Quick update on call from doctor

Blog Post created by elvan on May 1, 2018

The chest xray I had shows two broken ribs and very thin bones...yeah, knew that part.  It also shows a possible early pneumonia, did NOT know that.  Blood work shows pancreatitis.  Doctor said to stay on clear liquids until nausea passes...it already passed.  Pain on one side is just horrible.  Last night my oximetry was very low and my pulse was very high...I did not realize that is common with pancreatitis.  Using incentive spirometer...I have an ultrasound Friday and then see the doctor two hours later.  I called my son and told them to take me off the schedule for Saturday since I cry out in pain when I move and I don't want to hurt myself or scare anyone.  I am not being treated with antibiotics for the pneumonia so she either thinks it is viral or she wants to see if I get better without them.  I do not have a fever, I AM incredibly tired but that could be from any of the things they found.  


Love you all...going to bed, I rested all day.  I am worried about moving that one rib into my lung and really causing trouble.