Friends - smoking friends and non-smoking friends

Blog Post created by green1611 on Oct 27, 2020

Good idea to have good friend. However, during addiction, most of the friends were smoking friends. For what ever reasons, it was the fact. 


So I had to try out with great efforts to make some non smoking friends. It helped a lot to stay on quit.  During initial days of quit, as far as possible tried  to avoid  mixing with smoking friends, and then try to be with non smoking friends.


This went well.!!


One fine morning, I realised that you were smoking person, and you were best friend of yours.

Now you are non smoking person, and hence you have got your best friend too ! 


Started speaking to myself (non smoking person), to keep the attention on quit, and non smoking person within me is my good friend.


This also went well !!.


Thanks for you understanding.