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Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Mar 31, 2018

I am a non-smoker and loving every minute of it. This morning I went out to breakfast and notice the whole place was filled with chit chatting and clean MY PAST I use to be grateful for using NICOTINE WHERE EVER I WENT......Today I am a non-smoker and so grateful MY little piece of the world is progressing. Outside were no areas for users to use 30 feet away.... NOTHING FOR USING THE DRUG NICOTINE.......progress for society in MY little piece of the world....just sharing the love of gratefulness for a clean corner of MY little piece of the world to receive fresh air outside and in the place we ate breakfast TODAY. Please keep coming BACK.

Only by Gods grace he blessed ME in MY Lord Jesus to live this YOUNG 61 today and 2568 nicotine free days today too! HOORAY FOR JESUS! I thanked God for the bestest birthday gifts which is all of y'all...... MY recovering from nicotine NEW family!   



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Jan 13, 2018

I love not smoking and helping others to quit and stay quit. God willing with a good attitude the news of my daughter in ICU is the doctors stopped the bleeding in stomach she is wake but not fully alert and now hour by hour the doctors watching due to the fact every time they move her or she moves she goes into cardiac arrest so the put on the heart stuff and we wait. Took awhile for me to get a blog going to share this test of faith and it just leaves me saying hmmm because I was wondering what to do and I remembered when all else fails think of others above yourself and know others are worse off than me. Now I didn't think of using nicotine at all throughout this day. I was hmmmmm thoughts of am I doing this ok. thanks for letting me babble.....just in shock of MY REAL reality of acceptance and detachment with agape love and to say I am grateful to BLOG hmmmmmmm and state a FACT taught to ME here...NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME by faith in My Lord Jesus thanks for listening and letting ME HMMMMMM babble.


Think Think Think

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Jan 10, 2018

Please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is MY only aim thank you! Please remember I am talking about ME not anyone else thank you!  I was taught over 30 YEARS ago to Think Think Think.... MY first thought is MY old way of Think! MY next thought is MY many many old and NEW seeds of this NEW life thoughts mixed and with a HUGE reminder.... NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME....with many PAST rushing thoughts of OLD NICOTINE AS A SOLUTION to make ALL the thoughts to STOP!!!! I was taught this is the SECOND Think which is called.....stinking this middle of the SECOND Think is MY many many MIXED UP thoughts feelings of OLD and NEW choices choices choices! The next Think this NEW 3rd Think which these many many NEW Gods agape thoughts for ME ....always are whispered thoughts... so soft ... so gentle... so soothing that happens so peacefully .... the whispering constantly in joy... in hope in agape of LOVE ACTION this 3rd Think for ME was whispers of goodness faithfulness long suffering love kindness peacefulness gentleness self discipline self control and thoughts of obeying God FIRST and doing His will above MY own selfish will to become UNself and to ACCEPT Gods unconditional love for MYself ....FIRST.... because I was taught that I will NOT give away something I don't have.... how will I agape others if I will not agape MYself first! Gods agape love taught ME to love Myself to give agape love which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF freely give ALL away and lift others in prayer and to remember to take care of ME and Gods holy body temple for MY belief is God lives in ME because I CHOICE to accept and decided for MYself to receive freely Christ Jesus as MY Lord and Savior which God offers to all people the free gift of salvation. Then God blessed ME with seeing becomeanx tv commerical on quitting smoking so I came here and those STAYING NICOTINE FREE TAUGHT ME....educate YOURSELF on YOUR nicotine addiction.... ONLY YOU can decide deep inside IF you are a nicotine addict... NO ONE else can decided for YOU... its all on YOU just like NO ONE forced YOU to use nicotine in the beginning... YOU chose and decided to use nicotine.Just YOU. They taught ME to Think of daily CHECK list to take care of ME by loving ACTION drinking lots of water to flush out MY body.... to exercising for better physical health NEW life care for ME... suggestions to find a hobby for MY hand to mouth habit to be put to good use by crocheting hats, scarfs for the homeless or crochet hats for cancer patients and to use MY mouth in prayer for ALL people as I color...paint or letter writing or send cards to the elderly.. prayer for others through out the day.... thank God all day long for NOT using nicotine.. to come here to BLOG YOUR hope experience love on how your fighting the battle of recovering from nicotine in CHRIST JESUS VICTORY!!!! ...READ blogs and pass on what was given freely... this 3rd Think for ME is ACTION of Gods love.... the agape love that was given to ME with the ONLY pure motive to HELP to teach what I did when I was STUCK in the FIRST and SECOND Think with OLD self talk thoughts of defeat SHOUTING in MY mind MY will MY emotions this was deep in MY soul... this constant will use again... you will never quit using nicotine... your a failure... use nicotine..and I remember the 3rd Think... to pray so I did and ..I chose the THIRD Think and ask God for HELP... I was led here and I have been coming back regardless of who what where when with the THIRD ACTION THINK.... the newbee is the MOST important person to ME for the newbee keeps teaching ME to learn daily but for the grace of God go I and the newbee teaches ME to keep learning that nicotine is still killing people by their OWN choice to use nicotine... so I seek to HELP and LOVE just like God loved ME and gave ME a NEW day a NEW recovering family who lives in the THIRD Think each moment of this NEW day to be helpful by faith in Christ Jesus name amen YOUR CHOICE Think Think Think.



