Ok...here I go..no smokes.

Blog Post created by janetlynn on Jan 22, 2014

Not gonna buy any...snowed in today and usually I would of stocked up on them before hand. Been on the chantix 2 full weeks with no side affects, at least that I can tell. Have been down to around a half a pack and barely been smoking that. I always throw them out after a couple of drags. Kind of losing interest in it..guess the chantix is blocking the part of my brain that gets relaxation out of them. Last night after talking to a new friend here who also used chantix I decided to move my  quit date up. Now after posting here I am also making myself accountable for my quit. SO....lets get ready to rumble...at least hear me whine, mope and cry a bit! Lol Shoo...just posting this has given me some relief that I am not doing this alone. My lasts quits were also the last of the support I got from family...now their reaction is like...sure..what ever! Hubby still supportive but he doesn't shower me with praise like before. Well guys...here I go..your gonna see a lot of me. So is Allen Carr's book!