I wish I had quit smoking

Blog Post created by green1611 on Oct 20, 2020

Some six years back, I urged to my close colleague that I am quitting smoking, would you like to join me in the quitting-journey? 


What was the answer? You guessed right !


The answer was "you carry on, I do not think quitting is necessary, in fact, you may join back us in smoking group !'


I quit smoking, and all the episodes of cravings, NOPE, NMW, getting engaged in second most liked things (first was smoking), reading books, going to walk, joining this fantastic site, connecting to EX community virtually.. These were priorities of the life to stay on quit.




Few days back I got the call from him during this pandemic for how everything is going on?


I said.. "its going very well."


"Have you stayed on quit yet?" Next question to me.


I said.. "yes ! I am so happy that I do not smoke in current pandemic situation.."


The reply from my colleague was.. "I wish I had I had quit smoking ...."




Instead of regretting that ”I wish I had quit smoking” be proud by telling yourself. "I am glad, I quit smoking”.


Be happy, quit smoking !