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 31, 2017

It is NOT what is in MY thoughts.... MY brain power... positive thinking... positive thought training.... new thinking habits... what I have experienced in MY life.... talking about ME not anyone else so please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is MY only aim.... I learned through 38 YEARS of being addicted to nicotine... all the thoughts... thinking of plans.... ideas.... this time I will quit.... failed thoughts.... plans.... ideas.... then I confessed the SELF truth that was in MY heart to MY Lord Jesus...Dear Jesus if you dont take these cigs from ME I will smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen...... in MY heart is the actions of MY heart truth of MY lusts of many many addictions... I thank God for the removal of many many addictions in all these YEARS and now in MY heart is thoughts of love for all those who want to quit using nicotine.... the question to MY MY heart is to always run to God first tell him the truth about ME only  ME that think I can do it.... I admit I wont do it if God doesnt help ME to stay quit no matter what in Jesus name amen to confess the truth in MY heart which he already knows... God waits for ME to surrender MY heart addictions and then God in his grace mercy and love sets ME free to choose MY heart truth not MY head knowledge thats SELF filled with ONE more more plan or idea.....convincing MY self that it will be different this time.... this time I will control it... I failed again...... MY heart now says not one puff over me.... go blog and heart help some ONE...... happy new years EVE to all in Jesus name amen 


Peace beyond ALL

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 30, 2017

I just read a letter from MY friend whos daughter age 59 died in her sleep... paralyzed for 13 years....fell off a horse 13 years ago freak accident.....they stated she is with her Savior and Lord Jesus now no more broken the same season of life her father suffered a stroke.... news update date he is exercising his way back to health and no longers needs a walker and his speech is getting better not yet able to talk on phone... received update on friend who is choosing of her own free will to drink vodka everyday and to use nicotine... all day......both drugs of her own choosing......many many treatments for alcohol and recently detoxed only to return to vodka... then just on Christmas day i chose to visit a friend who had mini strokes and many tests yet no answers medically and is now in nursing home choosing not to eat stated to me why should she eat she said i aint doing anything... then i visited another who is being tested for colon bleeding... so i remain to pray for others.... this peace I have is in knowing absolutely nothing happens in Gods world without HIS knowing and this peace for ME is in MY Savior and Lord Christ Jesus in ME by the teaching of MY Holy Comforter it is written God is love and this peace is knowning I am NOT God....God is God and for that I am at peace as I continue visiting MY friends who need love at this time with NOT one thought of using nicotine to escape these feelings of powerlessness for ME.... this is Christ Jesus peace beyond all MY feeble understanding... thanks for letting ME share.



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 29, 2017

I must live this day only......with an attitude I choose for this day only. I must try to remember God is in control of ALL for ME! Please you must choose for YOURSELF your own RECOVERY from nicotine plan. I choose for ME Gods will plan and purpose for God is the only one to keep ME in today! God willing it will be January 6, 2018 NOT YET so i must stay quit one day at a time with this rush of emotions wanting it to be....... STOP! I must think and give God thanks for bringing ME through 2017 with all MY faith tests trials and most of all the teachings of living life on lifes terms is a must of being responsible for ALL MY emotions to lead a Christ Jesus life of love kindness joy peace hope self control and most of all I must not take one puff over ME this day only in Jesus name amen YAHOOOO!



