Update on @youngatheart

Blog Post created by elvan on Oct 24, 2018

Nancy is home...she had a nerve block so she said that her arm is a "noodle."  She is doing great, they have her arm in a foam splint and she feels comfortable.  She is not going to need the elevated walker...she will use her present crutch and just take very small and decisive steps...in other words, she will pay very close attention to what she is doing.  She would have been able to come home much earlier this afternoon but her oxygen saturations were not as high as they wanted them and they attributed that to the nerve block.  She was told that she will be able to care for herself in about three days and Andrew is going to stay there and make sure she is cared for in the meantime.  


I told her that I would update everyone and that she could just take it easy.  


Keep those thoughts and prayers for her recovery coming.  She has a post op visit on the 5th and might be able to get a much more flexible two piece cast if I understood her.  They commented on how toned her arms are...she's been carrying herself around on crutches FOREVER.  That will help immensely with her recovery.  She said the nursing staff was wonderful and attentive and caring and she is very appreciative of that...oh, and the warm blankets.  Those blanket warmers are the BEST!


Just wanted to let everyone know that she is doing beautifully.