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I did tia chi, rodethe bike and did the 1 pound weights. for 2 mins for 3 weight exercises and walked on the hallway lol and no one died today was a good day! lol rebel is getting bigger everyday and he still acts like hes a lap cat .  hes still so much a baby.  but we r bonding he sat with me when I was crying last night until I stopped crying at least.  hes such a good boy.

I used to try to dig a giant hole in the backyard I wanted an underground spy office lol  I was young  didn't know any better ..  I dunno I came back  from my arthristis doc he said my liver is fine and im anemic and I might have to stop my arthritis meds  diclofenac and ive been taking iron pills I was given the ok  to take a med for my puffy painful joints... my wrists fingers shoulders and ankles

sighs sorry I don't usually complain my friends foot is healing well thank you for all youre prayers!


rebels many moods

Posted by jconfusion Feb 28, 2019







he has like 40 toys and they are no where to be found lol!

im all achy  I had to call the rheumatoid dr and they told me I need to stop taking Tylenol  because my liver is slightly elevated so ive been adding green beans and spinach to try to maintain good health of the of the liver and promoting healing of the damaged liver.   and im supposed to go to the hospitalin 2 weeks to give another 6 vials of blood.and see if it is better? unfortunately Tylenol helped with the achy pain... I felt great after riding the bike ad tia chi its because of the weather in mi lol


ok so my ex said im stuck

Posted by jconfusion Feb 21, 2019

shes someone ive known for 19 years... she has hurt me too she was my ex too...

and she shared a youtube with me and I started talking talking about this creepy girl we used to live with and she was like shes hasn't thought about the creepy girl  since shes been kicked out 13 years ago...but im a scorpio and I never let stuff go... lol I bet its because I have photographic memory and I still talk about my ex partners so I remember to never be with them never ever again...I am a hermit because my town  is filled with not stuck im just more aware and ive sent away exes even before they get on the curb...I have told like 6 ppl to go away in the last 13 years,   im not stuck im just more guarded.  I live my life with my cat rebel alone because I am ok with me as a person.  im a prettty cool weird lady...


so im having moments

Posted by jconfusion Feb 17, 2019

im happy my sister is out of rehab but I looked at her friends on her facebook account and she has this really creepy guy as her friend whos on the sexual registery list...I was all like ewe sis....hes like a freaking rapist and she knows  about it smh and she already texted her 2nd ex-husband...I don't see her lasting very long on her quit taking to the people aren't very good for her quit...omg im so pissed and worried!!

and my friend is back from the hospital her toes no longer look black.  she needs more prayers im really worried about her too. her skin on her legs look like she has diabetes.   im glad she wet to the er. but shes back home.  still really  tired.

and rebel jumps on my lap but stands and lays against me I guess hes noticing hes getting to big for my lap too  lol

so im sitting in my room and rebel dives under my towels pee sheets  and flings my pillow off my bed. lol I have to be patient, loving, understanding and prepared for the unexpected, I got smarter though I covered it all up with my velvet red blanket of which he loves to need his paws into it. and looks at me all cute and purry   lil punk lol rebels name is very fitting for him

we are all one big quitting smoking family we are all here to support eachother/vent/talk about slipping/and try try again.wetalk about stress losing loved ones and our furry family the raising loving and putting them down so they will not feel pain in their last moments.  lost jobs, and major destructive events,  but we are all still here for each other all the good, bad and terrible. and celebrate our triumphs like one of us making it a year or making it to 20.  I feel so close to this support group thank you everyone I wouldn't have made it with out all of you



june and rebel

so I wake up to an emergency alarm going off rebel  pulled the cord at 330 am and then he wants to lay next to me I thought  to sleep but he wrapped  his paws around me and proceeds to start biting me I had to get up and squirt him of which I don't thing really bothers him.


my old teacher from college isn't doing so well, she is in the er because all 5 of her toes are black now its gang ere shes at the er having  anibiotics pumped into her. she just got all her blockages out 9 days ago  I am so worried, she needs good luck healing vibes and prayers sent her way.  Hannah ellsworth is my very sweet dear friend, 

rain and the cold makes me feel like im 80...  it doesn't matter how much tia chi or bike ride I get all yucky feeling.  I take Tylenol every 4 hours,, just to keep from getting a fever and I drink like 6 32 ounces a day... rebel was laying on me during our nap,  he is so cute and getting bigger everyday.  

lol and my legs love it when I ride the bike and I leave when I  sneak out while rebel is asleep.   and when I got back rebel was waiting for me at the door lol.  and ran around me meowing, like you were gone forever mommy june.  lol I was only gone for 5 mins.  kittens are  so impatient lol.  im so glad I recused him from the burr freaking burr this winter,  lol I know hes very very happy he isn't  outside.  sometimes he sits at the window and looks outside at the window and then he run to me and gives lot of kisses, to thank me lol.  He is getting so big, hes my very big baby who likes to curl up in my lap and purrs and when he bites me its not  hard lol aka love bites.    I know I miss chaos but I also know chaos picked rebel for me, he even told me his new brothers name.  lol I already know im a crazy cat lady.  and rebel and I are already so very close and it hasn't even been a month yet.  

ive been riding the bike and doing tia chi for about an hour everyday.  and I found these really cool detox patches.  ugh my hands are killing me, stupid psoriatic arthritis sighs, oh well life goes on  lol   

love you exers!



oh gosh lol

Posted by jconfusion Jan 31, 2019

so rebel is playing with his bouncy ball that I thought helost but its still here my mom keeps calling him a lil turd

I have been trying to respond aand the send button isn't working lol.


lol ok so

Posted by jconfusion Jan 30, 2019

lol I woke up and turned my light on and I heard rebel jump down from the fridge and on the counter and hit  the ground running and he was on me kissing me and purry  and so very cute.  lol hes such a mommas boy.  he just loves his cat nip big as life mouse.  

and he has lots of toys but they are no where to be found I think hr just likes watching mom looking for themlol little stinker!