WOW, I am sorry I have been sort of on and off here

Blog Post created by elvan on Oct 1, 2018

I worked Saturday but had to leave early because my oxygen sats kept dropping into the 70's and while I could get them up with controlled breathing...I couldn't KEEP them up.  I went home and used the nebulizer (I had used it before I went to work)...and I put my night time oxygen on early.  


I called my pulmonologist this morning because my sats still keep dropping and I feel as though I am really struggling.  They gave me an appointment for the 11th...that's TEN DAYS from now.  SERIOUSLY???  Her nurse called me later and said that she really could not get me into the office BUT...the doc said if I could not get in with my PCP, I should go to the ER at her hospital and she would be my doctor since she is on call today.  I went to my PCP last Tuesday after I had been to my rheumatologist in the morning.  I did not know what was going on but I felt seriously like I had been hit by a truck.  My doctor was on vacation all week so I saw the Nurse Practitioner who was convinced that I had the flu and did a test which was negative.  She said she was going to put me on an antibiotic just in case I had an infection brewing. I had dark colored sinus drainage (sorry, gross, I know).  I took it easy until I had to get Mike to the doctor on Thursday, the drive was horrible but, once again, we survived.  He is down to two drops now...instead of five and only one ointment as needed for pain.  He was on drops every two hours now it it three times a day for one and twice a day for the other.  


When I got up Saturday morning to get ready for work, I went to use the bathroom and the toilet seat came off causing me to smash my back on the toilet tank...NO WAY!  I made coffee, fed cats, gave Mike his morning drops and left him a note for the ONE drop he had to give himself and asked him to see if he could fix my toilet seat...turns out I had to get a new one and it is NOT RIGHT.  I know it will break soon.  He called me in the middle of the day to ask what drop he was supposed to give himself, I told him the PINK top, like the note says.  He lost the note.  It was taped to the fridge.


We were incredibly busy all day at work, it was Parent's Weekend at the college and the weather was beautiful.  I made it until 4:00, should have been there until 4:30 and I was not able to do the sweeping or clean the bathrooms.  I CAN'T bend over, it literally takes my breath away.  I am not sure if it is from my ribs pressing on that lung tissue.  I rested all day on Sunday and most of today.  I will call my PCP tomorrow and see if she can get some x-rays or a scan because I can't not be able to bend down.


I thank all of you for the well wishes and the prayers.  I am going to get through this...I will be back.  Again, many thanks for your love, I love you right back.