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I spoke with Nancy about an hour ago and a friend had just arrived to give her a ride home.  YAY!  She was planning to stop and get some things at the store and will be spending at least tonight on the main floor and not attempting the stairs.  She sounds WONDERFUL!


SO GLAD she is on her way home!





So, so sorry

Posted by elvan May 24, 2018

I have been really, really sick.  I aspirated a sesame seed on Monday before I needed to leave for the train station to pick up my daughter.  I coughed and gagged and vomited and I was absolutely terrified because I could not get it up...I have also been recovering from this stupid rib issue so it was HELL which is putting it mildly.  I needed to be at the train station by 9:30 and I wanted to leave really early so I would not have to drive in the dark.  The train station is an hour and a quarter from here and I planned to do some shopping and just sort of relax once I got there.  I ran into a terrible rain storm about half an hour into my drive and my phone started ringing.  I NEVER answer the phone when I am driving and there was no way I could safely get off the road in that storm.  Just served to make me more nervous.  The train was over 3 hours late so I was at the train station...which was CLOSED.  It was, of course, dark and I did not want to leave and try to find my way back so I sat there and then got out and walked a bit...I had to pee so badly that I was afraid I might have an "accident" before she arrived but, thank GOD, I did not.  We did not get home until really late and  I slept most of Tuesday because I was simply exhausted.  The sound coming from my chest was alarming...sounded like a small trapped animal squeaking.  I had to have my son get me nebulizer tubing because mine somehow got separated from my idea HOW.  I used the nebulizer every 2-4 hours, along with rescue inhaler and gallons of OJ or water...also took a swig of whiskey to see if I could settle the spasm.  I woke up yesterday, early in the morning, vomiting and I kept that up until last night.  I slept between vomiting.  My family wanted to take me to the hospital but I really did not feel like I could get up to go...the hospital where my pulmonologist practices is 45 minutes away.  I HATE the ER at our local hospital...I did manage to take a shower at some point.  I think that helped me some...I slept some last night and I feel much better today.  I am incredibly sore but I am upright.  I had been going and going nonstop to get ready for this visit and I am sure that played into my aspirating the sesame more sesame seed bagels for me...EVER!


Again, I am so sorry to have worried people, thanks for the direct messages.  I will get back up to my "normal" activity as soon as I can.


Love you all,



@youngatheart, another update

Posted by elvan May 16, 2018

I just spoke to Nancy, she will be moved to a rehabilitation center when they have a bed.  No one from physical therapy showed up today to do any exercises with her so she was not pleased about that but she sounds wonderful otherwise.  She said that her leg is still quite swollen and she feels like a turtle on its back, she can't really move.  I told her I would talk to her tomorrow and that if she moves before I call, to please let me know.  


I passed along the well wishes and prayers from all of you and told her that you, Sootie, would NOT want to be the person in charge of cleaning her house.  She got quite a laugh out of that.  I think that her attitude is wonderful, she would be the kind of patient that everyone would WANT to take care of as opposed to the not so pleasant ones.  


I will keep you in the loop if I hear anything more.


She sends her love.


The chest xray I had shows two broken ribs and very thin bones...yeah, knew that part.  It also shows a possible early pneumonia, did NOT know that.  Blood work shows pancreatitis.  Doctor said to stay on clear liquids until nausea already passed.  Pain on one side is just horrible.  Last night my oximetry was very low and my pulse was very high...I did not realize that is common with pancreatitis.  Using incentive spirometer...I have an ultrasound Friday and then see the doctor two hours later.  I called my son and told them to take me off the schedule for Saturday since I cry out in pain when I move and I don't want to hurt myself or scare anyone.  I am not being treated with antibiotics for the pneumonia so she either thinks it is viral or she wants to see if I get better without them.  I do not have a fever, I AM incredibly tired but that could be from any of the things they found.  


Love you all...going to bed, I rested all day.  I am worried about moving that one rib into my lung and really causing trouble.