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6 Years ago Today

Posted by freeneasy Jan 6, 2019

   I smoked my last cigarette. That was a Saturday too. It was sunny, windy and very cold. Today it's cloudy, rainy and warm for early January in Pennsylvania.

   I had intended to quit 2 days earlier but cheated and smoked 2 cigarettes then 2 the next day and 3 on the morning of my quit day.  My motivation to quit came because I had a 2nd surgery for a detached retina and I knew smoking was not helping my recovery. I found this site about 5 days later and spent a lot of time here. Time well spent.

   I took a hard fall back in March and got a detached retina in my other eye. Thankfully; surgery worked the first time. 

For much of 2018, I couldn't see much at all for much of the year. The entire time though, my main thought of smoking was "I'm glad I don't do that anymore".

    Just one last thought. If you're just starting out on your quit journey have confidence in yourself. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. You made the right decision. Life is way better without it.Better for your body. mind and spirit.

Jim quit 01/05/13

I had an eye surgery last week to have a shunt put in my right eye to relieve high pressure. I'm doing well so far. The reason I stopped smoking was because I wanted to do whatever it took to recover from retina surgery, That was January 3 2013. The last 7 cigarettes I smoked was between that day and the last one I smoked was January 5 2013- years ago today. 

I found this community about 5 days later and I'm still sticking around 5 years later. I quit but I have to credit this place for the knowledge and confidence to stay smoke-free. I think I'll stick around for a while. Thanks ex Community


I Missed the Boat....

Posted by freeneasy Apr 27, 2017

 Sorry... I'm almost a year late. These are some photos taken on the Lake Mead Brunch Boat ride we took last year on EX 4 I had some problems transferring them from my camera... techno challenged /: Just thought I would share them. What an unforgettable fantastic day!


                Remember the earthquake that shook the east coast in August 2011?  I don't and it's because I was smoking when it happened. 

        It was a nice sunny summer day not too hot or humid just right. I was at work. I worked in a large office with about 100 other people. It was about 1:50 in the afternoon and I was at my workstation- a small cubicle with a desk, phone, and computer. Smoking was not permitted anywhere inside the building.I decided to sneak out for a quick smoke. I always tried to be very discreet when I did that because we were only supposed to leave the building during our break- which I should have taken around 3 to 330.I quickly hustled out into the parking lot in the back and took cover by my vehicle. I got my nicotine fix and reentered the building taking probably only 6 or 7 minutes, As I was making my way back to my workstation, there appeared to be a big commotion. Everyone seemed really excited but in  a weird bewildered, scary sort of way. When I got back to my desk, my supervisor walked up to me and asked if I felt that. Well, I didn't feel anything standing in the parking lot but apparently, the building swayed like crazy when the quake occurred because it's built up upon beams because it was located in an area prone to flooding. He figured out why " Aw C" mon, it hasn't even been an hour since lunch and you're outside smoking!"

        So that's my memory of the big earthquake. I got caught smoking and missed out on all the fun.


A Positive Chain Reaction

Posted by freeneasy Mar 6, 2017

     Quitting Cigarettes has started an unintended positive chain reaction in my life. I quit because I thought it would improve my chances of having a successful eye surgery that I needed at the time. I had not really prepared for it but soon into my quit, I luckily found this site.

      Now I go to the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week which I probably would not do had I not quit. I eat a much more healthy diet and probably spend less money on food. I take much better care of my teeth and gums. I had a dental implant which my periodontist would not have done if I were still a smoker. I got a part-time job as a lifeguard last summer. I don't think that I would have been able to pass the test let alone even start the lifeguard class, had I still been a smoker.  I also got a great sun tan.When I get my annual physical exams everything is better than it was when I was a smoker.

      I know that my self-esteem is higher and that I have more self-confidence. I estimate that I've saved at least $12,000 that I would have spent on sickerettes. I feel better about myself because I know that I'm no longer causing self-inflicted smoking damage to myself.

