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How To Take the Perfect Breath: Why Learning To Breathe Properly Could Change Your Life 


      Friday was national cheeseburger day and I emailed my buddy Steve to see If he wanted to partake.

      Well, he said he was sort of tied up and had checked into the VA Hospital for the weekend.

      A little history. He has stage 4 COPD and has been hospitalized with pneumonia at least 20 times, so, he has a difficult life and has had to curtail his normal activities due to his preexisting conditions and Covid 19.

      He got back to me yesterday. He had gone to the VA to get his shots Friday and started feeling too bad to drive home as he left the hospital. As it turns out, he has a collapsed lung.

   I'll get him a cheeseburger Monday if he promises to not inhale it.  


Breath is precious

Save your breath

For without it

We are dead 

Your eyes and mind follow

It's our built in animal magic

Like when you enter a new space.

Your eyes make a specific screening for danger

things something or someone could hide behind, entrances and exits.

We do this without thinking about it.


Back to "When your ears hear"

We speak of self talk here to re enforce your quit, especially in the first four months.

If you'll hear yourself say "I don't do that anymore." or "That is not for me" or any of the other mantras people have come up with as reminders, you will solidify and cement your forever quit but, you have to hear yourself say it, then, in time it becomes an automatic shutdown of thoughts of smoking.


Do it!

Talk to yourself!

Find something that flips the switch

then, hear yourself say it until the thought of speaking those words becomes the shutdown. Say it every time.


When you think you got it covered but it's not quite right.

      If you'll recall my post of a few days ago (best laid plans) I made pulled pork mac and cheese.

      Now, I love to cook, but, a 9 x 13 pan of anything is tough to get through when you live alone.

      After a couple days you want something different but you don't want what you made to spoil and you don't have freezer space.

      My solution was to add to the taste and I think I found the perfect addition to bypass the boredom and grow desire to finish the dish.

Honey BBQ sauce


      You're going to have to find solutions to boredom during your quit. Be creative. Sauce it. You future depends on it.

Little reminder phrase

for when you see one in an ashtray 

"That is not for me!"

I got out with my dad yesterday.

The next picture is of the smoke in the air.

That barge DREDGE is likely only 1/4  to 1/3 of a mile away. 

I call this one "Gone, Baby Gone!"

and this one "Walking The Pigeons"

      I bought some buttermilk 2 weeks ago with a Sept 22 expiration date.

I had plans of making a buttermilk banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

      Well, every time I've been in the mood to make it something isn't right.

      I found a recipe for buttermilk mac and cheese and as I was preparing I decided I had better taste the buttermilk.



      I used half and half instead of buttermilk and now, I'm making pulled pork mac and cheese.

Adapt in your quit

Adapt in your life

The better it'll go

And you'll have less strife.

      “Worry is part of human nature, for some people, though, worry gets to be overwhelming, People who worry a lot tend to become depressed; you can worry yourself into this negative outlook on life.”


      "Worry robs us of our happiness and causes needless negativity. When you’re stuck in your head, worrying, you are missing out on life."


      "Many of the worries that occupy an anxious mind never come to fruition. “91.4% of worries did not come true for those with generalized anxiety disorder."


4 Habits That Will Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying 


The first one means "rediculous" "implausible"

The second  one means:

"Crock of    that comes out of someone's mouth who knows absolutely Jack  of what they're talking about, but will try to fake it for the sake of conversation."


Like a used car salesman?




When Mark and I were 8, my mom would bribe us to sit still by breaking squares off one of those giant Hershey bars so she could watch "Perry Mason."

Did your mom have a favorite TV show she just had to watch when you were young?

      It must've conditioned my smeller without my knowing while I slept because

I have not smelled smoke when I've gone outside and it's been like this all week.

This was what the sun looked like this morning.

I got out of LOCKDOWN for a drive with my dad yesterday 

The picture below is the Top Gun House. It was originally located about 100 feet South of it's new location.

They've just built TWO 6 story Hotels and plopped it between them. The deal was the builder was to restore it. Big tourist attraction you know.

They moved it to a parking lot a short distance away while they built the hotels.

That ain't no Son of mine 





      I've always tried to conserve water and electricity, both of which are overpriced in California due to their environmental plans.

      I ran my air conditioner no more than one hour total during the entire heat wave.

I don't have cable and internet is nearly $100 a month from one of only two providers in my area, the other being DSL which we found slow and unreliable.

      My internet provider offers of $19.99/month to suck people in then, after the first year they jack your rate up higher year after year. I resent their monopoly. I've now made it a game TO GET EVERY LAST GIGABYTE.

Last month I got within 13GB of the 1280 limit.

I do this by checking my usage often, almost daily the last 10 days of the monthly cycle.



      If you'll take charge and act instead of react during stressful times, your quit will survive and thrive!

Smoking is a DEAD END.

Corn that makes its own mucous could help save the planet.

The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus 


20' high corn that makes its own Nitrogen?

Nitrogen fertilizers have quintupled agricultural production but they also damage the environment. They get into our rivers from runoff and cause algae blooms that kill fish and do other damage. Plants that make their own nitrogen could help save the environment!

Look into YOUR future. Smoking is not doing you any good!

This is a very interesting piece.

Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees 


Cholesterol/Sugar/Nicotine Delivery

For years we've heard that olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil. YEARS!

For years diet soda was touted as the solution to high sugar drinks. YEARS!

For years we were warned to not overdo eating eggs. YEARS!

For years we've been told that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. YEARS!

Personally, I don't cook with a lot of oils and I don't fry foods at home because I find it easier to go out and get 2 pieces of fried chicken than frying it myself and cleaning up the mess. Yes, you can go to chicken restaurants and just order 2 pieces of chicken without the sides.

I generally prefer an oil that doesn't add a flavor to what I'm cooking.

This is why they don't make donuts with olive oil.  

Diet sodas trick the brain into thinking it's getting sugar but as it turns out, they now say they're not any better than drinks with sugar.

The jury is still out on vaping.

To me, vaping is smoking with a battery, the only difference being that due to the advertising hype of "safety," people put zero restraints on themselves and are often ingesting more nicotine as a result which only keeps them more attached.

If this Idaho town can name themselves

"the center of the universe"

simply by believing it,

You can quit smoking,


Why This Manhole Cover In Idaho Is Dubbed The ‘Center Of The Universe’ | Sunday TODAY - YouTube 

Who is stopping you?

What worries you about quitting?

You should talk that **** over with yourself

and hash it out before you quit.

Consider what's to come. Make a plan.

Only then, are you ready.

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