you know i remember being in college

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Sep 23, 2018

and ive met people who still smoked that had Electrolarynx, and I was still smoking to at that time and my  ex was like doesn't that scare you?  I was 24 at the time and smoking a half a pack a day.  Yeah it scared me but ive tried to quit lots of times, but I always broke down and smoked again.  I wasn't ready yet.  and now im smoke free and im glad my mom quit too.  I bought Nicorette gum for the addiction part, I stopped hanging out with smokers,  in fact I argued with a friend because he wanted to smoke in my apartment, I told him no because I got my apartment repainted to get rid of the smoke smell, and I mostly watched tv or do art.  he was like why still?  lol my apartment my way.  he even tries to make me feel guilty because I quit smoking and drinking.  I used to drink so I could sleep. But I found Seroquel and drinking and taking my meds was counteractive so I stopped self medicating.  I miss him but I cant have him trying to ****** my quits.   I have chronic sinusitis, I have to take Benadryl and hydrazine.   I had to quit smoking pot because it just made me stupid and hungry..  and it didn't really make my ms nerve pain go away.  I quit doing meth, because that was just really stupid.  It been a strange long road, but im glad I was strong enough to quit all those things without going to a drug rehabilitation.  I just stopped hanging out with the people who did all that.   and that's what I told my little sister.  I told her we are skivers and we are strong enough do anything. its in our blood.