I am gaining .... (not quitting smoking!)

Blog Post created by green1611 on Oct 24, 2020

I am quitting smoking, I need to quit, I am on quit, I have quit… It used to make punishable feeling in mind, when I used to say I am quitting smoking. After few days of quit, I had to tell other smokers that I will not join you, I have quit smoking..Quitting quitting, some negative feeling in inner mind. Instead, I started thinking .. I am gaining…


I am gaining stronger lungs and heart

I am gaining good skin and looking younger

I am gaining whiter teeth

I am gaining better breath

I am gaining good smell of my hair and cloth

I am gaining huge confidence

I am gaining money as I am not buying cigarette any more

I am gaining better performance in physical activities…


So on and on….

All are gains (except in case additional gains of few pounds in weight)..


Therefore good to reinstate in mind I am gaining.. I am gaining .(instead of quitting smoking.)


See, this may make mind more adaptive to smoke free world !