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1825 DAYS

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Jan 25, 2020

Five Years my friends!  Seems like yesterday I was on here for the first time.making my plan and pledge.  And then I was on here a LOT during my first year or two giving and receiving support.  And here I am again to say hi and thanks again to all of YOU that have been there for me and still are.  SINAO my friends.  Love you all!


DAY 1655

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Aug 8, 2019

Hello friends - just a quick update.  I had a thoracotomy to remove lung cancer - seems to have been a success, will get biopsy next week.  Pretty traumatic operation.  UGH.  Please stop smoking now if you haven't already.




DAY 1610

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Jun 24, 2019

Hello friends!  Just wanted to let you know that I have survived the kidney removal and all is well.  Up and about, almost healed.  Looking forward (?) to lung surgery next month.  thank you all so much for your support.  NOPE and SINAO.


DAY 1587

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Jun 1, 2019

Thanks for all the support my friends - it means the world to me!!!  I will have a kidney removed on June 18 laparoscopically.  Minimally invasive.  Should be recovered enough for lung surgery by mid July!!!  Did I mention that I hate hospitals???


NOPE and SINAO.  My new mission statement - I will die healthy even if I die trying!!


Love you all - will keep you posted.


DAY 1548

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell May 15, 2019

Update - kidney and lung cancer.  Bummer!!!  Will lose the kidney and part of a lung but then I will be OK (I think!)  Good thoughts all around!!!  Love you all and god bless us all.


DAY 1540

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Apr 15, 2019

Hello friends - hope you are all well.  I have been an ex for over 4 years now and very happy about it.  I did, however, just find out that I have lung cancer.  Just a little one.  I already lost a bunch of teeth.  So ... any of you that are on the fence about quitting?  Get off that fence and do your damnedest to save your health and your life!!!


I will check back as more info becomes available.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers!



Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Jan 25, 2019

Thank you to all of my quit buddies for being there for me then, and now!  To newbies - you have made the best decision in your life.  Stick to it and we'll see you here to celebrate every minute!!!


Merry Christmas

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Dec 24, 2018

to all exers!


DAY 1368

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Oct 24, 2018

Banner image is from a recent trip to Mexico.  Ziplining.  Who woulda thunk!  Only possible because of the great friends I have here.  Yay again for all of us!!!


Yay.  we made it.  All of us together!


DAY 1,000

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Oct 21, 2017

A very sincere thank you to all my friends that remembered, especially my quit bud Jackie!  it is a great trip we are on and I am thankful for all of you - my fellow exers, that make it so cool!

For any newbies out there - you will get here!  For informations's sake - I no longer have any craves, don't remember the last one.  The smell of smoke is sickening.  I am saving around $10/day (I live in Cali).  And I just got my first cold since quitting!

So God bless all of us and keep us strong!

Today is Day 950 but the headline looks more impressive!  Congrats to my buddy Jackie on a wonderful 950 as well and Bonnie Bee right behind us giving support all the time!  And thanks to all of you who support us every day!!!


and thanking you all!!!  WE ARE AWESOME!!!  Anybody with doubts just needs to hang here a few hours.  You folks are the REAL DEAL and I love you all and I could not be doing it without you.

DAY 902

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell Jul 14, 2017

WOW.  I totally missed my 900 day anniversary but three great friends reminded me!  That demonstrates how great this site is.  We watch out for each other and celebrate our victories together.  You are all AWESOME!


DAY 850

Posted by jimmie-a-littrell May 23, 2017

Hello friends!  So good to read your blogs and all the goodness you are sharing!  We have a great crop of EXers going here and I want to say YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!