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Posted by gottastop2 May 12, 2018

Today would have been 6 months, but I blew it 2 weeks ago. Time to start over:(, ugh

It’s a Boy!

Posted by gottastop2 Apr 1, 2018

My son and his wife had their gender reveal party yesterday. Our new grand baby is going to be a boy! Our daughter came home from college and surprised us Friday so she could go to the party. It was a very special weekend. A big weather change came through and had me in a lot of pain last night, a fleeting thought of “a cigarette would be comforting” flew through my mind. I knew it wouldn’t, so NOPE I didn’t. But if that thought can fly through when you have had such a good weekend, I know it will still come on a bad one and I must be prepared!! Thank you all who take the time to pop on daily and help those in need!!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!!!


Posted by gottastop2 Mar 11, 2018

I broke my shoulder yesterday morning. Spent a good part of the day in the ER and have to see an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. My discharge papers said smoking makes it harder for a break to heal. I am hopeful since I no longer do that, that I will heal much faster than they said! In a bit of pain and can't get comfortable to sleep tonight. Hope the rest of you are all sound asleep having sweet dreams and ready for the time change when you wake up! 

Some days...

Posted by gottastop2 Mar 9, 2018

Struggling today! Don't know why this can just come out of the blue and slam you like this! I've been doing so good.  In 3 days, it will be 4 months since I've smoked one of those nasty cigarettes. I've saved about $1404. I am breathing easier! My clothes and car no longer stink. No disgusting ashtrays to empty or cigarette butts to pick up outside.  In just 8 months I can check the "no" box when a form asks if you have smoked in the last year. I can buy life insurance for about half the cost. I can hold my grand baby (due in August) without worrying I'm going to make her or him smell like smoke!! 

Okay, feel better, just needed to remind myself of a couple of things!!


Posted by gottastop2 Feb 2, 2018

Sunday will be 12 weeks. I know without a doubt that my two strongest triggers are anger and worry! Both make me want to smoke, because that is what I've done when either of those two things have hit me for the last almost 40 years. I haven't really figured out yet what non smokers do when they are mad or worried! If it wasn't winter, maybe I would go for a walk.  But it IS winter and it IS cold, so... I have just been eating m&m's  ! I'm  definitely going to have to find something better than that for those triggers, I know I'm saving a lot of $ by not smoking, but if I keep eating m&m's at this rate, I'm going to spend all the $ I'm saving on a new much larger wardrobe . I'm not sure where desolation point or relapse rocks are in this journey, but I think I must be pretty close! I am thankful for the warning signs others have left, so I'm careful not to take a wrong turn!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dr Phil: Why lie about smoking to your doctor?


i think he missed the because it will penalize you at work reason. Many work places now require you to sign a tobacco use / or non use statement. If you use tobacco you pay a penalty of a higher premium on your health insurance. Or the companies who have self funded insurance policies,  they just look for reasons to fire smokers. 

Just another reason not to smoke, but an increasingly important one!!

I think the reason I quit smoking is because of guilt. I have buried friends and family who have died of cancer or heart attacks who have taken really good care of themselves. Another One was buried today. It just seems really selfish to smoke when people who want to live, deserve to live, people who do everything to live right, get taken out by something that should have got me first.

  I smoked my first cigarette 40 years ago and my last cigarette 4 days ago! I have smoked the same brand since I first started.  They are hard to find and cost $80.00 per carton and I smoke a carton a week.  If I live 20 more years, I will save $80,000.00 by not smoking!!! I think Allen Carr's book gave me a different way of looking at quitting.  So far it has been easier this time.  I want to quit, I need to quit.  I want to be a better example to my grandkids.  I don't want to make a baby smell like smoke by holding them! I want to be able to hug non-smokers without being self conscious about them being offended by the smoke smell.  I want people to get in my car without smelling smoke.  I want people to come to my house and not smell smoke. And I definitely do not want to waste $80,000 more dollars!!! Thanks for all of the great things I  have been reading on here!

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Posted by gottastop2 Jan 23, 2017


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