59 Days Nicotine/Smoke Free

Blog Post created by james41 on Feb 23, 2010

Helo all, continue to do well today. I had a co worker ask yesterday how was it going and wanted a little info about what I was doing , NRT or not etc,,, Well most of you guys know me( I'm bah humbug on NRT HA!) and of course I  gave all the pros and cons of what I knew about it and suggested she check it out for herself. I know I probably make some folks mad about the NRT but I don't mean to I just  read all I could find about addiction and made the choice to not use it and reading about it gave me the info I needed.

Anyway she understood the theory and said she would check into it for herself , which is what I've always suggested.

I smoked 2 packs a day for over 36 years and today I'm a 59 day  Nicotine free happy non-smoker!!

PS Remember, while there is treatment, there is no  Alcohol patch, gum etc.... I'm just saying,,,,,

Thanks guys for ll your insightful blogs