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"Straighten up and fly right!"


"You're cruisin' for a bruisin'"


"If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"


"Go to your room until your father gets home."


Sound familiar?


      When we were young and asked her why smokers smoked,

she said, "they can't stop."


She never smoked

      She never told me as a smoker to not smoke but I left home at 18 so I wasn't around much.


What were your mom's favorite sayings?

What did she tell you about smoking?

You Must Have Quit!


Don't go hog wild on those treats,

Common sense matters watch what you eat,

Don't eat something each time you crave

200 calories less each day


Give your body time to adjust

Nicotine sped your metabolism

Takes about a month to even out

Time is the healer so have no doubt.


Thing's will get better, stay on your plan

Get through a week and then, No Mans Land.

Smoking thoughts linger keep letting them go

You'll find freedom, if you keep saying nope. 

      No, I need to go shopping. I need cigarettes to do that.

Then I need to wrap the gifts. I need cigarettes to do that.

There are those Christmas parties. There's booze. Gotta have cigarettes for that.

Christmas with the family. It's too stressful. I can't quit then.

And, New Years is coming


      There are always going to be things we did as smokers that we can easily learn to do without smoking. If you'll give it a chance, you can learn to do anything without smoking.


      When will your jumping off point be when you commit to being free?

When will you take some small steps toward what you say you want?

Make some plans and make some changes?

When are you going to put on your backpack and give quitting a real shot?

It's a cigarette not air. It's a cigarette not water.


When will you decide and say, "I'm done" and, be done? 

Here's how I got started.

Where Does It Come From? 

      We have a  few places in Southern California that get snow, if not rarely.   

For some people, snow is money

Tourists bring, the milk and honey

      For seasonal business, you count on that flush time to get you through the year. I was always self employed. Some years were better than others

      So, life changes. The empty and the full. The happy and the sad. The flush and the flushed.


      When we quit smoking we tend to feel the downs more frequently because we're missing our crutch. This passes. Give quitting the time to build your freedom. Allow it.


Last night at 7pm

7 hours later

Changes, We can't stop them, but,

we can choose to accept them and

not let them hamper our enjoyment of life.

Come here before you smoke and

You'll never walk alone

Here's a link to a live cam in the mountains East of San Diego.

Very peaceful.


Embedding IP Camera Live Video Stream in web page - 

The camera lens was covered by ice so you couldn't see anything.

Here's the view from the same camera



Smoking is not required!

Nicotine is not a necessity!

“Start walkin’ ya doggone long eared galoot”

“Get your flea-bitten carcass off’n my real estate!”

“When I say ‘whoa’, I mean…’WHOA!!”


An hour ago there were blue skies


and now,

a thick blanket of clouds.

Craves will pass, LET THEM.


I put a line of rocks at the top of the incline from the corner of the house to the top of the stairs and put a row around the bottom of the Hibiscus to keep the bark from being washed downhill, then, put the bark back. Let's see what happens.

I'm not too much for blackberries and stool softener myself. 


But, I love dipping hash browns into egg yolk.

      When we first quit smoking, the melodrama created by this huge change feels like it wants to take us out....for a smoke that is.

So, I'm telling you

Are you listnin?

You must counteract it.

You counteract it by talking to yourself

I don't mean only in your head

That voice telling you to smoke is more powerful than the weak voice arguing with yourself


Hearing it with your ears amplifies it many times more than the voice in your head.

I suggest  "I don't do that anymore" because is soft but says everything you need to hear. Say it until the urge passes. Listen to yourself.

You can choose any phrase.

      Find something that works for you, then, use it every time you think of smoking.

I swear, if you'll use that phrase every time you think of smoking for a week, you'll think of that phrase first. This well propel you further down the road in your ability to deal with not smoking until you've psychologically let it go.

      Many smokers self medicated with nicotine using it as a quick solution to discomfort, both physical and psychological. This link explains how our minds can create physical pain.

100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it. 


      This treatment could give hope to many.

When you've quit smoking,

there is no such thing,

as an emergency pack.

It takes a number of steps to smoke if you don't have any around

pick up your keys

walk to your car

unlock your car

drive to the store

wait at the stop signs

park your car

walk into the store

talk to the clerk

get out your money

hand it to the clerk

walk outside

open the pack

get one out

put it to your lips

You could have stopped yourself at any one of them,

This is why the emergency pack is a bad idea.

Hey, where'd you get that lighter anyway? 

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