6 1/2 years quit

Blog Post created by janicesullenger on Sep 19, 2018

been a few years since i've been on here.  but i'm proud to say i haven't had a cigarette since Jan 4, 2012.  i still get urges, especially when stress happen.  going thru some now, but i also realize i have grandchildren now and i don't ever want them to see me smoke.  i want to set a better example for them.  quitting was one of the hardest things i have ever done and doing it cold turkey was unreal.  but that's me, all or nothing.  it can be done but never set your sites that just because someone can do it one way means you have to do it that way.  find what works for you.  get support.  i didn't have that but i'm used to that.  find a buddy that will work with you.  i've always had to do things the hard way and i didn't have a choice but to quit.  it was leaving the hospital and never lighting up again.  so if you have a choice, make it, get support, find a friend to help, use aids if necessary, it can be done.  i'll root you on.  and i wish you all the best