      When I quit, I didn't think about all these good chain reaction related events. They all just happened as a result of quitting.


freeneasy Archived Profile

Posted by freeneasy Jan 23, 2017



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Work on being, humble, consistent -I value privacy but need people




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trying to stay open minded and to be dependable drinking coffee

 Thanks to all of you and this place, it's been 4 years today since I smoked. Quitting smoking was the best thing I ever did for myself. Period.

To put it bluntly all of the bad stuff you read and hear about smoking is true and all of good stuff you read and hear about being smoke-free is true. There are no good reasons to smoke, only excuses.

Today I feel better, I eat better, I exercise more, I have more money, I waste less time, and my life is better in every way than is was before I stopped smoking. Period.

If you are thinking about quitting smoking do it. You won't regret it. If you are newly quit, stick with it. Your life will be much better in every way. 

It's 4:30 AM . I woke up about I/2 hour ago and couldn't get back to sleep, so I checked the site,read some blogs and just noticed my quit clock says it's been 1,400 days since I quit smoking. That's at least 28,000  cigarettes that I DID NOT SMOKE! I am sooo glad that I quit and found this site  (:    If you didn't quit yet do it now and if you are newly quit hang onto your quit. You will be so happy that you did!  Now ,I'm going back to sleep. Hope everyone has a great smoke free day.  We get an extra hour of sleep tonight too (: ONE MORE SMOKE FREE HOUR!! 

I knew that I should quit smoking for years. I smoked cigarettes for 30+ years and almost always bought them 2 or 3 packs at a time. Even though I smoked a pack or more every day,I wouldn't buy them by the carton - just in case I decided to quit. Now, if that ain't “junkie thinking” what is!


Finally, on 01/05/ 2013 about 1PM, I got rid of the shoulds and stopped. I had smoked only 7 cigarettes between 01/03 and then and that was enough to show myself that I could do it.I had a classic case of the shoulds- you know, telling yourself you should quit-sometimes friends suggesting that you should quit.


Thankfully, I found this site about a week or so later, and learned about addiction and got plenty of support from great people who knew how to quit and stay that way.


So, if you're thinking about quitting and have a case of the shoulds like I did, rest assured that can be cured! Stick around here, study up and be confident that you are doing the right thing and best thing for yourself by quitting and get rid of the shoulds! It's not easy but it's doable  when you adopt the right frame of mind, you'll thank yourself that you did.

I'm heading into the weekend a happy man. I had a colonoscopy( #4 in the last 8 years)a screening exam for colon-rectal cancer yesterday; and the surgeon found no polyps-growths that can eventually become cancer. This means that I don't need to have the procedure again for 5 years ,as long as I remain symptom free instead of 1-3 years!


I'm writing this because I can't help but wonder if quitting smoking had anything to do with this. Smoking as we all know ,increases our risk for many types of cancer -especially lung cancer. I am at higher risk for colon cancer because it runs in my family-my dad, who was a smoker too had it. Screening is recommended for average risk people at age 50. Being at high risk does not necessarily mean you will get cancer just as being at lower risk doesn’t mean that you won't. I'm attaching a link for the American Cancer Society which is a great source of information for all types of cancer. I think as an EX smoker, I need to be EX tra vigilant concerning my risk for any type of cancer and you may want to be too.  

Have a great smoke free weekend,   Jim


1,000 Days

Posted by freeneasy Oct 2, 2015

I Pledge I will not smoke today.. no matter what! (I just pledged this on the New Daily Pledge group and I mean it)!


This morning I'm blogging to reiterate my thanks to the ex community because today is smoke free day 1,000 for me. I would not be writing this now, I'm sure,without YOU! So thank you all again-You showed me how to live my life without being controlled by a rolled up piece of paper filled with dried up tobacco leaves and deadly chemicals.


New people out there-don't give up your quit. Don't surrender to to the call of nicotine. If you are preparing for your quit do this for yourself- if you are recently quit, believe it-it will get better. I have to be honest, as a former active nicotine addict, I sometimes  think about smoking, but I always think about how good I feel about my quit journey and I want that journey to continue! It's much better to be an ex smoker, who sometimes thinks about smoking than a smoker who always thinks about quitting! There are no good reasons to smoke, only ex cuses     Jim 1,000 smoke free days.


