Feeling a Lot Better..

Blog Post created by erma2 on Feb 25, 2014

Good evening everyone. i am feeling  a lot better.. It was mainly the lyrica that had me all all out  of sorts.  Sorry I became to personal this morning.. I felt very vulnerable. And I just let it all out.My mental illness is stable now. At least for where I am living at.. Porgress in motion with that problem. The Lyrica made me have symptoms of my illness. . Most of this is out of my sytstem. My nurse came by today I am not supposed to restart it untill my doctor sees me. I am glad that i was able to protect my quit . The one thing that saved that or 2 that saved me are.  ! my daily pledge. 2 My Dad bought me a pack of cigars called Smokers Choice;  I Took ~ out of the pack and I set it down. I  was so stoned so i did not think to much of it. Put it was finally calling mine name and I looked at the pack and the name struck me like a light bulb.. I thought to myself well I HAVE a CHOICE... And I put the 1 single one i took out of the pack and put it back in ;and I said ;NOPE I DONT DO THIS ANYMORE:,, And I got red of them this morning when i woke up. I wanted  to share this with you toight.. My EX FAMILY.... I do need you to be there for me .. Sincerely  Erma