ok update

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jul 18, 2020

so my back has been killing me  i thought it was just a freaking knot i got x-ray and i have  a bones spur in mleft shoulder.  rebel is 2 this month i love him so much.    atleast its a reason why it hurts so much... i miss you all very much my sister had her 1 year anniversary of being drug free and she met a wonderful man from church.  im so very proud of her.

shr bought me a big screen smart tv.  i haven been doing tia chi everyday. my rash on my bum went away after i got my big screeen tv  and im taking less naps.   and ive stopped nervous snacking abnd lost 10 lbs.

you can see my dropped shoulder on the left. and i dyed my hair a brighter red love you all!