we never think it can happen to us...

Blog Post created by hothula on Jan 14, 2009
but it does happen to someone

my sister's daughter in law was diagnosed about 6 months ago with small cell lung cancer. She has been doing chemo and radiation trying to fight it ever sense. last night my sister called and said she is in the hospital, lately she has had a terrible time swallowing as the tumors have spread to her throat and the radiation just burns the crap out of it. the doctors said they will do one more round of radiation as it was already planned, but other than that there was nothing left that they could do for her and they tell us she might not even be able to leave the hospital and is only expected to live a short while. Her husband my nephew, all his life has been very quiet, introspective and sensitive, I am so worried this will literally destroy him. They still has a young son in high school and two older daughters. Both of which is very close to her. they all are still so young and need her so much. their lives will forever be diminished and a huge hole that can't ever be filled will be left for them to carry around the rest of their lives. She is 42 years old and was a smoker.

Please keep your quits. If you are struggling or trying to quit..... pull up your big kid panties and do it. If you can't do it for yourself do it for the people who love you.