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Using right diet :-  Eating well balanced food is key to keep body fit.  When body is fit, mind is calm and pure.


Taking rest :- Many times holidays are more busy than normal days, due to back to back travels, family get together, moving to various places for dining, etc. It is important to take enough rest during holidays.


Drinking plain water : Good to drink water when your brain asks for nicotine. It will ask, because enough nicotine has been supplied to brain sometime back during same period. So cool…drink water, hot water if needed.


Exhale and Inhale :- Mindful exercise inhale and exhale will keep your mind fresh. No need of nicotine.


Walking, running, physical exercise will add joy to your mood. If winter outside, better do treadmill at home. Feel good factor.


 Remembering why do I quit smoking? May be every day morning, revise the list of reasons took you to the decision point of quit smoking. Writing down on paper and pencil.. good habit.


Anticipated that I may get cravings since this was first holiday season after quitting smoking. So be prepared with all weapons to fight cravings.


Avoiding temptation of alcohol, caffeine, tea if that would disturb you, and increase your desire to join smoking group. 


Just thought of sharing as I used most of above techniques during my first holiday season after quitting.

I am completing 7 years of smoke free journey.

MY QUIT DATE is 26 Nov 2013.


I remember by first day of quitting journey, it was easy on first day, first week. Then the struggle started, from second week onwards till I completed hundred days.


My friend is NOPE....and many EX on this site, and the site itself...So now I am very happy state of mind, that NOPE helped to complete joyful seven years of quit. 

I owe my gratitude to this site, Ex members, and wisdom I got here !


Thank you all !


Smoke Free Journey Continues with NOPE....!

Some of excuses generally hear when trying to quit smoking, and goes back to that missing puff again..


Things go normally pretty good when routine is not changed, so such days quitting process is tough, but no damage. 


However, for example while driving you see accident to the car next to you, you just escape, feel so good or bad (what ever it is), and your mind alarms bell as extraordinary situation, and needs to go for quick smoke, or in you get a phone call and someone dear to you needs hospitalisation, or your son or daughter perform less than average in schools on that day, such examples make mind vehement, and tendency to interupt the quit, and go for the smoke.


My colleague is fed of quitting process, who tried to quit, and some how, due to some extra ordinary (?) reason, as mentioned above.... allowed to have cigarette in between two fingers and smoke. 


I asked what is that extra ordinary stress or anxiety,  arising when you are at the beginning of the quitting process?


I shared my view with the colleague that quitting itself is an "extra ordinary act in you life".  

So any thing other than this needs to be counted as "normal" thing, and temptation to smoke to be avoided.  


Secondly, If you are still trying, do not worry, you have not failed. One day you will succeed !.



Nicotine is nicotine

Posted by green1611 Nov 21, 2020

One of my best friends, got out of chewing tobacco habit ..two months back.


I spoke to him, and he admired that since I persuaded him to come out of Nicotine Addiction, he started thinking in the month of August this year, and did not chew tobacco from 5th Sept 2020. Now almost two months over, and he is finding very different world with out nicotine.


Arguably, he was heavy smoker before. He used to chew tobacco, and smoke as well. Some ten years back he quitted smoking, and was happy about that ... 


So after two months of nicotine free days, he called me, thanked me, and said,


"I was very confident that when I quit smoking, I had no cravings, no difficult times, nothing, very casually I could quit...But now, quitting chewing tobacco was Herculean task. He found it very very difficult."


I said to him


"big congratulations ! you are free from nicotine now !

Nicotine is Nicotine ...... in any form brain accepts !  All the best!"

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns

As every one of us sometimes learns

And many a failure comes about

When he might have won had he stuck it out;

Don't give up though the pace seems slow—

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out—

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell just how close you are,

It may be near when it seems so far;

So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit—

It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.


John Greenleaf Whittier



You must not quit the quitting smoking !!


Becomeanex !

Posted by green1611 Nov 16, 2020

                  Becoming EX ...



                  Be ready as it is an art!


                  Easy made steps of 


                  Cessation of smoking habits


                  Opting to choose,  and


                  Moulding yourself with 


                  Excellent emphasis 


                  Addiction quitting program.. say


                  No to slavery, take 


                  Empathetic helping hands and 


                  eXcel life to lovely SMOKE FREE ZONE..


Just came to mind, and wrote down for all of us appreciate the hard work done by this site.


Happy week ahead !


Things to do in lifetime

Posted by green1611 Nov 14, 2020

                  Things to do in lifetime



                  to love

                  to forgive

                  to heal

                  to dream

                  to hug

                  to shelter others hearts

                  to bloom

                  to listen

                  to laugh

                  to keep warm

                  to search for beauty

                  to believe

                  to illuminate

                  to forgive

                  to love more and more


                  first  to quit smoking !,


                  all the above listed will follow ..


                  Happy quitting !

The vaccine for quit smoking is NOPE !


I learnt long way .. During earlier quits, one puff or one cigarette was culprit, used to bring back to addiction. After my quit on 26th November 2013, decided what ever happens NOPE means NOPE.


My few friends who could join the freedom from smoke journey around me, and who did not follow NOPE are again trying to quit the addiction.


