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come on ma its bed time 


So my sister is doing good and is being hired into her factory job gets to Have her visitation with her 2 oldest boys.  My doctor visit at infectious disease doctor in Ann Arbor  2 hour drive she agreed with with the infectious disease doctor in Jackson  which really pisssed me off...I still get uninary tract infections. I still get low grade temperatures,  I am doing what is necessary drinking 5 through to7 32 ounces of ice water do tia chi and temperature regarding to riding the exercise bike I only go 1 miles every other day. I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately I figured no one wants to hear me whining about my my stupid health problems...I love you all and miss you all more.  I’ll try to get on here more.a and rebel is a pain but I need to keep reminding myself he’s not even 2 yet! Lol he likes following me from my comp desk to my nightstand and to my bed lol helps me so much we grow closer through time.  He is laying  next to me on the bed purring and licking me .lol

Its really been an amazing journey one i waasnt even sure i could do.  i used laugh at people who tried to get me to quit... but it was one of my researches when i read i was the reason chaoses already damaged  eyes werent getting better, and i was just done.  im really glad i  was able to quit smoking after i quit i heard about all my friends and my mom getting copd,  my mom too.  i didnt do it for myself i did it for chaos, but now i am going forward for me thank you my huge quitting smoking family we in this together!  You dont know how strong you are until youve tried!


ok attention cat lovers

Posted by jconfusion Sep 7, 2019

ok so my sister is doing pretty good as far as i know.

rebel likes to wake me up by laying on me lol  hes 15 pounds now.

and mom thinks i over feed him but he only gets 1 can of cat food a day and half a scop so he has a snack through out the day lol. and shewas trying to tell me i need to stop feeding him dry cat food and i was like im not going to starve him mom  its really not alot of food.


so what's next?

Posted by jconfusion Aug 24, 2019

i started taking methotrexate again, im just getting so tired of pain...arthritis pain tempature low grade fevers, i didnt want to take a shower but i did do tia chi. but  i splept most of the day rebel bless his heart he woke me up by purring in my ear.


so when it rains it pours

Posted by jconfusion Jul 26, 2019

i have poiatic arthritis   and my dermatologist recommended i get light box therapy but they are in jackson but i have found light therapy boxes on amazon lol i emailed my skin doc and gave her the name of the light box. infectious disease docs I'm  bit underwhelmed she can't find the infection but i still have a uti and she said i could be still getting a fever  from inflammation of my mutifple sclerosis or my prostatec psoriasis  of from both  sometimes it just sucks being juniper confusion ! lol   its just no fun having a 100.x tempters either every night but i got an antibiotic for the uti and my dermatologist  said i am not to take  methotrexate because ill be in the same boat without the pebbles shortly down the road. sorry kids.


sister update

Posted by jconfusion Jul 15, 2019

ok she dosent get sentenced till the 26s so she is still in jail

she made it over 250 days but some chick at her job at taco bell traded her meth for a pack of smokes...i don't know all the details but I'm very very disappointed  the first time i heard about this when she got help after the first slip but she did it again and dropped dirty with meth in her pee and is now in jail... sighs sorry I'm just upset..


he is soon spooiled lol!

Posted by jconfusion Jul 14, 2019


chaos chose his little soul brother well

my very spoiled cancer furr baby he is always with me or laying in front  of my walker lol

lol rebel is 1 year old this month and he's 14 pounds and counting whoop happy birthday my little man!!!


feel like a brand new girl!

Posted by jconfusion Jun 24, 2019


so it continues

Posted by jconfusion Jun 12, 2019

i went to the arthritis doc and he wants me to go to the infectious disease doc see what is causing my U.t.i. and why i have a cyst on my scar tissue  and all the infections i keep getting my bed sore is almost  healed thats good.. I'm still getting fevers and I'm little scared...

so an ex contacted me and told me he has an std i got checked out and I'm clean.  he want to come visit me and he is autistic and he had his dad break up with me for him.  I told him we did not part as friends.  i tried to stay his friend but his dad said he'd call the cops on me if i ever came back... so it's been 11 years.... i told him i don't want to see him and he was iike you need to think about this...and asked if i can just let this go... i didn't answer him and he continued to text me saying he was sorry about the past.  then he starts calling me and i finally text him and said you will stop calling me and texting me or ill report you to the authorities fore harassment. i had a dream where i texted him and told him i was clean.  but the dream is as far as I'm willing to go.  he never knew how to love.  he just used and used  and used me .  lol i believe I'm too guarded to even let anyone in my home. let alone trust. all my exes were predators thats all thats in hillsdale lol.  never again.  thats what bob is for.


me before ms

Posted by jconfusion May 29, 2019

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lol i was pretty happy and surprised  i got in to baker

and i didn't start going blind till i graduated.



Posted by jconfusion May 22, 2019

I've been sick i had stop my methotrexate i got cyst where my scar tissue from my tummy tuck five or ex years ago and i got a sinus infection.  i also have a very deep bed sore i have wound nurses messuring and putting a duo derm bandaid on it its still looks really bad and i have a lot of  anti yeast pills for a really bad rash.  see i knew the methotrexate would make my immune system  a lot weaker just like my rebuff injections kinda do but I'm not getting any worse  or better I'm  stuck at my ms stage.and i can stop my rebif injections but i m stopping the methotrxate i believe it is why i have all these infections...rebel is still very cute.  he's been laying between my legs and somehow grounds me, I'm very blessed have him in my life, he is so snuggly  and purry. we make each other happy and that is beautiful.  and we love eacother deeply, and he makes me laugh. little fuzzy fur baby. lol he takes naps with me and as next to me till i fall asleep. he's such a GOOD BOY!