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492 Days

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Jul 16, 2017

Hi All, I thought I would check in and see who all was still here.  Plus this is where I track my actual days of NO smoking.  Today is day 492.  WOW who would have thought.  I joined this group in 2013 and everyone here supported me and even though I   quit and started and quit and started again Y'all were always here until I made the final NOPE on March 11, 2016. It took a while but it has been so worth it. Thanks for being my support system and thanks for still being here to help others. 



I am almost at a year and I will admit I check in  about once a month or so, but this is not good.  I don't know what happened but I have been here since 2013 and this is awful.



 Ready to quit smoking.  I have quit numerous time just to slip up and go back to it again. I have a very addictive personality and struggle with quitting.  I am reading alot and I know if others can do it I can too.


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I am so happy I am still smoke free my old computer went out and now I have no idea how long it has been guess it really doesn't matter because I am not going back but just out of curosity how do I figure out how long it has been



Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Oct 16, 2016

I just want to Thank everyone  here who has continued to support me through my quit.  I don't check in as much now work an life get in the way but I read the post and I know that you guys are the best.  I also am on a facebook quit smoking page and send people here because I know you all are the best at helping and supporting individuals trying to quit so keep it up I certainly appreciate it. 



200 Days

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Sep 27, 2016

Thank you all for the congratulations today.  I am very proud of myself  I have not slipped once.  For all you trying just remember not one puff and you will be well on your way.  First 21 days were rough for me, but god after that..  I still have my moments of wanting one but it passes quickly and is not bad at all. Vision problems, concentration issues all gone No anxieety no breathing issues It is so great.


Take care all



6 months

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Sep 6, 2016

Don't get a chance to check in as much since I went back to work and started getting active again but logged on tonight and found that it was the 6 months mark.  WOW who would have thought only a short time ago I was posting constantly reading consttantly and looing for all the help and suport I could get.  Well it worked you guys.  I could not have done it without you.  I know I am still not out of the woods, and I do have those out of the blues cravings, especially when I am anxious or excited about something the first thing I want is a cigarette but then I remember I don't smoke.

And then I just don't smoke.  I feel so good and my astnma has cleared up so much that I don't really use my inhaler everyday.  GOod luck to all of you just starting your journey.  You can do it I did and thought I never would. Read here consantly, post here constantly and encourage others it actually helps you not smoke because you don't want to encourage others to not smoke then turn around and smoke.  




Day 116

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Jul 5, 2016

Don't get to check in too often but just checking in on day 116. I won't say that I don't still have these moments when the thought crosses my mind but the difference is I just don't.  There are times I want to but I don't and then that moment passes and I am glad I didn't.  The moments are few and far between now, and don't last veery long so they are easy to manage.  Thank you all so much for getting me this far. 

Hello  all,

Today is day 80 for me and I have a new trigger. I had been unemployed for a while but started a new job last week. I am an HR Manager by trade which is not the easiest of jobs plus this is the first job in my life where I did not smoke.  Well, guess what the new job has become a trigger that I didn't even know I had.  I have wanted a cigarette several times in the past week and today was especially hard.  I did not have one, but I feel like I am going through day 1 all over again. 

I won't do it but it is hard all over again and I thought I had this licked. Geez, please tell me this too shall pass.



Day 53

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 May 3, 2016

Well.  I went on my trip to Alabama for my interview and returned today. I am proud to announce while it was the hardest trip I have taken so far in this quit I did not smoke. I will not say that I never wanted to because that would be a lie.  There were times on the road just driving and driving that I really just wanted a cigarette to give me something to do. I just popped a mint lifesaver and it went away.  I know that I am still not even close to out of the danger zone but I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far.


Thank you all for your support and kind words and encouragement I do appreciate it.  OH yea I have returned home with a nasty cold. sore throat, cough, runny nose and all. However I can still breath and don't have severe chest congestion and I think that is thanks to no smoking. 

So far so good. Cravings are not bad at all, and very mild when they do hit.  However, next week will be a test. I have to drive to Montgomery, Alabama for a job interview so that will be extremely stressful for me.  Wish me luck for the drive and the interview. I have also started walking. 2 1/2 miles so far today. Going for 5 miles a day we will see if I make it.  It is warm but the pollen is killing me right now.

Hope you all are having a great week so far.



Today is day 35 and I did my taxes and for the first time ever I had to pay money.  WHAT? I have been unemployed since last June am unmarried and have bills and the government wants more money from me. How can this be? I can't tell you the cravings I am having due to the stress.  I have not given in, but man o man I want to. 



31 days today

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Apr 11, 2016

Well so far so good. I am on day 31 and no smoking  I even spent the weekend with my friend who still smokes and I did not give in. I think I may have given her the incentive to quit too. We went to the store and bought her some patches to start off.  She said she know she can not do it cold turkey. 

I know she can and will do it if she sets her mind to it.  She quit for a year once before. 

I am happy with my 31 days and am no longer a smoker. My throat is sore but I think that could either be my inhaler for my asthma, or acid reflux which seems to have gotten much worse since I quit.  I go to the doctor on Thursday so we will have to figure this out.

Have a wonderful smoke free day everyone


Ok so you know I am on day 20. Up until a few days ago I was feeling ok as far as health wise.  Breathing better, more energy, withdrawl and that type of stuff of course but also feeling good things too.  Now all the sudden I am extremely winded when walking up a hill or doing very much.  I really didn't have this problem to much before is this normal. Will it go away. 


Day 20

Posted by flaroyale-_quit_3-11-16 Mar 31, 2016

Maybe I am still a little loopy and crazy. A post I thought I did not post I did post but it was here so I thought I didn't post it.  Any way.   20 Days and still smoke-free.  Yay ME..... Day 20 has been a really good day. Still have cravings, and still have my triggers especially when something good happens, I want to celebrate with a cigarette. I didn't but doesn't change the fact that I want to.

I received a phone call telling me I passed the test to be a police dispatcher and have an interview next wednesday.  Then I received another call from a recruiter for a possible HR Manager position.  I also have another HR position possible too. Hoping for one of the HR positions since that is what my degree is in, but I will put it in Gods hands and he will make what ever he has planned for me happen.

Third I will be signing my first new business partner with me Rodan+Fields  business today.  This is a big accomplishment for me since I have been trying to get her on my team for almost a year. So I am extremely hopeful and happy tonight.  Hope you all are doing well and once again N.O.P.E.