Those who are already on freedom from smoking journey, would agree that NOPE is vaccine in our hand (and mind) !


Thanks for this community and wonderful site those have reiterated many times the importance of NOPE !


All the best !


You will not control me !

Posted by green1611 Nov 9, 2020

These three quotes I loved, lived, and liked.


Just (and must) bring in mind,


I can, I will..

I am free, smoke free..

You will not control me !


Welcome to  co-passengers on quitting smoking plane.


2540 Days smoke free ! 

"People who smoke are more likely to successfully give up the habit if they live near green spaces, research suggests. Scientists have also found that "those residing in leafy neighbourhoods are less likely to smoke."



My experience suggests that yes!!.


Going close to the nature, having a good walk, experiencing fresh air, inhaling and exhaling mindfully fresh air, trying to to concentrate on quitting decision....and all this take you to win..


Going out in green spaces is supportive of quitting decision.


Select near by green spaces.. talk to nature, be with nature, it will reach your destination of finally quit smoking !


All the best !

Bats are nocturnal (active at night). Bats 'see' in the dark using a special skill called echolocation. Bats make noises and wait for the sound waves to bounce back off objects (an echo), if it doesn't bounce back then they can safely fly forward..




Smokers are nocturnal (sometimes), they see in dark using special skill call "smokolocation"

Smokers' minds make internal noises and wait for cigarette smoke waves to bounce back off walls, if it does bounce back then they safely become nocturnal..




First few weeks, after quitting, could not sleep. I read good articles on insomnia, nicotine withdrawals etc.

EX community had good discussions on insomnia, I remember, I had gone through those days !


The trouble of sleepless nights used to disturb next day plan, and absence of sleep caused tiredness during the day.


So, best are, not to think of smoking while going to sleep. Think something feel good factor like how I am great (!),

that I did not smoke for last few days. Feel good factor like no body odour like ash, and feel good factor of natural breathing in and breathing out. I might used to get up in the night, but then used to tell myself, calm down, calm down, it is nothing, but recalling your brain to bad nicotine. So really feel good that you do not smoke now. Brain will slowly forget. Insist feel good factor in mind !


Slowly the unwanted insomnia ran away, and I started getting better sleep (better than Smoking days) going forward.


Happy quitting.

We never had to smoke in our childhood.

No one taught us that you must smoke to live.

Unknowingly or knowing we made efforts to smoke on cigarette some years back.

And slowly got completely addicted to it. 


It is time to understand we can correct our mistake by way of quitting smoking in the same way, same determination, and in the same life. 


Believe me, I felt as if I am newly born on this planet, when I was able to hold on my quit.

It was difficult initially, but later not that difficult.

Slowly, got used to get smoother life without nicotine, and I said I got new Birth !

Really enjoying the new life which is more energetic post quit.


I wish every one here gets second life on this planet by way quitting smoking. 

Good idea to have good friend. However, during addiction, most of the friends were smoking friends. For what ever reasons, it was the fact. 


So I had to try out with great efforts to make some non smoking friends. It helped a lot to stay on quit.  During initial days of quit, as far as possible tried  to avoid  mixing with smoking friends, and then try to be with non smoking friends.


This went well.!!


One fine morning, I realised that you were smoking person, and you were best friend of yours.

Now you are non smoking person, and hence you have got your best friend too ! 


Started speaking to myself (non smoking person), to keep the attention on quit, and non smoking person within me is my good friend.


This also went well !!.


Thanks for you understanding.

I am quitting smoking, I need to quit, I am on quit, I have quit… It used to make punishable feeling in mind, when I used to say I am quitting smoking. After few days of quit, I had to tell other smokers that I will not join you, I have quit smoking..Quitting quitting, some negative feeling in inner mind. Instead, I started thinking .. I am gaining…


I am gaining stronger lungs and heart

I am gaining good skin and looking younger

I am gaining whiter teeth

I am gaining better breath

I am gaining good smell of my hair and cloth

I am gaining huge confidence

I am gaining money as I am not buying cigarette any more

I am gaining better performance in physical activities…


So on and on….

All are gains (except in case additional gains of few pounds in weight)..


Therefore good to reinstate in mind I am gaining.. I am gaining .(instead of quitting smoking.)


See, this may make mind more adaptive to smoke free world ! 


I wish I had quit smoking

Posted by green1611 Oct 20, 2020

Some six years back, I urged to my close colleague that I am quitting smoking, would you like to join me in the quitting-journey? 


What was the answer? You guessed right !


The answer was "you carry on, I do not think quitting is necessary, in fact, you may join back us in smoking group !'


I quit smoking, and all the episodes of cravings, NOPE, NMW, getting engaged in second most liked things (first was smoking), reading books, going to walk, joining this fantastic site, connecting to EX community virtually.. These were priorities of the life to stay on quit.




Few days back I got the call from him during this pandemic for how everything is going on?


I said.. "its going very well."


"Have you stayed on quit yet?" Next question to me.


I said.. "yes ! I am so happy that I do not smoke in current pandemic situation.."


The reply from my colleague was.. "I wish I had I had quit smoking ...."




Instead of regretting that ”I wish I had quit smoking” be proud by telling yourself. "I am glad, I quit smoking”.


Be happy, quit smoking !