LOST... !

Blog Post created by green1611 on Sep 28, 2020

I avoid to meet any one during current pandemic. However one fine day, I crossed over my old friend, who indeed quitted smoking around same period, when I did.  After that quit period, we occasionally met earlier, but never smoked once after quit. 


He  could recognise me in new attire with mask and other safety equipments on the face. He asked me, have you started again! I said what???, he actioned !!

NO, not even thinking of. It is now almost six years and few months now. Gone with the wind ! I do no want to restart al all !


He said, he wants to... restart old smoking life !

Not sure what was his intention, and during such a pandemic !


I just stopped him there and there... said good bye and hurriedly came into my car and started driving home !  

Did I do right thing to my such a old friend? I do not know ! I just got lost with thinking of some one thinking of restarting.


I was safe home, and NOPE is my way of life !