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Everyone is.

      The pressure during quitting for many is self created.  People who don't learn how to divert their thoughts of smoking after they've quit often blow it.

      If you will say "I don't do that anymore" EVERY TIME you think of smoking for the first week of your quit, that phrase will automatically come to mind from that point forward as a reminder that, you don't do that anymore!

Don't Blow Your Quit


Keep A Lid On It!

With Self Talk


I just took Hoggie out

I really like THE clouds

I didn't think of smoking as

the breeze blew us about









I loved smoking in a brisk breeze

In my truck, and anywhere, actually

Then the government started in

making all these rules

And now we're still in lockdown

Like a useless box of tools.

~From Tuesday 7am until Wed 10pm.

East winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 60 mph expected. Gusts over 70 mph possible on wind-prone slopes.


You just never know what you will receive from your neighbors or what they will receive of yours.


Our tenants have Covid and the mother and wife has been hospitalized for 10 days and was put on a ventilator yesterday.

He texted and asked for prayer last night. I'm praying for her recovery. Please join me.

      I looked at the weather channel about 4:30am.

      It was 57F.  That's pretty warm for that early. We've been lucky to get up to 60 or 65 most days.

I was going shopping at 5am.

I stepped outside and felt it then.

The wind off the desert.

The Santa Ana winds. 

These HIGH SPEED winds make it difficult to fight fires and, iIt's always dry here except for 6 weeks or so starting in mid Feb but there is no rain is predicted.

We're hitting 80F at 11am.



On a positive note:

      An offshore wind can be great for surfing because it holds the face of a wave up longer than normal.  Just before it breaks, there is a wispy then stronger spay off the top edge of the wave as the wing catches the edge.


      Many things are going to happen that you didn't expect

when you quit smoking.

Brace for them with knowledge but most of all,







"The GRIPE And Recovery Spot"

I stuck my truck key in my eye

In my eye

I hardly even had to try

Had to try

They were pointed the wrong way when I put my glasses on

But, I came home to Rhubarb Ice!

and my shaving spoon


I was a rhubarb fiend a few months ago so I made 5 pint jars to freeze.

This stuff is sooooo good!



What brought you down and what lifted you back up today?

(and don't tell me a cigarette  )

but, suckers can help you to satisfy the oral part of smoking after you've quit.

The oral and hand to mouth ritual is something we miss when we quit smoking.

I used wint-o-green lifesavers, straws cut in thirds to chew on, and, toothpicks.


What are/were yours?

      I bought some of those 8oz snack sacks for $1 last Friday. One of the selections was Animal Crackers.

      Their shapes aren't as defined and it's not in the box with the string handle with the circus wagon on each side, but, the taste took me back to the time I was still riding in the shopping cart.

      Our mom used to give us each a box when we got in the store to shut us up and keep our hands busy. 


That taste. This is how memories are triggered!


      Memories connected to experiences when smoking will surface, especially the first two years.


      New experiences without smoking these 2 years builds your quits stability and, the relapse rate drops from 94% to 4-6%.   Yes, 94% of people fail in the first year.


Let's get you through the first 4 months, the riskiest time.

      My first cigarette was usually smoked in my truck on the way to get materials for the job.  Our Home Depot was open 24/7 so I was often there early as my lumber yard didn't open until 6:30 and there was often a long line, then, one on the drive home to load the tools needed for the day, then my third cigarette before I went inside after loading my tools. If I didn't need to go inside, the third one was on my way to the job.




What I found out after I quit?


that you want to give up and smoke,






Any drastic physical change will short circuit those thoughts.

Either of these will leave you unharmed and with your quit intact! 

is something we've seen others do.


It makes perfect sense to learn how to quit smoking from people who've done it. 

It takes considerable thought to throw away a quit.

Emotions can then push that thinking to the forefront.


Is failure an expectation by those who fail?

Have they already conditioned themselves to give up?

What has happened to make them think along these lines?

Past failures at quitting?  The inability to realize stress and frustration will come whether they smoke or not?


What is so satisfying about a cigarette?


It's a drug.

It's a drug we came to depend on to change our attitudes.

We used it to quell frustration, anger, fear.


It takes time to change this thinking.

It takes not smoking to become independent of smoking.


Time is the healer

You didn't learn how to use a toilet the day you were born.

It was a learning process. 




"If you've quit smoking,


You're still smoking,

You're doing it wrong."



Hoggie's going longer between meals and, going less because of it.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 6, 2021

      I try to watch the Amtrak train stop in Flagstaff on the three nights a week that it still runs. After it pulls out, I shut off the lights and go to sleep. It's become a routine. The clickety clack and the tone generated by the great strings of railcars of the prior trains passing before the AMTRACK train arrives is very relaxing.

      Last night, the train arrived on the wrong tracks. What I mean by the wrong tracks is the train was not beside the station which is normal, but, on the second set of tracks furthest away from the station.

So what happened?

      The train stopped at the railroad crossing and began letting people off and others on and the engines inched down the tracks and stopped for each car to let people off.

      To tell you the truth, I was a little frightened that another train might come on the other track because the trains run 24/7 and there are over 100 trains passing through each day at this station. That means a train passes through roughly every 15 minutes and this process took about 15 minutes.



      There will be days during your quit when you feel you're on the wrong set of tracks and smoking would be an easy out, but, would it?


      Wouldn't it put you back in bondage?

      Isn't freedom worth some uncomfortable moments?






               YOUR FREEDOM IS UP AHEAD!                          

Hoggie: Getting too bold for his britches

      I took him out yesterday while I was taking out my trash and scooping his litter boxes. I've begun putting a collar on him with my phone number because he's sick and I've seen him cross the street and go into the canyon as well as disappearing at the neighbors. If he was hurt or dead at least I might get a call so I'd know what happened.

      Now, when I see him heading in either of those directions I clap my hands twice and yell, "GET BACK HERE!  NOW!!!

      He doesn't mind well. I sit at my desk near the open door and try to watch for him on the security cameras.

      I freaked out when I saw a big coyote jaunt toward him and attack him.

I YELLED, "NO!!" and got up to run out to get into the fray.  I looked down and there he was, unhurt. There seems to be a delay in my camera video of 4-5 seconds. That's DANGEROUS!    This attack is the reason I don't trim his claws.

The coyote may come calling during your quit. Be Prepared!

Don't take chances!


P.S. I'm getting out my slingshots and my pellet pistol! 

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