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So this is so exciting  and  my sister came over and I walked up to and  gave her a big  bear hug i got my comp up and running and I love it! lol

i don't think ill know what to do with  comp that is fast  and actually works lol!


So  rebel is so cool

Posted by jconfusion Apr 25, 2019

He laid in between  my legs head on my calf muscles  and he purred ground my energy  to the soles of  of my feet were vibrating  he heals differently  than  chaos ever did and my new care giver  loves him saying hes pretty cool cat and  she isn't  even a cat person!  I knew he was all that and more lol I recognized  him in his pic with his dad.  I think I can spot other water signs, I recognize  them and we are  all thick as thieves  rebel follows me around meowing lol. I love  him so very much!  I was crying over missing chaos and he gave pisses till  calmed down and hes been with me ever since.  I have bed sores  again. So I'm back to using duoderm bandaid. My comp is being  shipped. Finally lol I feel so stupid the same comp is on Amazon  for 25 more  dollars  and 2 day shipping  but it'll be ok.  I need to learn to be more patient lol which is really hard for me lol I always get the tempest tarot card upside down.  Lol I guess eternally  4 years old has a hard time waiting  for things lmao!


So my computer  died

Posted by jconfusion Apr 19, 2019

Ii was trying to create a restore point and rebel jumped  on my computer  and when comp was done there was an error and  everything's  just  gone I'm using a tablet till I get my next  comp a mac book pro I bought off daily sales  my dream computer!   Woo hoo!


hey i cant post msgs

Posted by jconfusion Apr 6, 2019

me as a child thank you everyone lol we are some hot flat chested chicks Marilyn.H.July.14.14. 


me as a child

Posted by jconfusion Apr 6, 2019

im a natural blonde im from caalifornia I have dark roots now because I don't go outside because im a hermit hence dark roots


here is rebel

Posted by jconfusion Apr 5, 2019

and my underwood typewriter 


me with rebel



me wrestling with rebel with me  smiling eyebrows look great but man I need to dye my hair lol 


i told my brother off

Posted by jconfusion Apr 4, 2019
hey you shouldn't listen to Justin because he keepstelling her first she needed to get sober and then she cant see them until she get logan and Zoey back, and logan and Zoey arebeing taken better care and Rachel should still be able to see her boys still
and I don't give a **** if hes their dad she still their mom too I love you but jesus and its not like shes trying to get them back she wants to be able tosee them again and Justin is a major jerk I can send you all the bs he said to me and I told him repeatedly  its not ok to talk to me this way
I know you think I don't eat right I am doing the best I can I ride the bike and do tia chi and do reiki on myself everyday, and Rachel is doing great and she needs our support to help her through this too.. and if she ***** up again we will still be here waiting for her. recovery isn't a single person its the people around us who still love usand that is what she needs from us not some snarky coments say I hope you really do it this, SHE IS RIGHT NOW. She doing good for like a 190 days. we are her family and she needs us too
I have decided she needs her  big sister looking out for her. regardless if she she makes it.  
I shared this song with her and I figured shed like it and she listens to it a couple times before she leaves for work.  lol I think im surprising her I still know what music she likes.
I love her and ill walk with her and help her climb  over this mountain and tell her things will be ok and to just breath.
we are family and I know what shes going threw is hard but shes got this.
Type a message...

sitting in my own vibration

Posted by jconfusion Mar 29, 2019

sitting in solitude

feeling the mini tornadoes

that twirl  and make this kind of throb of life

materialization of existing

memory of movements within love

sizzles down 

exposes hot kinky lust

she opens her eyes

at the canvass still dripping of her last nights

fallen acts of naked body paint she rolls around

hands rubbing everywhere

the giggling moans  of excitement 

involuntary muscle spasms 

typing on the underwood cast iron typewriter 

love the wacking of the paper with the keys

so addictive

so passionate wild untamed 

so lovely

so perfect so erotic

diabolical laughter

end scene


juniper confusion

 Ivebeen drinking peptobismo and my loose poop is back to being hard lol I know tmi  butits no longer messy so im happy lol.  ive been working out everyotherday

and \my new anti arthristis meds  don't mess with my stomach lol. life is good! over and out!

I did tia chi, rodethe bike and did the 1 pound weights. for 2 mins for 3 weight exercises and walked on the hallway lol and no one died today was a good day! lol rebel is getting bigger everyday and he still acts like hes a lap cat .  hes still so much a baby.  but we r bonding he sat with me when I was crying last night until I stopped crying at least.  hes such a good boy.

I used to try to dig a giant hole in the backyard I wanted an underground spy office lol  I was young  didn't know any better ..  I dunno I came back  from my arthristis doc he said my liver is fine and im anemic and I might have to stop my arthritis meds  diclofenac and ive been taking iron pills I was given the ok  to take a med for my puffy painful joints... my wrists fingers shoulders and ankles

sighs sorry I don't usually complain my friends foot is healing well thank you for all youre prayers!


rebels many moods

Posted by jconfusion Feb 28, 2019







he has like 40 toys and they are no where to be found lol!

im all achy  I had to call the rheumatoid dr and they told me I need to stop taking Tylenol  because my liver is slightly elevated so ive been adding green beans and spinach to try to maintain good health of the of the liver and promoting healing of the damaged liver.   and im supposed to go to the hospitalin 2 weeks to give another 6 vials of blood.and see if it is better? unfortunately Tylenol helped with the achy pain... I felt great after riding the bike ad tia chi its because of the weather in mi lol


ok so my ex said im stuck

Posted by jconfusion Feb 21, 2019

shes someone ive known for 19 years... she has hurt me too she was my ex too...

and she shared a youtube with me and I started talking talking about this creepy girl we used to live with and she was like shes hasn't thought about the creepy girl  since shes been kicked out 13 years ago...but im a scorpio and I never let stuff go... lol I bet its because I have photographic memory and I still talk about my ex partners so I remember to never be with them never ever again...I am a hermit because my town  is filled with not stuck im just more aware and ive sent away exes even before they get on the curb...I have told like 6 ppl to go away in the last 13 years,   im not stuck im just more guarded.  I live my life with my cat rebel alone because I am ok with me as a person.  im a prettty cool weird lady...


so im having moments

Posted by jconfusion Feb 17, 2019

im happy my sister is out of rehab but I looked at her friends on her facebook account and she has this really creepy guy as her friend whos on the sexual registery list...I was all like ewe sis....hes like a freaking rapist and she knows  about it smh and she already texted her 2nd ex-husband...I don't see her lasting very long on her quit taking to the people aren't very good for her quit...omg im so pissed and worried!!

and my friend is back from the hospital her toes no longer look black.  she needs more prayers im really worried about her too. her skin on her legs look like she has diabetes.   im glad she wet to the er. but shes back home.  still really  tired.