I DID it!

Blog Post created by elvan on Dec 29, 2018

I made it through an incredibly challenging day at work...business was crazy and nonstop and everything in the cafe has been moved around and made into a MUCH smaller space.  Can't say I am happy about that and I am too short to comfortably reach the register so they had to get me a butcher block to stand on...of course, I fell off once but then I made it impossible to do that again.  This is MUCH more physical than the larger place.  The kitchen is farther from the register and I have to hand deliver every order directly to the kitchen...seating is crazy mixed up compared to how spaced out it WAS.  I will get used to it, we have not started full table service yet, thank God.  I will be seriously challenged when I have to walk back and forth and back and forth over and over again.  


In any event, I got through today.  I am exhausted, that's putting it mildly.  I am going to get under the covers and if I happen to fall asleep...so be it.  I am hoping I can trick the kitten into thinking she is full through the night.  I might give her a "bedtime" snack.


Love to all...may or may not be around much tomorrow...have doctor's appointment on Monday.  Story of my life.