How to keep smoke free state of mind during holidays?

Blog Post created by green1611 on Nov 30, 2020





Using right diet :-  Eating well balanced food is key to keep body fit.  When body is fit, mind is calm and pure.


Taking rest :- Many times holidays are more busy than normal days, due to back to back travels, family get together, moving to various places for dining, etc. It is important to take enough rest during holidays.


Drinking plain water : Good to drink water when your brain asks for nicotine. It will ask, because enough nicotine has been supplied to brain sometime back during same period. So cool…drink water, hot water if needed.


Exhale and Inhale :- Mindful exercise inhale and exhale will keep your mind fresh. No need of nicotine.


Walking, running, physical exercise will add joy to your mood. If winter outside, better do treadmill at home. Feel good factor.


 Remembering why do I quit smoking? May be every day morning, revise the list of reasons took you to the decision point of quit smoking. Writing down on paper and pencil.. good habit.


Anticipated that I may get cravings since this was first holiday season after quitting smoking. So be prepared with all weapons to fight cravings.


Avoiding temptation of alcohol, caffeine, tea if that would disturb you, and increase your desire to join smoking group. 


Just thought of sharing as I used most of above techniques during my first holiday season after quitting.