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 16, 2017

I  have learned just for today to appreciate the MOMENTS of MY day....I never really thought what would MY Higher Power who is God wants ME to do in each MOMENT of a guessed it..... to re-evaluate MY thought process of this day filled with precious MOMENTS to love on others....for some reason God is always about others...loving others above sharing MY MOMENTS with any others that I see in a day....all peoples.....loving them with a smile......or text others some love graphics or bible verses to encourage others....or to ask anyone if they would like ME to pray for them or anyone...or to remember how God chose ME to not use nicotine and come here to blog some love of hope that by sharing MY moment of this day I was able by Gods grace to live nicotine free by loving anyone with a moment of MY time to blog....or to text notes of congrats for staying in their RECOVERING to anyone with a day to try and have a good attitude of gratitude to God for his mercy and grace to extend to others in a moment....these moments are to eternity for ME and to share the lesson of mind set changed today to value MY MOMENTS more than anything this world has to offer by letting all others know that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son to all those who would believe that Jesus died on the cross for all you sins and Jesus died for just you and was buried and rose from the dead and this is free love gift of salvation to all who would just believe..... it is written in the bible..... so please take what helps and let go of the rest...please and thank you to go and get a bible and read in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 and Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10 for yourself the free gift of eternal salvation offered freely to anyone who reads these words from God and these moments of your precious day.... please know it is up to you to choose......this is a MOMENT is so precious.... so opportunity for anyone who chooses to read the bible for themselves.... to choose eternal life offered freely....a gift to all who choose to believe or NOT.....its all on you to use this MOMENT of grace given and if you decided of your own free one will care but you....see God doesn't make anyone choose...he left that free will choice on each individual and that's the grace and mercy of an awesome God....unconditional go while there is still wont be any worse off....if you reject the offer....that's on you will NOT TAKE ONE PUFF over my MOMENTS of blogging an offer of free love to spend eternity with God.. choices..... choices..... choices........ you have many choices..... in the  MOMENTS of this one day and I live in America..... one nation under God and the land of the free and I am so grateful to God for the gift of nicotine freedom to for I am his beloved daughter in Christ Jesus and I am not ashamed to spread the Gospel of Grace taught to ME in MY MOMENTS 31 years ago I accepted to believe the same offer given to me November 5, 1986 I chose to be born-again in Christ Jesus and let it be know.......I was saved and still using nicotine....yep.... believe that it wasn't until I was ready to admit I was a nicotine addict in need of MY Savior Jesus and on January 6, 2011..... I received a cold turkey quit.....I smoked for 38 years at the end of MY using I was at 50 nicotine cigs a day.......I kept trying on MY own to quit and I would get down to 2-3 nicotine sticks a day.... yet I still would not quit....I use and buy another pack....then I fell to MY knees out of desperation that I would NOT quit using on MY own no matter what or how hard I tried or wanted to quit I wouldn't.....I was powerless over nicotine and I was unmanageable by MY own self will run riot... and so I prayed and  said Dear Jesus...... If you don't take these cigarettes away I will smoke them until I dropped dead in Jesus name amen and I went to bed and awoke the next day with a cold turkey quit....I had been coming here to this site since November 2010 signed up for MY own page and was reading blogs and still using nicotine and exercising every day and still using nicotine until I finally admitted the truth to ME in all honesty I was a nicotine addict and to this very MOMENT I know I do not deserve anything from is written....God is love....and it is all his glory I am still nicotine free and trying to help in MOMENTS of my day....all others who suffer from nicotine addiction....all you have to do is read the bible for yourself....thanks for letting ME share MY recovery story....I do appreciate all here who still help teach ME to stay in the MOMENTS and give the love away so I remain quit no matter what life brings....Merry Christ to all in Jesus name amen and amen


Smoke free app

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 15, 2017

Fun time they give badges that told me Todays info nicotine free day... 6 years....11 months...9 days...12 hours...2 minutes.....17 seconds.... great news made me smile.... the app is called smoke free....just sharing the fun.


Choosing death

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 14, 2017

Please take what helps snd let go of the rest to be helpful is my only aim.... my cousin received a liver transplant and chooses to continue alcohol addiction and nicotion addiction and the consequence is throat cancer so he has chosen an early death to drink n smoke until he dies .... his choice i know yet the selfishness is no thought to his mom who he ended up with due to the fact his girlfriend kicked him out for his decision after she been with him for years.... then his mom is dealing not only with his selfishness... loving them all... living there too is his brother who is also using nicotine and alcohol everyday and the granddaughter of the daughter she loss to drug overdose is living with her also... i know my aunt choice to allow all these selfish using addicts to live in her home... which fyi she also lost her husband to alcoholism and nicotine cherish your peace filled homes with health and loneliness or pity party of decorating or not or the selfishness that goes with this silly season thats says what about ME...what about ME....what about ME ... i was reading some blogs and i am so grateful to God for having learned but for the grace of God there go I...just like my aunt...a year and 5 months ago.... my husband and i took my daughter and her kids in for a year... for her to choose to improve her life plus we set a  one year boundary... she chose to continue using alcohol and nicotine and she lives with cirrhosis of the liver and after we all went our separte ways still chooses to drink and use nicotine... for ME this HOLY time of year is thanking God for his grace given to ANY who chosebthe gift of eternal salvation offered freely through Christ Jesus ONLY ...believe or dont.... i dont care... YOU gotta....only by Gods grace has me recovering 30 years from alcohol addiction and only by Gods grace had me recovering  6 years from nicotine addiction using nicotine for 38 years and only by Gods grace the best of all celebrated 31YEARS on November 5, 2017 born-again Christ Jesus beliver and God willing i will continue to choose eternal life in Christ Jesus by helping the next suffering nicotine addict recover with a choice to believe if i can you can ....WE all can STAY quit no matter what physical mental emotional spiritual TEST we go through! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the but for the grace of God there go i cuz i know i should of been dead at 14 years old when i tried to kill myself and only by Gods grace here i am TRYing to give  it ALL away to keep it thanks for letting ME vent!!!     


