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Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 14, 2018

Your quit might have already sprouted or be just below the surface,

trying to get out.

Don't hold it back.

Let it out.


Plant it in the rich soil of information and support offered here.

and take some pictures

We had a lightning and thunderstorm last night like I can not recall in California

these clouds are it's remnants

Steve and I stopped at KFC and had lunch in the car.

My shirt was attacked by a fried chicken but I didn't smoke.

these pictures were all shot through the windshield. 

Remember when I told you about the lowered opioid use in the ER area due to Steve playing live music. Here's an article about the program.

      What do those two words "proactive interference" mean?

I looked them up and they were not necessarily what I expected.


      What they mean to me is positive "self talk."

      Self talk can quickly halt reverting to old ways and enable you

to get some time under your belt as you learn to change your responses.

People talk themselves into smoking. People can talk themselves out of it.

I like the the "pro" in proactive because it typically notes something positive.


"Quitting can be something positive when you look past the negative."

Remember the onion dip and the potato chips?

The rum and cokes and two packs of cigarettes?

Remember the smoky room? or maybe you went outside

To take a five minute break, committing slow suicide?


Parties can still be fun without the cigarettes

Something you used to do, those memories  fade from you

You will have a "seldom twinge" that comes from a memory sparked

Be willing to them pass,  and those memories will depart.




Many people become their quits worst enemy.

They do it by not shutting off thoughts of smoking

before they've talked themselves into it.

You say "I don't do that anymore"

If you will say that every time you think of smoking,

It will retrain your mind in a weeks time and

break the "thought of smoking" cycle.

Yes We Can!

But, let's talk


Let's find a way to flip the switch.

Let's talk about self talk.

Let's say "I don't do that anymore"

instead of, "I really want to smoke."



"Every time you go back to smoking you put a ***** in your armor and weaken your resolve."

***** in one's armor - Wikipedia 

      We had some movers relocate some large items 2 miles away and I was in charge of the move. 

      For the heaviest items (a 300+ pound solid oak roll top desk that I had to remove the sliding glass door to get it through)  they had to work together.


      I noticed they would stop to make sure the other person was ready to make the effort at that moment, and then, they would push forward.


      When you quit smoking, there is no other person.

   You are it. You need to stop in that moment, get your balance back, and,  REALLY decide what's going to happen next.  If you are in public, excuse yourself and walk away for a few minutes.



Regain your balance. Move Forward.

You are it!

I left it in the past. You can too.

Smoking isn't a life sentence unless that's what you choose.

You won't know what you've been missing until you've taken control of your life. 


Get to it! Let it go!


You have the power

You are the flour

Add water and yeast

And then, bake the beast.

But it's nearly 12 years and my quit still rocks



Make it happen for you

You don't have to be me

Just stick with your choice

to remain smoke free. 

Why did we think smoking changed situations and outcomes?

Wasn't that belief the real excuse we held for smoking?


Unlearn that lie!

And, you'll be free!

It is the root of smoking's continuation.



~Life is just as difficult and joyful for people who never smoked.~

tired and achy and a hundred and three

Oxygen low and she really needs sleep

She's going to take a break from the site

She'll be back when she's feeling alright.

      When you've lived in the same house, in the same town for 20 years or more,  and then you think about moving, you're naturally going to think of memories and good times you're leaving behind.

               The connection to smoking is like that.

               We didn't just smoke when we were sad,

               We smoked when we were happy too.

               Every time we did, and no matter what the reason,

               we got that hit of nicotine.

It was the common denominator that tied us to smoking.


      Once that physical connection is broken, you begin to unlearn and remove those ties. Nicotine was the routine.


              Take heart.

               Change is good.

               It's fun to settle into a new place and make it your own.

               It's even better when you aren't smoking.


Well, what were you expecting, Mad?

We've come to expect certain words that end a phrase just as

We came to expect smoking when we thought of it.



Quitting smoking involves changing the expected.

It doesn't have to be difficult.

Small changes are enough to unlearn the routine.


Put a picture  in your phone of something that calms you.


Write a word or a phrase on a piece of paper or

the back of a business card.

Laminate it and carry it with you to bring out when you get anxious.



"Keep your head up."

"You are making a great change."

Don't Start negative self talk

Once you start, it's hard to drop

Like a snowball down a mountain

It keeps building, 'til it stops 

If you keep hearing "I want to smoke" 

Your quit will likely walk.

No, it's not about losing my hair.

I should've said,

Panic is Hairy!


Consider this:  Smoking panic is self started and self fueled.

You effectively begin telling yourself to smoke over and over and over in your head, looking for and until, you give yourself permission.

YES, This is the time people lose their quits.


If you're in an uncomfortable situation, excuse yourself and walk away until you recompose yourself.

Freedom is your future.

Smarten up. 

Quitting never killed anybody.

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