"You are greater than your addiction."

Blog Post created by green1611 on Sep 27, 2020

"You are greater than your addiction.”  – Nasia Davos


This is what I want you to tell yourself every day.

Because it’s true. You are greater than your addiction. You were born to be smoke-free.

Your life belongs to you.


– Nasia Davos


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I liked the above quote. Ex smokers on this platform would agree to this.


The key of quitting addiction is to remember that some days in our past life we were not addicted. 

Not even knew what nicotine was, not even knew what cigarette was, and not even knew that we would get addicted.


Since quitting is more to do with mind, brain and hence better keep thinking in this direction after quit. This helps go through the tough days of cravings. 


Believe in yourself, yes - you are greater than your addiction ! Continue the journey ...NOPE - be proud EX smoker !



All the best !!