This day

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 12, 2017

This day I have learned to take what helps ME abd to let go of the rest and to believe I have been healed of MY nicotine addiction this day alone!  It was suggested to educate MY self on MY nicotine addiction so I did and this day MY thoughts are fiiled with love for the newbee  and ALL those here this day! I believe that  this day is ALL OUR FIRST day nicotine free.... this day is ALONE is our first nicotine free day to break down into seconds minutes hours and whoever got up first is the longest nicotine free person in recovery from nicotine in this day..... a new day to share hope with ALL others for NO ONE knows what this day holds... blog BEFORE you take that first puff over you and please remember there is always someone to be grateful for in this day and always a blog to write to give away that same hope you received on this day! Happy joy filled nicotine free in this day for ME in Jesus name and thanking God for this day and ALL of you here! Amen



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 11, 2017

Nicotine free days dont mean a thing if I do not LOVE myself first... so I can love others above myself! God willing I pray and ask ALL here to pray for Thomas who leads the Copd groups in Jesus name amen Dear Father God I come in Christ Jesus faith and lift up my brother in Christ Thomas who has septic and ask for Jesus blood to cleanse Thomas blood now in Jesus name and to set Thomas free from all worries and emotions that are stressing physically mentally emotionally and spiritually in him and to be filled with a fresh filling of the of the Holy Spirit and Jesus peace hope and love now Dear Father God and it is written by his stripes we were healed I believe in Jesus name for ny beloved Brother Thomas amen Thank you Dear Father God for hearing my prayer always and answering in Jesus name amen! I praise you Father God for your love mercy and grace on Thomas now in Jesus name amen


Mind set

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Dec 4, 2017

Today I live nicotine free because I prayed and ask MY Higher Power who is God to teach ME to have Christ Jesus mind set to stay quit and and be joy filled! Please take what helps and let go of rest for to be helpful is MY only aim. I am NOT using nicotine to live or cope or hide or stuff MY feelings or any hidden thoughts that maybe I can stay nicotine free one day so I can use only a little... these sneaky thoughts of  IF........NO! no more old mind games for ME!   NO!  Today! I made the decision to be in recovery from using nicotine by sharing how I was taught to STOP my obsessive thinking. It was suggested every time I received the thought of using nicotine to reject that thought by physically turning my head. This slight new way would lead me to capture old thoughts of using and deleting them by the turn of my head and say out loud No! I reject that thought in Jesus name and decide not one puff over me , amen. Then it was suggest I come and read the blogs here or blog to tell on MY thoughts to get HELP from all those here who live a life style of nicotine freedom! HOW they think and years later still come to teach others the ideas suggested to them by others who were here before them!  New mind sets with DECISIONS that help ME STAY quit no matter what TODAY! Gentle hug and keep on keeping on TOGETHER! Thanks for letting ME be ME! Love unity is MY mindset to help all those who suffer from nicotine in Jesus name amen   ✝️

I used nicotine for 38 years! I tried for years to quit using nicotine and failed. I kept trying to quit until I had enough failures put together that I and I am talking about me only.... surrender to the FACT I was powerless over nicotine and will not stop using so I fell to my knees asked Jesus to take my cigarettes away from me or I would use until I dropped dead from using. I awoke on January 6, 2011 with a cold turkey quit and I been coming here ever since to help anyone to not use nicotine one day at a time. Thanks for letting me share.



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Nov 29, 2017

Just seen t.v. comercial showing a little boy fishing and caught a little fish while his daddy was not show just directing him from a far... ended with stating using nicotine is still killing 1 in five.