My story,,,AGAIN! LOL!! Happy Quitter Strikes Again!!

Blog Post created by james41 on Dec 15, 2013

Let us know how long and how much you smoked when you come onsite,,, helps give insight to your situation before we respond with a helpful note.

I OBSESSED over cigarettes and smoked for 36 years. Probably 2 packs a day give or take with the ones we burned away and wasted.

I will say the one consistent truth I heard for all those years from people who quit  was you have to be ready, sick and tired of being sick and tired. I personally was exhausted with them.

I came here and started following advice about quitting smoking and health education. I read , read , read read! Sure I wanted to say something and blog and spill it all out at once but disiplined myself to READ!!! Absorbed the information and took heed to what successful quitters had to say.

I refused from the beginning to allow it to be a big ole hairy monster! I said to myself,,I said "Self,,You will be happy about quitting this addiction!" I said it daily and I was!

I thought of how wonderful to have my life back!

All the things you are thinking out loud and secretly we have thought  at one time or another! The wasted time on thinking up ways to quit and still smoke!!

The poor pityful me! Nobody gets that I am unique!

I tried ,,let me repeat I TRIED many times before I DECIDED to quit! DECIDED! Important word here!

OK Enough of that!

After the DECISION. I saw this site on TV came here and sarted reading.Reading everything! Looked up all the info I could about effects of smoking and lots of testimonies. I started a Chantix program. I smoked all I wanted right up  until bedtime the night before my quit date, took my last dose of Chantix. Got up the next morning and jumped for joy!! "I am Free!!" Busied myself and never looked back,,well maybe a time or two as now and then a 10 second thought of a cigarette will cross my mind. But it's so fleeting I laugh at the thought.

Please know that when you are ready and you fill your head with positive you will do this almost effortlessly!


Peace! James "The Happy Quitter"