My June Blog

Posted by freeneasy Jun 30, 2015

I had an upper chest CT scan a a couple of days ago. My doctor suggested it to me. The cost was $49, which is considered a really good price ,about the cost of 8 packs of my old brand, and is offered by a local hospital A script is required. It is recommended for smokers or ex-smokers with a history of 30 pack years-which is smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years. If you have not reached this milestone PLEASE STOP SMOKING NOW!CT stands for Computed Tomography . It uses x rays and shows horizontal or layered images of the body in much more detail than a regular x rays. They are useful in detection of lung cancer in early stages and other problems too.


I am going to get an exam by a Pulmonary Doc. I know him well, my mom was one of his patients. He treated her for COPD. I would take her to her office appointments with him and he always asked her if she had quit smoking yet . She would hesitate for a moment and then sheepishly answer “yes” I was with her once when he did a hospital visit. My sister, (a smoker too) was also there . Actually, I was outside having a smoke when he arrived. My loving sister ratted me out. He looked at me and said, “The apple doesn't fall far from the tree”. (: When I see him, I can honestly and proudly announce that I quit 2 ½ years ago.


I have never made the 13th comment on a blog-until a few nights ago. I thought I was making #12 but by the

I posted someone had beat me to the punch-It was #13. I thought about deleting it, but the trigger had already been pulled and the shot fired- the bad mojo had been released. I have a solution for this now. Whenever I encounter a blog with 12 comments I will post #13.


One more silly thing-this is my 3rd June here on EX and I have never before posted a blog in June. Today is my last chance for 11 months. June is special to me because 06/03 is my 'nicotine free anniversary' I used the nicotine patch from 01/03/13 until 06/03/13. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! Some cat here got the gist of it and strongly recommeded that I try doing without it and I did.


RELAPSE PREVENTION -remember these points and diligently practice them and you probably will not relapse:

1 Smoking won't end your problems, It will add to them.

2 Quitting is a journey, one day at a time -beginning with your last smoke and ending with your last .

smoke free breath.

3 N.O.P.E.





Two Years Today

Posted by freeneasy Jan 5, 2015

Today,it's been 2 years since I inhaled a lungful of 7,000 chemicals,70 that cause cancer, poisonous gases-Carbon Monoxide ,Nitrogen Oxide, Tar, and of course nicotine the harsh and highly addictive substance that's been used to make insecticides and a small dose of radioactive material: AKA cigarette smoke.

The reason I quit was,as some know, is that I had a failed eye surgery for a detached retina 12/12. I needed to have another surgery and knew that smoking was not helping the healing process. It was a no brainer: What is more important to me smoking or my vision? That surgery also failed and I had to have another a month later. Subsequently, I had 2 more surgeries. One in 12/13 and another in 01/14 . I cannot see very well now with my right eye and I have made it through other personal setbacks, and challenges as we all have,but I kept my quit because of what I learned right here.

I found this site about a week after I quit and every day, until I went back to work in April, I spent hours reading and commenting and writing an occasional blog but mostly reading. I kept coming back almost daily and in Dec. 13 and Jan 14 when I was out for the last 2 surgeries ,I was here much of the time. I retired from my job in April and still spend a considerable amount of time here.

There are so many people here I have to thank. Thomas for his wonderful information filled blogs and ceaseless encouragement Nancy(Youngatheart) for her hand holding and encouragement.Prayers for her to recover soon from her most recent mishap. Giulia for her wit , wisdom and encouragement. This guy Dale, who convinced me to stop using the patch(after 5 months), he said I could get by without it and was right. There are many others -some who arrived here around the same time as me and some after I was here for a year or more. Some leave and come back, because the only reasons one needs to be here is to quit smoking, stay quit and to offer no strings attached advice and encouragement. Become an EX is the reason I am an EX and I have all of you to thank.

My Countup clock has disappeared and I looked on a couple of other pages and they are missing also. Does anyone know what happened?