Quitting interrupted .. failure?  ...Not at all !

Blog Post created by green1611 on Nov 24, 2020

Some of excuses generally hear when trying to quit smoking, and goes back to that missing puff again..


Things go normally pretty good when routine is not changed, so such days quitting process is tough, but no damage. 


However, for example while driving you see accident to the car next to you, you just escape, feel so good or bad (what ever it is), and your mind alarms bell as extraordinary situation, and needs to go for quick smoke, or in you get a phone call and someone dear to you needs hospitalisation, or your son or daughter perform less than average in schools on that day, such examples make mind vehement, and tendency to interupt the quit, and go for the smoke.


My colleague is fed of quitting process, who tried to quit, and some how, due to some extra ordinary (?) reason, as mentioned above.... allowed to have cigarette in between two fingers and smoke. 


I asked what is that extra ordinary stress or anxiety,  arising when you are at the beginning of the quitting process?


I shared my view with the colleague that quitting itself is an "extra ordinary act in you life".  

So any thing other than this needs to be counted as "normal" thing, and temptation to smoke to be avoided.  


Secondly, If you are still trying, do not worry, you have not failed. One day you will succeed !.