Nicotine is nicotine

Blog Post created by green1611 on Nov 21, 2020

One of my best friends, got out of chewing tobacco habit ..two months back.


I spoke to him, and he admired that since I persuaded him to come out of Nicotine Addiction, he started thinking in the month of August this year, and did not chew tobacco from 5th Sept 2020. Now almost two months over, and he is finding very different world with out nicotine.


Arguably, he was heavy smoker before. He used to chew tobacco, and smoke as well. Some ten years back he quitted smoking, and was happy about that ... 


So after two months of nicotine free days, he called me, thanked me, and said,


"I was very confident that when I quit smoking, I had no cravings, no difficult times, nothing, very casually I could quit...But now, quitting chewing tobacco was Herculean task. He found it very very difficult."


I said to him


"big congratulations ! you are free from nicotine now !

Nicotine is Nicotine ...... in any form brain accepts !  All the best!"