have to smoke afterwards.

This is my first real meal after Friday's procedure.

Meat Loaf and Macaroni Salad For Breakfast!

Look out sensor, here it comes!

(Hoggie Doesn't Cook)

"You really have to want to quit to quit."

      I saw it stated again recently.

      I believe that MYTH keeps many people from ever starting because they believe they can't quit unless the really want to and they don't think they have that in them to risk it. Risk what I say? Saving your health? Isn't your health the key to your happiness? Do you want to hurt or have parts missing before you are happy?

      I've seen so many, many, people come to this site saying they wanted to quit and fail.

      Here's what I do believe. I do believe you can decide to quit, and, I know,

until you do, you will fail.

Saying you want something isn't enough for most to achieve it.

      Many successful quits start with a health problem like an upcoming surgery or even pneumonia.  These people didn't want to quit so how did they do it?


      What they did not do was cling to smoking.

      What they did not do was resent they could not smoke.

They were awakened because of NECESSITY.

After not smoking for a time they realized they were not only better off not smoking, they now had this time not smoking under their belt and they weren't suffering.


Don't Believe The Myths. They Are The Resistance

Smoking weakens the valve at the bottom of your esophagus and lets stomach acid back up into your esophagus which can, over time, change the cells of the esophagus to pre cancerous (Barrett's Esophagus with High Grade Dysplasia) which left untreated, can lead to esophageal cancer.

If you have heartburn often, please have it checked out and get under treatment. This type of cancer is one of the quickest and deadliest.

I don't know if they are cutting or burning this morning because they won't know until they get their camera down my throat to see how the last procedure worked..

No smoking in the OR :-)


Has already received our permission.


Don't talk yourself into smoking.

Don't let smoking thoughts get started.

"I Don't Do That Anymore"

Say it out loud, again, and again, to make sure.

      Most of us started to smoke in our teens or earlier, and as such, never adjusted our emotions to move into adulthood.

   Some of us may have started working young and used it as our reward for taking the responsibility of working.

      It became easier in the heat of the moment for many of us to deescalate by thinking about the relief of smoking and completing THAT action ASAP rather than dealing with a situation. It was the chemical change we wanted, the buzz that we wanted, not disagreement.


We never knew any different.

You can't even comprehend this until you stop.

      We used smoking for taking a break from emotions but, we had no idea how detrimental that would be to working through an emotion.

      Now is your chance to find yourself.


Commit Yourself, Don't Give In

You Will Get Comfortable In Your Skin.

Give It Time, You Can't Rush It

Experience Life Don't Smoke And Flush It.

I don't want to get anyone's

hopes too high, but,

Today our nation celebrates

coconut cream pie

It's tough to smoke with a  busy piehole.

Yes, I went to a pie shop and got one. (It was on my list) :-)

I had a new experience.I sternutated all over my desk.

I don't know why it took so long.



You will have new experiences after you quit smoking. They will not always be pleasant.

Hopefully, your experiences won't end up all over your desk, all over everything that was on your desk and your monitor.

Smoking will not eliminate bad experiences. It only leads to more.

Keep your quit.

Drive yourself forward, not, back.


Jello at 100 miles per hour?

They say this so you don't go to the store and become overwhelmed by all the things that WERE NOT on your list and break the budget.


Making the list doesn't help if you don't stick to it.

It's very similar to success quitting smoking.

You have to




(for awhile)


This morning

Paid    $16.58

Saved  $21.10

I stuck to my plan.  :-) and I got a LOT of good stuff.

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