So, so sorry

Blog Post created by elvan on May 24, 2018

I have been really, really sick.  I aspirated a sesame seed on Monday before I needed to leave for the train station to pick up my daughter.  I coughed and gagged and vomited and I was absolutely terrified because I could not get it up...I have also been recovering from this stupid rib issue so it was HELL which is putting it mildly.  I needed to be at the train station by 9:30 and I wanted to leave really early so I would not have to drive in the dark.  The train station is an hour and a quarter from here and I planned to do some shopping and just sort of relax once I got there.  I ran into a terrible rain storm about half an hour into my drive and my phone started ringing.  I NEVER answer the phone when I am driving and there was no way I could safely get off the road in that storm.  Just served to make me more nervous.  The train was over 3 hours late so I was at the train station...which was CLOSED.  It was, of course, dark and I did not want to leave and try to find my way back so I sat there and then got out and walked a bit...I had to pee so badly that I was afraid I might have an "accident" before she arrived but, thank GOD, I did not.  We did not get home until really late and  I slept most of Tuesday because I was simply exhausted.  The sound coming from my chest was alarming...sounded like a small trapped animal squeaking.  I had to have my son get me nebulizer tubing because mine somehow got separated from my nebulizer...no idea HOW.  I used the nebulizer every 2-4 hours, along with rescue inhaler and gallons of OJ or water...also took a swig of whiskey to see if I could settle the spasm.  I woke up yesterday, early in the morning, vomiting and I kept that up until last night.  I slept between vomiting.  My family wanted to take me to the hospital but I really did not feel like I could get up to go...the hospital where my pulmonologist practices is 45 minutes away.  I HATE the ER at our local hospital...I did manage to take a shower at some point.  I think that helped me some...I slept some last night and I feel much better today.  I am incredibly sore but I am upright.  I had been going and going nonstop to get ready for this visit and I am sure that played into my aspirating the sesame seed...no more sesame seed bagels for me...EVER!


Again, I am so sorry to have worried people, thanks for the direct messages.  I will get back up to my "normal" activity as soon as I can.


Love you all,